• SSH Term Pro
  • SSH Term Pro

SSH Term Pro

SSH Term Pro is the advanced and best SSH/Telnet Client app for your iOS devices

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SSH Term Pro : Main Features:

  • Support multiple connections simultaneously
  • Terminal Emulation with editor and all standard terminal features
  • Support to Import privates in multiple formats (RSA, DSA, Putty) using iTunes Sharing, Import from other apps and Clipboard (Copy/Paste)
  • Key (RSA) Generation, Sharing via email, Clipboard
  • Options to choose user’s own and iOS builtIn fonts
  • Options to fully configure Terminal like background, foreground, cursor colour selection
  • Options to set Terminal size selection or auto resize terminal
  • Pinch-To-Zoom Terminal screen
  • Organise servers by group, easy to manage many servers
  • Connect with any server which support with SSH2 or Telnet protocol using password or SSH Keys
  • Application work in all orientations (portrait and landscape)
  • Configure unlimited connection and save it for later easy use
  • Supported almost all editors like Vi, vim, pico, nano and many more
  • Easy to turn on/off option for auto scroll at cursor focus
  • Configurable port like use non-standard port etc 2202 etc
  • Extended keyboard (accessory keys) allow to extend built-in keyboard with your own keys with some fixed keys like Control, Tab, Alt, Esc, Up, Down, Left, Right and F1-12 Keys
  • Quick to Connect and quick to disconnect from home screen
  • Builtin Passcode features
  • Active connection counts indicator at App Badge
  • Local Notification alert when application about to terminate
  • Recent section for Top 3 recently connected server, quick to reconnect
  • Set initial command/script for each connection
  • Fully External/Bluetooth Keyboard supports with special Keys (CTRL, ESC etc)
  • Copy/Paste support and easy text selection with terminal screen
  • Application works with GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WIFI Network
  • Its universal binary so no need to buy 2 apps for iPhone and iPad