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Next-Level Manual Testing Services

Our team of in-house engineers are specialized in providing robust manual QA testing services. We offer a branch of manual software testing services that ensure your code is clean and ready for the assault.

Usability Testing

Evaluating the user-friendliness of your software UI is a core part of our manual software testing services. We conduct tests to check how your target user will interact with your application based on the ease of navigation, visual design, and usability.

Performance Testing

Our QA experts evaluate your software performance when subjected to heavy server load and other real-time environments. The scalability factor is tested to ensure your product grows amidst load increase and delivers to your customers' expectations.

Functional Testing

How effective is the responsiveness of the functional elements in your software? Our manual QA testing services are centred on evaluating the functionality of your software to give users the best experience. With robust testing techniques, we’ll sort out the in differences.

Exploratory Testing

It’s the out-of-the-box testing methods that sometimes yield the best results. With our exploratory software testing services, we discover potential loopholes in your software code that are non-inclusive of pre-defined requirements.

Localization Testing

Do you have a specific target audience that’s bound to a locality? Our manual software testing team conducts solemn localization testing to evaluate your software’s performance for a particular audience. Scale your online business rapidly when you’re on the right track.

User Acceptance Testing

We conduct user acceptance testing just before your software goes live to ensure that all the parameters are met. Never leave a single stone unturned for your users who are very particular about their interactional experience with your software.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Assure 100% Impeccable User Experience by Conducting Manual Software Testing Services.

Partner with Moon Technolabs to get your custom software tested and evaluated for superior performance

Our Streamlined Manual Software Testing Approach

We have a winning approach that ensures your custom software is tested to the core and split out raw before it can do the magic to arouse your customer’s appeal.

Understanding Project Requirements
  • Address Specific Concerns
  • Generate Clarity of App Purpose
  • Having Detailed Discussions
Planning the Process
  • Choosing Select Devices to Test
  • Distributing Project Work
  • Mapping Timeline
Designing Test Cases
  • Draft Test Cases
  • Handlings Priorities
  • Addressing Risks
  • Conduct Various Testing Types
  • Usability Testing & Associated Tests
  • Functional Testing
Submission & Support
  • Generate Reports on Test Cases
  • Submit the Project
  • Post-Launch Support

When There’s Moon Technolabs For Your Manual Testing Routines - Why Look For Another?

There are many reasons why you’d love to partner with us. We can discuss that over a call, but we’ll give you hindsight into why our manual QA testing services are the best.

Every Project Unique Approach

This philosophy of generating a unique approach to testing for each project helps us bring versatility out of your software. We conduct specific testing techniques for each unique project.

Love To Inspect Deep

We stand apart from the other manual testing providers because we love to dive deep into your software. This allows us to eliminate even the slightest errors/bugs in your app code.

Enroute To Code Optimization

Our QA experts not only come up with the diagnosis of faulty code lines but also suggest code that will enhance your business logic. Scale your business to great heights with optimized routing.

Achieving Business Goals

At the heart of what we do is conducting manual testing services to see if your software code aligns with your business goals. Be assured that you’ll get credible feedback from our team concerning app logic.

Here’s Why Every Software Need To Undergo Manual Testing With Us

You can bank on us for top-notch manual software testing solutions we have the best resources and technologies. Before you know it, we’ll have prime-tested your software for sure.


Experienced QA Experts

It all boils down to experience and skill; our QA experts have that. They have the inherent coding and testing expertise to conduct superior manual testing using tools such as Jira, Mantis, TestRail, etc.


Updated with the Latest Trends

Our manual testers keep updating themselves with the latest happenings concerning the trends and technologies used for superior manual software testing services.


Served a Global Clientele

Over the years, we have served many clients worldwide in the software space and brought a smile to their faces. They have testified of the exemplary app performance we derived for them with QA testing.


Tests as Per Your Choice

If you want us to follow a particular line of tests to stick to your budget plans and line of action, we are more than happy to adhere to that. We’re completely flexible with your testing system and demands.


Sign an NDA

To assure you of the complete confidentiality of your app idea and source code, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. You can trust us as we go by ethical rules and policies.


Fluent Communication

Our QA experts are proficient in communicating fluently and explaining technical matters with superior ease. You won’t have to bother about understanding what they intend to say.

Software Applications We Conduct Manual Testing For

Our leading manual QA testing company is versatile at inspecting software code across all devices and platforms. You can be assured of a flawless code once are manual testers are done with it for good.

Web Application Testing

We deploy the finest techniques to conduct quality check assurances for your dynamic web application. All core aspects of manual software testing, such as usability, functional, and performance testing, are carried out to evaluate your website's user experience.

Native Mobile App Testing

We ensure that your native mobile applications compatible with Android or iOS offer a surreal user experience. Regarding the parent OS, we check for usability features and how much they align with modern user expectations.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Testing

When you’ve got a cross-platform application, it needs to be ensured that it performs well across multiple platforms. Our QA testing team conducts multi-discipline manual testing techniques to evaluate how your hybrid app responds in different environments.

Launch an Error-Free Software Application to Enhance Customer Engagement and Gain Huge ROI

Hire our manual app testers adept at resolving technical issues in software and performing QA.

Tools We Use For Manual Software Testing

We use the latest tools for conducting superior manual software testing. Here are the standard tools we use.

  • Jira
  • TestRail
  • Mantis


Depending on the size and complexity of the project testing methods can be chosen depending on the project's size and complexity. Manual testing is cost-efficient and beneficial for software testing requiring upfront human expertise.

There are various types of manual QA testing services. A string of tests such as functional, performance, usability, localization, and other manual tests are conducted to ensure the superior performance of an application.

The time taken to conduct comprehensive manual testing of custom software depends on the size and complexity of the project. As per our expert's opinion, it takes approximately 20% of the total project size.

The primary challenge is time constraints, as many test cases are to be conducted manually within a short time. In exploratory testing scenarios, budget constraints can become an issue.

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