Technology can be defined infinitely.& ….We experienced the same at GITEX Global 2022!

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Flying Car

The Chinese XPeng X2 prototype is one of the WOW things we witnessed at GITEX Global 2022. It is a flying car made of carbon fiber and is set to fly two passengers while emitting no carbon dioxide.

Flying Bike

DH-3 Hoverbike prototype bike showcased at GITEX Global 2022 has got the potential to fly, leaving everyone amazed around you. It has already roared at the event, making itself a prime light!


Robot dogs showcased at GITEX Global 2022 are something that will make your jawline drop! Witness the robots doing some excellent painting work, or you can also ask it to brew a cup of coffee!


The Metaverse event created at GITEX Global 2022 by TRMW Foundation was indeed out of the box. It launched its product room live during the event making Zoom-style calls followed by a 3D video game twist.

Meet Our GITEX Tribe!


Jayanti Katariya

Founder & CEO - Moon Technolabs

Though it was the first for the company to attend GITEX Global 2022 as an exhibitor, it never felt like that. Whatever we experienced at GITEX is challenging to put down in words, from people to events.

We have been lucky to represent our trending technologies and solutions to thousands of business owners looking forward to establishing a unique pipeline of their operations and sales using advanced technology.

Chirag N.
Business Development Manager

GITEX Global 2022 is a perfect opportunity for IT startups to showcase their best services and technologies. So we brainstormed ideas and opportunities and made great connections at the event.

Chaitanya B.
Sr. Business Development Executive

We have made some beautiful connections throughout the event. & met the most enthusiastic group of people as visitors who have been keen to explore the best of upcoming technologies.

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