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Necessary Steps Involved In The Making Of iPhone, iPad or Android Apps

Smartphones and its apps are constantly surfacing talent from developers in the mobile world and many of them are head-turners with their expertise and knowledge in developing gaming, VR, AR, etc apps for smartphones and tablets.

Here is a list of necessary steps in building apps for different platforms.

1) Competitive Idea

If you have a unique idea, that is great! But chances are in today’s fast paced ever evolving tech world, someone might be already working on or would have developed a related concept. Don’t worry, as long as you and your idea are competitive in terms of service and offerings, your idea is good to go. The main thing is to keep note and track of developments in an idea and let them flow.


2) Inspire & Learn

Lookout for the points that makes an application successful. Observe the trends in the app store, understand how and what are the things helpful in making applications. Moreover, you could also learn and inspire from expert app developers and their work.


3) Learn To Program

Going with the tech flow is the best one can do and hence, it is advisable to learn to programme for the trending & established platforms such as Google (Android) & Apple (iOS). You can learn from projects by mobile app development companies, e-Learning guides and from the free courses offered online.


4) App Design

It’s always suggestive to put your design ideas on paper. Basically, the layout and look of the application will do the job initially. One has to design the app keeping in mind the alignment & appearance of windows/screens/buttons so as to look your app visually attractive and easy to operate. Graphics software such as Gimp or Adobe Creative Suite is helpful in the app design.


5) Register As a Developer

It’s good to be a registered app developer for you to easily access development tools, forums & discussions and application store. Apple & Google charges an annual membership fee of $100 & $50 respectively. Free applications are used to get more downloads and usually make for the sale via in-app purchases. On the other hand, for paid apps, iPhone app developers earn 70% of the sold income while Apple is left with 30%.


6) Seek Professional Help

If you feel stuck in any step of your app development process, then you could definitely get approach app development companies who can help to develop the idea of the application in lesser time. You can find them via LinkedIn, Search Engines, Friends Referral or specialized networks like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, etc.


7) Funding Your Idea

When the test concepts and initial code is set by you for the first app then you can either get your app funded by investors who like your app idea & test version of development or you could even gather the finance to start the project on a smaller scale by crowdfunding. To set the ball rolling for mobile apps, it is possible to start with as little as 5-10 thousand dollars.


8) Project Schedule & Testing

It is utmost important to adhere to the project schedule and in order to do that, the best thing is to split it into various functional phases with small tasks such as making a form, designing a button, etc. “Rome was not built in a day” and hence, one step at a time will help you a lot in completing the project. Do not forget to ask for a review or feedback as it will give you a preliminary picture of how your users are going to feel about the app and based on that you could do necessary changes.


9) App Store Approval

Once it seems that you have quite a good functional and performing app, you should send it for approval from the app store. Usually, it will take between 5 to 15 days for officials to check whether your app has followed all the guidelines such as no piracy, no pornography and of course free from the known viruses or bugs. Upon clearing this test, your app is ready to be listed in the Google Play Store or iTunes.


10) Spread The Word

Let’s say your app received amazing responses from the initial runs and got constructive feedback, app store approved it, there are no any important viruses and yet after all these things, you are not getting enough downloads. That’s probably because not many smartphone users are aware of it. Hence, you’ll need a strong marketing strategy that includes but not limited to videos, memes, blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, etc. You could also check with any app development company for the app store optimization (ASO) and other marketing techniques.

Android One with Android N update

Nexus cell phones and tablets are the first to get new Android OS updates. A couple days back, the Nexus 6P at last got the Android 7.0 Nougat update after it’s been on hold since the arrival of the new OS because of a few issues with battery and execution.

It’s simply been more than two weeks since Google discharged the last form of its new Android upgrade, Nougat. While the update is as of now accessible on Nexus gadgets, and the OTA is still in the rollout stage, Android One gadget have likewise begun getting the new form of the portable OS.

Much the same as a year ago with Marshmallow, Android 7.0 Nougat Update is getting the new form of Android by means of an OTA update a day after Google discharged industrial facility pictures for Nexus gadgets. The data originate from a Cherry Mobile G1 client.

A year ago, Android One Devices made by Indian producers including Karbonn and Micromax had gotten the Marshmallow update. There is no confirmation if all Android One gadgets will get the new update.

Android Nougat Features

The most recent Android 7.0 Nougat Features offers a few changes and elements, for example, better multitasking, new emojis, and improved battery life. In Android Nougat, Google has likewise updated the Doze mode, which now initiates itself as soon the telephone’s screen goes off. In addition, it additionally works however, when the phone is in movement, not at all like Android Marshmallow where your telephone must be very still for the component to work.

In addition, Google has additionally presented an enhanced Notifications board in Android 7.0 Devices. As clients can now tap on a few notices specifically by means of the notice board, and react to messages and messages, doing endlessly the need to open the independently. For the time being, Gmail, Messenger, and Hangouts are furnished with this snappy answer highlight.

For a snappy recap, a portion of the unmistakable changes of the Android One Devices Review incorporates enhanced warnings which feel more instructive and wealthier. They now appear in more extensive cards which consume up more room on your screen. At that point there is multi-window bolsters which has been hotly anticipated, so now you can run two applications at the same time in a split screen mode.

Have you got the new Android 7.0 update on your gadget yet? Tell us in the remarks soon.

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