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Google is always looking for the best thing to serve its end users; whether you are looking for search results or working on a particular framework, google always comes up with the latest technology with frameworks to fulfill the latest development trends & Today, we are going to discuss angular latest version, After Angular 13’s earlier success, Google finally released Angular 14, the most recent iteration of its TypeScript-based web application framework, on June 1, 2022.

When all previous release notes are considered, Angular 14 is one of the most systematic improvements pre-planned because it’s the combo of various things, including Typed reactive forms, CLI auto compilation, directives, and a developer preview of independent components.

The angular 14 is a TypeScript-based release from Google for web development. The latest release made by the company is 4.7 updates. Because Angular 14, by default, targets ES2020, the CLI may communicate less code without needing to down-level.

As a result, Angular 14 features independent components to do away with the need for models. Consequently, developing a boilerplate to launch a simple Angular application takes less time.

It’s not as simple to comprehend and utilize the Angular framework as it is the React library, according to beginner Angular and TypeScript developers. Specific JavaScript frameworks also allow you to create websites that load quickly. We also included an in-depth guide for Vue Vs. React, which will give you the ultimate difference between frameworks.

Let’s go with the latest features and how to update the angular 14 or install it with an ultimate in-depth guide.

What is Angular?

Angular is the framework with collections of libraries and functions used to make scalable web applications.

What Was Angular 14 Added?

The most well-known Angular release by Google so far is Angular 14. It included all the significant changes and features that the previous versions lacked. Let’s move on to the Feature of Angular 14 with amazing details.

New Features of Angular’s Latest Version

The Project’s Guidelines

You may use a variety of commands. Still, you nearly always need to search the official document for instructions and, more specifically, command choices. The arrival of Angular 14 has made this option less necessary, a plus.

However, you have additional auto-completion options if you work on an Angular 14 project. Choices for command execution, like the ng, also create command options. Moreover, ng completion and ng generate are the additional options you will get.

Real-time type-ahead auto-completion in the terminal is made possible by new Angular 14 CLI features. You must run the ng command in your terminal to do it. Enter ng _, press Tab to view all of the options, then press Enter to choose one;

New Routing for Title

Moreover, In the discussion about Angular 13, introducing titles was simplified thanks to the Angular router’s new Route. However, with Angular 14, adding a title to your page doesn’t need adding any more imports.

Optional Commandline

If you’re using Angularv4 to create an embedding view, you should utilize an optional command using the ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView injector and createEmbeddedView in TempLateRef.

CLI Auto-Completion for Angular

You may have had the opportunity to work with Angular CU in a prior version if you are an Angular developer. You may also concur that providing the necessary instructions to construct artifacts like components, modules, and other types of objects increases productivity.

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Completely Typed Forms

The most often requested feature for Angular on GitHub is strictly typed forms, and They will enhance the model-driven method of dealing with conditions in Angular.

For the first time, FormControl now takes a generic type that specifies the kind of value it stores. To prevent damaged applications during the update, the Angular team built an automated migration into Angular vi4. As long as API complexity is considered, changes must be delivered efficiently, and the ecosystem must not be destroyed.

To retain compatibility with the present ecosystem of Angular-based libraries and applications, modules will thus not be completely outmoded; rather, they will be made optional.

Diagnostics for Enhanced Templates

Diagnostic tests generate warnings or information for user templates that aren’t always deadly and would be available with the inclusion of a new private compiler option.

Better template diagnostics included in Angular 14’s most recent release enable Angular developers to be shielded from common mistakes by the compiler, much like TypeScript code. In the earlier version, Angular 13 and older, the compiler does not produce any warnings. And it only fails to build when a flaw exists that otherwise makes it impossible to do so.

How to install Angular Latest Version 14?

You can install it with the simple command of NPM known as npm install – – global @angular/cli@next.

  1. $ npm install -g @angular/cli.
  2. $ cd ~ $ ng new angular-example-with-routing.
  3. $ cd angular-example-with-routing $ ng serve.

Do We Need To Use Angular 14 Latest Version?

It is now simpler to use independent components in angular 14, through Angular application development made easy.

The TypeScript-based framework is improved by the Angular developer community, enabling web developers to stay up with the requirements of their users and the rest of the online ecosystem.

Now, it’s time to upgrade your angular with angular 14 functionalities. However, suppose you are looking for an experienced team to install the recommended features in your existing projects or are interested in a new web app development with angular. In that case, we at MoonTechnolabs are happy to help you. With a team of 250+ developers, including marketers, designers, and QA are ready to take action on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Angular is stable for all the development and outcomes, and the rich functionality of the platform added various features to use.
Google developed with typescript-based web application framework and came up with a new angular version in 2022 called Angular 14.
You can install the latest version via the following command - nmp install - - global @angular/cli@next.

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