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Killer AWS Cloud Application Development Services

Modernize your business applications by deploying cloud AWS services. Our masterly AWS development team uses the best practices to develop scalable & profitable cloud solutions effectively.

Custom AWS App Development

Harness the power of AWS to build custom applications that revolve around your business vision. Our AWS developers use the latest tools provided by the cloud service to support your upfront scaling requirements & enhance customer experience.

Managed AWS Services

Deploy faster time-to-market cloud applications & retain peek-level performance with our managed AWS services. Enhance the efficiency of your business outcomes & cut down costs as we augment & monitor the performance of your cloud applications.

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

Our leading AWS development company offers prime-time consulting services wherein every aspect of cloud app development & migration is discussed. Our AWS development team lays down strategies after thoroughly understanding your business model & requirements.

AWS Microservices Solutions

Channel resource allocation & computational power to the required architectural components in your application. Design specific services to perform core functionalities & scale them individually to optimize infrastructure allocation. Boost business growth consistently.

AWS Serverless Architecture Services

Build highly performant applications by deploying cloud serverless architecture models. Our developers focus on business logic while AWS manages the infrastructure. We build effective serverless architectures using cloud services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, etc.

Seamless AWS Migration Services

Migrate your existing business applications to AWS cloud technologies by availing of our services. Our AWS development company smoothly migrates your app code to the latest cloud platforms. Be assured of 100% seamless integration of cloud services.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Launch a Powerful Business Application & Scale Consistently by Deploying Effective AWS Cloud Solutions

Partner with Moon Technolabs to fabricate excellent cloud solutions using the latest AWS technologies

Why Must You Choose Moon Technolabs For AWS Development Services?

Our AWS development company is always at the forefront of innovation & we are consistent in delivering world-class digital solutions. Keen to deliver excellent AWS cloud application development services, we hold our fortress strong.


Your Dependable AWS Partner

Our ingenious cloud developers have great expertise in custom AWS app development. They implement the latest techniques to facilitate top-notch AWS application development services.


Updated with the Latest Trends

To stay competitive & have the edge, our cloud developers keep themselves posted with the latest happenings in AWS technologies & the world of cloud computing.


Strategic AWS Consultants

The core forte of our AWS development services is providing well-defined strategies to optimize cloud infrastructure capabilities. Our AWS consultants are upfront at coming up with a workable strategy.


Served a Global Clientele

We have extended our AWS cloud application development services to clients across the globe. They witnessed great results after cloud deployment & have expressed their satisfaction via positive reviews.


Sign an NDA

Maintaining the confidentiality of your AWS app is an integral part of our business. Our AWS development company signs a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure compliance with privacy policies.


Smooth Communication

Our developers & project managers are ardent communicators and easily convey complex technical concepts. There’s never a dull moment as their great passion for AWS accompanies them with timely humor.

Benefits of Using AWS Development Services

There’s literally a world of benefits that you inherit from deploying AWS cloud application development services. Before you know it, you’ll see your business application booming beyond imagination.

Optimum Scalability

With AWS, you can scale up your application to any level. Tools such as Elastic Load Balancing & Auto Scaling will ensure that the right amount of computational power and storage space is allocated.

Highly Flexible

When you have cross-platform applications, deploying AWS application development services is best as they are compatible across operating systems, web application platforms, and databases.

Heightened Security

Amazon adopts critical security protocols to ensure that AWS users are safe from the plot of dangerous third parties. Strong authentication features enable application users to secure their data.


The prominent benefit of using AWS development services is that you only pay for the resources & computational power used. With the pay-as-you-go model, you can save on budget expenses.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customers will love your brand & business application as it offers optimum UX. You can be assured of great customer satisfaction with no load time issues or functionality disparities.

Reliable Cloud Solution

You can rely on AWS for all your cloud computing needs as they have one of the largest networks of professionals working to ensure its optimum performance. You’ll not have to worry about failures.

Boost Your Business Growth with Amplified AWS Cloud Solutions That Enhance Customer Experience

Team up with Moon Technolabs to facilitate world-class AWS cloud application development services

Industries We Serve

Over the years, we’ve extended our AWS development services to business models of all sizes & types. With innovation being consistent among our ranks, we have mastered the art of delivering uniquely-tailored AWS cloud solutions to businesses across the globe. These industries have witnessed success from our AWS cloud application development services.


Media And Entertainment


Healthcare And Fitness


Retail And ECommerce


Fintech And Banking




Transport And Logistics


Travel And Hospitality


Education And ELearning


Logistics and Supply Chain


Social networking


Fashion and apparel


Jewelry and Luxury Goods






Energy & Utilities


Non-profit organizations

Our AWS Application Development Process

With adequate planning & execution, we carry on your business app's smooth and streamlined development. Here’s the flow to our custom AWS app development process.

Requirement Gathering
  • Define the Purpose
  • Research & Analysis
  • Identify Cloud Infrastructure Requirements
  • Calibrate a Strategy for Resource Allocation
  • Budget and Timeline
  • Concept & Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Accessibility Design
  • Prototype
  • Development Approach
  • Selecting Language & Tools
  • Code Implementation
  • Integration with APIs
  • Back-end Development
Quality Assurance
  • Develop Test Plan
  • Conducting Test Types
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security Assessment
  • Collaboration
Delivery & Support
  • Cloud Application Deployment
  • App Store Submission
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • App Updates
  • Customer Support


AWS, or Amazon web services, is a cloud computing solution that Amazon develops to support the growth of business applications with inevitable computational power & storage facilities.

Yes, there are three types, and they are

  • IaaS: Infrastructure-as-a-service
  • PaaS: Platform-as-a-Service
  • SaaS: Software-as-a-Service

The cost to build AWS solutions depends on the size and complexity of the project along with other factors such as the engagement model & smoothness of development.

Automation tools such as AWS Lambda help to effectively manage IT infrastructure while developers can focus on building the business logic.

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