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Emotion-Inducing Vue JS Development Services

It’s all about creating that vibe, an emotion that will build a long-lasting bond with your customers. Our supreme Vue JS development company offers an arsenal of services where you can make your dream Vue JS app.

Vue JS Web Development

Build an instantly-likeable web application with a powerful front-end appearance. Our Vue JS developers can identify potential strongholds to make your website stand apart. With user interfaces that are trendy and modern, you can drive phenomenal conversions.

Single Page Application Development

Treat your customers to a delectable web experience! Launch a dynamic SPA that loads information instantly without a reload. Maximize your ROI initiatives and build workable sales funnels by developing single-page applications that resonate with your audience's interests.

Tank-Fuelled eCommerce Solutions

The core of our Vue JS development services lies in facilitating standout eCommerce development. Our talented Vue development team analyses your business model to build a fire-proof strategy. Integrate custom storefront features that enhance the convenience of your customers.

Vue JS Migration Services

Renew your existing website with the propitious lightweight framework and enhance your app performance. Scale your web app to any level by maintaining peak functionality and performance by availing of our Vue JS migration solutions.

Social Media Application Development

Create some noise and get your audience talking about your brand. By availing of our Vue JS development services, craft a trendy social media site that invokes customer engagement. Build a powerful brand by deploying appealing user interfaces and real-time content updation.

Vue JS Support & Maintenance

Focus on your business vision, and our Vue JS development company will handle the technicalities. We are experts in post-launch support and maintenance, ensuring your web app performs smoothly. Our commitment will keep your business app flourishing.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Eliminate Bounce Rates and Enhance Customer Retention by Launching a Dynamic Front-end Web Application

Eliminate Bounce Rates and Enhance Customer Retention by Launching a Dynamic Front-end Web Application

Our Custom Vue JS App Development Process

At Moon Technolabs, we adopt a streamlined approach wherein we proceed with our custom Vue JS development services in a pre-planned manner.

Requirement Gathering
  • Define the Purpose
  • Research & Analysis
  • Identify Features
  • Technical Requirements
  • Budget and Timeline
  • Concept & Wireframing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Accessibility Design
  • Prototype
  • Development Approach
  • Selecting Language & Tools
  • Code Implementation
  • Integration with APIs
  • Back-end Development
Quality Assurance
  • Develop Test Plan
  • Conducting Test Types
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security Assessment
  • Collaboration
Delivery & Support
  • Application Deployment
  • App Store Submission
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • App Updates
  • Customer Support

There’s a Ton of Benefit Vue Development Brings Along

When you’ve got an excellent business idea, you need the right framework to bring your plans into execution. Our Vue JS development company uses the lightweight framework to inherit many benefits.

Enhance Functionality

Vue JS has various tools that help necessitate the robust development of front-end applications. Inbuilt functions such as Vue CLI allow developers to implement creative designs and GUI patterns.


Talk about a framework that adapts wonderfully well with other frameworks, and look no further than Vue JS. You can easily integrate the JS framework with others like Angular, React, etc.


Owing to the feather-weight nature of Vue JS, it takes up very little space. It’s easy to download and offers exceptional performance. This helps in SEO rankings and thus drives conversions.

Reusable Components

An all-time significant benefit of using Vue JS is the code reusability factor. The MVC architecture of the framework allows developers to maintain clean sheets of neatly organized code whose components can be reused.

Progressive & Customizable

When you’re facing performance issues, you can redraft your app code in Vue JS to offer you that upfront performance boost. You can also customize user-centric features with splendid perfection in Vue.

Exemplary For Unit-Testing

As individual components are neatly maintained within the app code, unit testing can be performed with a greater extent of success. You can inspect the functionality of individual components and modify them.

The Lightweight Champion Seeks To Devour - Join The Crusade

Since its first official release in Feb 2014, the lightweight JavaScript framework, Vue, has been proving its point. With Vue development, you get enhanced performance as it helps to craft sensational lightweight front-end applications. It has its unique standpoint compared to other front-end frameworks, such as Angular and React, wherein it supports robust two-way data binding.

Kick-Off the Customer Conversion Days - Partner with Moon

We’ll give you a million reasons to partner with us to take your business web app to the next level. Pace the progress of your applicationssystematically and raise the victory bugle with assurance.


Skilled Developers

Mastery, proficiency, expertise - call it whatever you want, and our Vue JS developers have it. They are well-versed in VueJS programming and know all the intricate code styles that help build robust solutions.


Updated with the Latest Trends

When you partner with us, you can be assured that you’ll have all the latest design trends and patterns portrayed in your application. Stay on the top of the league by being the trendsetter.


Served a Global Clientele

Over the years, we have extended our Vue JS development services to many clients worldwide and achieved significant success for them. They have expressed their satisfaction through positive reviews.


Sign an NDA

Before taking on your project, we’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement to guarantee the complete confidentiality of your app source code and idea.


Fluent Communication

Our developers and project managers are adept at communicating fluently and easily conveying complex technical concepts. You will never have a problem understanding what they’re saying.


100% Customer Satisfaction

As your audience base keeps expanding, you’ll be pleased to see how your customers interact with you. Our time-tested front-end fireworks illuminate the spark within your potential customers.

Boost Your Online Business Growth by Migrating To Vue JS and Scale Your Web App Consistently

Give us a thumbs up, and we’ll facilitate world-class Vue development that brings in huge turnovers.

Tech Stack We Use

We use the latest technology and tools to facilitate superior Vue JS Development. Here are the standard tools and libraries we use.

Technology Stack

  • VueJS
  • Vuex
  • Vue Router
  • Axios
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MVC
  • MVVM
  • Flux
  • Vue CLI
  • Vue DevTools
  • ESLint
  • Webpack
  • Babel

Team Strength

The team strength for Vue JS projects depends on the requirements and features to be integrated into the app. Here’s the team composition for most Vue JS projects.

  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 2 Junior Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA Analyst or Expert
  • Project Manager

Deploy Vue JS for Mobile & Desktop App Development

You don’t have to limit Vue JS for your web development requirements only. The lightweight JavaScript framework can create excellent Android & iOS apps with a single codebase thanks to plugins such as NativeScript-Vue. You can also facilitate top-notch desktop app development and raise the peak performance bar.

Industries We Serve

There’s no stone that we leave untouched and no industry unconquered. Our leading Vue JS development company has mastered the art of building fine-tailored Vue JS applications for enterprises and businesses of all sizes. Here are some popular industries where our Vue JS development services have seen success in the past.


Media And Entertainment


Healthcare And Fitness


Retail And ECommerce


Fintech And Banking




Transport And Logistics


Travel And Hospitality


Education And ELearning


Logistics and Supply Chain


Social networking


Fashion and apparel


Jewelry and Luxury Goods


Our Vue JS development company provides various services such as web application development, SPA development, Vue JS migrations services, etc.

Multiple factors, such as the size and complexity of the project, engagement model, and experience of the development team, play a role in the overall cost of building a full-fledged Vue JS application.

As a lightweight framework, Vue JS is best suited for building striking user interfaces and single-page applications. Social media applications are also great applicants for the framework.

Generally, it takes anywhere between 3-6 months to complete a Vue JS project. The time depends on factors such as the size and complexity of the project and smooth development progress.

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