Call Recording

Call Recording

This Record A Call application, allows any iPhone telephone call to be recorded.

Their are 3 ways to activate the recording feature. Their are 6 ways to listen to the recordings.

Recordings are archived for future retrieval. Calls can be downloaded at any time.

The recording choices are:

  • You can add recording to any call, while the call is in process. This means that you may have made,
    or received a call, and you decide that you would like to record the remainder of the call.This choice works for all calls, even international calls.
  • You can make recorded calls.
  • You can record memos, without any other person on the line.

The listening choices are,

  • Listen to your recordings on the phone.
  • Listen to your recordings online.
  • Have your recordings immediately emailed to you.
  • Download your recordings.
  • Allow another person, to hear a specific recording.
  • Playing your recordings, while you are on a normal call, or are on a conference call.