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Travel and Tourism App Development
Published On: October 18, 2022

Travel and Tourism apps have made life easier for tourists. In the current age of smartphones, travel apps are widely used to get information about tourist locations, book accommodations, and tickets, organize local tours, hire guides, and more.

There are multiple types of travel apps. Hotel booking companies specifically offer their dedicated apps to book hotel rooms. Transport apps provide booking facilities for all modes of transportation. Tour scheduling apps guide tourists into new places. Big travel agencies also deploy comprehensive travel apps having all the above features.

A growing sector, tourism has an intriguing CAGR. Therefore, if you already work in the field, you must have seen the increase. Digitalization, a significant transformation that occurs along with this surge, is the exception. The tourist sector is digitizing far more quickly than the majority of other sectors. You must interact with clients according to their interests if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

There are several advantages for you in creating mobile applications for your company using the services you offer. The things include, but are not limited to those stated below:

Functions of Travel Apps

People wondering about how travel apps work need to consider the following points.

  • Travel apps list the prices of rail/air tickets and car rents per the dates and number of travelers. The apps sync with the ticket booking websites to book tickets
  • A hotel booking facility is provided. The customers are given various filtering options to get their desired accommodations.
  • Many travel companies offer specific tour packages, complete with ticket booking, hotel booking, and local tours, through their dedicated apps.
  • Travel guides to help tourists in navigating the various tourist attractions
  • Reviews and ratings by travelers to help other travelers

Revenue Models of Travel Apps

The travel app business plan or revenue model is of various types. Some of the common types are as follows.

  • Merchant model in which the travel app buys the hotel rooms and resells them to the customers. The rooms are purchased in bulk, allowing the hotels to provide them at discounted rates. Ticket booking apps can also implement this model for trains/flights/cars/buses.
  • Commission model in which the travel app lists hotels and earns a certain percentage of the commission on each transaction
  • Sponsored places are a model in which local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, local tour operators, activity organizers, and others appear in the local listing of any tourist destination on the app by paying a fee to the app publisher.
  • The advertisement model is generally used by travel apps providing comprehensive information about various tourist places. The revenue comes from ads hosted on the app, such as Google Ads and Pay-per-click advertisements.

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What are The Features Of a Travel App?

Some of the basic travel app features are as follows

  • Registration is a common feature. The users are required to create their profiles for making bookings, chatting with the hosts, or saving payment details. Registration is done using the email/phone number of the user and a password
  • Listing information about hotels and restaurants consists of photos, descriptions, available dates, cancellation policies, and more
  • Search filters such as location, date, price range, and the number of travelers to narrow down searches for hotels.
  • Push notifications to inform the users about offers, discounts, or price changes and also send reminders regarding booking or any other aspect

How To Develop a Tour And Travel App?

The first step in Tour & Travel Booking App Development is identifying your target audience. For example, budget hotels and low-cost tours are suitable for young travelers with low budgets, while upscale hotels and luxury tours are well suited for rich tourists.

The next step is to find a reputed Tour and travel booking app development company. The app development team works with you to understand your requirements and improvise upon them. Popular programming languages for developing travel apps are Java and Kotlin for Android, Objective C, and Swift for iOS.

Testing is the next stage of Travel booking app development. There are many platforms for testing, such as GitLab, Jira, and Confluence.

The last stage of tourism booking app development is its release on Google Play Store, App Store, AWS, or EC2.

We are an IT-rethinking organization with over 13 years of involvement with the market. Our fundamental objective is to redesign the interior cycles of our client’s businesses, focusing on higher client fulfillment as well as upper hands getting. We create an on-demand travel app for your business with a vision and focus on great ROI.

Let’s connect with MoonTechnolabs, to know more about travel booking app development costs along with durations, functionality, modules, and much more.


Yes. The details of tourist spots can be sourced from multiple tourism websites and social media channels and integrated into the app.

The development cost of travel apps is over $25000, The exact cost depends upon your specific needs and how long it takes to complete the project.

By hiring the services of a reputed app development company having experience in creating tourism apps.

The travel app should be easy to navigate, solve the tourists' queries and provide smooth booking processes for tickets, hotels, or tours.

According to an estimate by experts, building a travel app takes just over 2000 hours.
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