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Challenges In Customer-Facing Enterprise App Development

Technology is advancing every day with rapid and at super fast pace. Organizations and enterprises have to keep up with this advancement. Hence, in order to improve efficiency & productivity that they have to adapt and depend upon computerized devices via mobile application development.

Whether the enterprise mobile applications is customer-facing or employee-facing, primarily they focus on overall operational enhancements and mobile workforce. These two conditions have to work hand in hand and also it is believed that in the near future, enterprise mobile applications are about to compete for head to head with consumer applications.

Moreover, its a common culture within the organization for employees to bring their devices and hence, it is utmost mandatory to have mobile applications development for the enterprise to better visualize the proficiency & productivity. However, the fact of the matter for these enterprises and companies is that they don’t have any in-house expertise as not only it is difficult to source the talent but also it is a costlier option.

Following are the major challenges of Enterprise App Development:

1) API Strategy

APIs are basically used to power the applications and a well-derived strategy requires one to expose the APIs to the business operations and functions. For e.g, if a field service application is developed for the enterprise, you’ll need an API which allows employees or field officers involved in the job to close the completed appointments or at the least expose the maintenance appointment schedules. It becomes the part and parcel of business quality operations to check and determine whether the APIs are capable of fulfilling the application requirements.

2) Security

Security is one of the major concern for every business or company. Even in the enterprise application development, security plays as the most important aspect. Since the mobile application development and mobile-oriented security goes hand in hand and so requires the same attention and expertise. Employees have more authority over security measures if the organization is providing with the device as compared to if they are supposed to bring their own devices.

3) Platform & User-Interface

It is industry standard that whenever developing either a customer-facing or employee-facing enterprise mobile application, preferably it is based on Native Application Development because of the low developing cost and reduced maintenance charges. Also, keep that in mind that the application should be competitive in feature, function, and operationality without affecting customer-brand relation.

4) Managing the Big Data

One of the other major challenges for enterprise application development is managing the data as it is generated vigorously day by day and to store the respective information is presenting the biggest task ahead of us. It is believed that the data generated by enterprise mobile application will be 50 times more by the end of 2020. The biggest task to find out the solution to store this enterprise data and has also proved to be a costly exercise in pursuing it.

5) Data Encryption

Mobile applications easily can be connected with any computerized device and present a threat for the data or information to be accessed. Hence, data encryption is a must. You need to take stringent and preventive measures so that the classified data remains at distance from any of the intruders. Users can easily copy, modify or delete the data and so to secure all the important information from being breached or stolen, data encryption seems to be a perfect way to go.

How to tackle?

To handle enterprise mobile application development challenges is not an easy task and needs to be carried out in small and measured batch-wise. For instance, you can begin with an application that is dedicatedly serving or performing only a single task instead of an application with lots of features and functions in it. On the other hand, you could take advantage of the cloud for data management and storage issues which will make all the tasks a lot easier.

Increase app download with this simple tricks

So you’ve recently constructed an iOS application or perhaps an Android one. You’re truly glad for your outline, the application chips away at each gadget you tried and there is by all accounts no opposition in your specialty. So how to increase app downloads, you simply ahead and offer it on your Facebook Profile page. You feel you’re onto a champ!
Following day you’re excited to look at what number of individuals has downloaded it. “12 download” and not a solitary survey. So here are 8 best ways to increase application downloads for you:

Make a Video

Making a video for your app is an absolute necessity. There are even portable particular video editors, similar to the people at Moon Technolabs, who have some expertise in application recordings.
In the event that you are going to put resources into a video, ensure it has subtitles for the nearby dialect.

Awesome Translated Descriptions

Ensure you have a decent, long depiction for your application to put it up the commercial center. This is for your customers and for your application’s positioning. You have to contribute the time and do this right.

Constrained Discounts

You can offer your application for nothing or at reduced cost for a timeframe. Couple that with the before specified CPI battle and a medium-sized client base as of now set up, and the impacts can be incredible. There are additionally applications from Moon Technolabs which can advance your reduced application, like the way every day bargain destinations work.

Keep your eyes on the client

Having examination is an absolute necessity. You’ll need to keep your dynamic gadget numbers as high as could reasonably be expected. A decent application examination ought to offer multi-application choices, give you the capacity to look at between them, let you see the client’s practices, from download until application cancellation.

Proficient genuine screenshots

Your application’s screenshots ought to be as fresh, spotless and expert as (humanly) conceivable. In the event that you can, take some high-res photos of a genuine individual utilizing your application on their telephone/tablet. Demonstrate a tyke in your shot utilizing the application if your application is for youthful children.

Utilize a spread picture for Google Play

Such a variety of Android engineers of Moon Technolabs neglect to do the least complex things, for example, making a spread picture for their application. Try not to commit the same error. A spread picture can truly support client downloads.

Get the word out

So hire Expert Mobile App Developer from administration out which can deal with public statement dispersion for you, for example, PRWeb or MarketWired. Simply compose your official statement and send it out.

CPI Burst Campaigns

The majority of the activity from inquiries on both Google Play and the App Store will go just to the extent the 50th application in the rundown. One strategy is by making utilization of a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign by means of various promoters.

Your best mobile application developer a specific measure of cash for each install. The thought is not to make a positive profit for your cash, however to impel yourself in the rundown of Top 50 applications in your corner. In the event that you achieve that detect, the impacts will keep going sufficiently long for you to get your cash’s worth.


So there you have it. These 8 focuses helped me develop my application business to more than 7 million downloads on our whole portfolio in less than a year. Professional Mobile App Development services above are truly difficult to actualize, so you need gifted, dedicated individuals around you.

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