Order food and getting it delivered at the door at any time of the day has become easier today than it was before. The credit goes entirely to on-demand food delivery services offered via mobile applications. Here you’ll find the names and descriptions of the most recognized and trusted food delivery apps used in the USA.

It may seem surprising to some folks, but those who keep tabs on the market are aware of the fact that the eatery industry is earning more than a trillion dollars. An even more astonishing fact is that the market of online food delivery is only a small section of this industry. The opportunities presented by it are lucrative, to say the least. As a result, numerous forward-thinking business owners have put their foot in the door of this business. According to market researchers, the worldwide business of food delivery will earn almost $956 million by 2022. You can be part of this industry too if you choose to get food ordering app solutions developed by the best food delivery app development company out there.

The best food delivery apps in the USA

Before you move ahead with your plan of hiring a food delivery app development company, you should take your time to learn more about the best food ordering app solutions of 2021. These apps have won the trust and respect of the people in the USA with their exceptional services and mouthwatering, as well as healthy food options from the choicest restaurants and eateries spread throughout the continent.

1. UberEats

Among all the food delivery apps installed in the USA, UberEats holds the second position. The organization registered the number of downloads to 4.5 billion in 2019, namely in the second quarter of the year. It operates in over 500 cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles, and the app earned most of its popularity for being exceptionally usable and profoundly browsing-friendly. 

A lot of people are aware of the Uber cab booking service. In reality, it operates in numerous countries all over the world. UberEats is the sister concern of Uber, and it doesn’t just deliver food to cities but the countryside locations as well. The organization mostly charges a delivery fee of 10% with a minimum value of $5. It even provides special discount codes for specific restaurants favored by users.

2. Doordash

Doordash stands at the top of the food delivery sphere in the USA. It operated in over 1,200 cities within the nation, as well as in the neighboring country Canada. During the second quarter of 2019, it earned the title of being the most downloaded mobile app in the USA because 7 million folks were using it back then. Additionally, Doordash offers the most options as it works with hundreds and thousands of individual restaurants and eatery chains. At the moment, the app of Doordash has about 110,000 menus. There’s a DashPass subscription system followed by the brand through which it offers free-of-charge deliveries or a reduction in the delivery fee at $9.99/month. 

The unique scoring system of Doordash separates it from its competitors. Users can give ratings to the restaurants based on delivery time, popularity, and reviews. This scoring feature helps customers pinpoint the best establishments in their vicinity. Delivery tracking is also an effective feature offered by Doordash. The way this business operates is something you should look into and analyze. If possible, you should even try to incorporate their features and strategies the moment you consider food delivery apps development for Android and iPhone.

3. Postmates

This one is a bit different compared to the other apps described in this write-up so far. After all, Postmates doesn’t just deliver food but also other items from over 10,000 restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, and other establishments. Operating in over 3,000 metropolises spread across 50 states in North America, Postmates is another one of the most preferred food delivery applications. 

Postmates with food delivery app developer - Moon Technolabs

However, the organization doesn’t work with too many eatery establishments, which, in turn, reduces the number of options customers can explore. There’s a specific delivery fee charged by Postmates that rises during the busiest hours. They call it the Blitz pricing fee. Customers can also buy a Plus Unlimited subscription plan through which they won’t have to pay the delivery fee provided they purchase whatever they want from specific restaurants and stores.


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4. Grubhub

Grubhub is yet another one of the most favored and trustworthy food delivery app-based service providers in the USA. The organization managed to establish its presence in more than 1,100 cities on the continent. It delivers food from local restaurants and takeaway facilities amounting to over 50,000. Among the most installed applications in the USA, it holds the fifth position. 

Customers can find the cuisine they prefer by typing its name. Of course, they can also seek out what they want based on the menus of their favorite restaurants. A specialty of Grubhub is that it allows customers to pre-order food 4 days in advance. It also supports widely used online payment systems, such as Android Pay and PayPal, and other features, such as restaurant ratings, searching, etc.

5. Eat24

The name of this brand is self-explanatory, don’t you think? The food delivery services of Eat24 remain available 24/7. After all, the ultimate objective of this business is to deliver food, regardless of time or day. The organization works with hundreds of restaurants and bistros spread throughout the nation to deliver food the moment a customer places an order. There’s an automated coupon generation system of Eat24 that differentiates it from its business rivals. Customers always get the best offers whenever they use the app of this company to order food.


This organization is somewhat similar to Postmates. This food delivery mobile app-based business operates in over 100 metropolises in the USA and allows customers to order prepared food, groceries, and alcohol too. even provides its users access to dry cleaning services as and when they ask for it. This app won’t charge customers a dime, but they do demand payment from the restaurants they work with. How else will the organization remain in business? Besides, customers have to adhere to the minimum order clause of 

This brand will delegate points to a user on every order placed by them on the application. Then, the user can choose to redeem those points to earn discounts or free-of-charge deliveries. The application is easy to operate and navigate as it keeps everything categorized and even recommends meals and restaurants based on order history.

7. ChowNow

ChowNow operates a bit differently compared to the other applications described here. It provides a partner restaurant with the digital tools it needs to acquire orders directly on its website. The customer doesn’t have to visit the eatery establishment’s site to place an order. They can do it in the app of ChowNow. This particular feature deserves your attention because it won’t need the restaurant to pay more for the development of another application for the administrator. If you want to keep the expenses of food delivery apps development for Android and iPhone to a minimum, this feature is surely worth incorporating. 

ChowNow for food ordering app development company - Moon Technolabs

Everything else about this organization resembles other food delivery service providers. For instance, users can search restaurants based on location, cuisine, and a few other factors. ChowNow operates in some of the major cities in the USA, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Portland, Denver, Seattle, and a few others. As the app charges a delivery fee from the restaurants it works with, the amount differs from one restaurant to another.

8. GoPuff

GoPuff operates in about 80 or more metropolises in North America. However, customers don’t rely on this app for its meal delivery services. GoPuff is the go-to app for those who want snacks, beverages, and ice creams. It even offers important electronic components, such as phone chargers and other similar items to the doorstep of the customer. 

GoPuff isn’t a food delivery service provider per se. It’s more like an app-based convenience store that has a powerful presence in the Southern and Midwest cities. The delivery fee charged by GoPuff is only $2 – an exceptionally reasonable price. Customers can explore products based on the name of the item they want or the brand. They can also segregate products they wish to order again later.

9. Seamless

Seamless is a brand owned by Grubhub, and it offers super-fast delivery services. The ordering process is simple enough for anyone to use. Seamless has been in the field of food delivery for over two decades. Currently, it operates in the most populated cities, including Los Angeles and New York, but it doesn’t deliver to smaller urbanized areas. Other than delivering food to the doorstep of a customer, Seamless even facilitates takeaways.

10. Caviar

Everyone knows that caviar is an extremely costly and refined food item. That’s why the brand chose to operate as per its name. Available in 20 locations or so in the USA, Caviar prioritizes high-end restaurants and local eateries. The company calculates the delivery fee that the customer has to pay based on the amount of ground the deliverer has to cover from the restaurant to the customer’s location. Sometimes, the delivery fee can go as high as 18% of the cost of the food.

To conclude

These are the top 10 food delivery applications preferred by the residents of the USA. If you expect your app to be on one such list in the future, you’ll need the services of the best app development agency and a few bright ideas like the ones the owners of these businesses came up with.

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