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Our Analogy With iBeacon

iBeacon: Powered by Apple, iBeacon offers an exemplary & with a future foster approach of exploring locations. Simply put, a wireless device sending signals to nearby devices (smartphones, tablets, etc), wherein mobile applications can sense this signal and activate a location-based action. With our iBeacon mobile app development service, businesses especially retail industry can expect cutting-edge and niche apps that will not only add value to operation but also enhance the competency all the way in operationality and functionality.

For e.g, when a pedestrian walking down a lane in city center and before approaching a coffee shop his/her smartphone beeps with a notification of an “Instant offer or discount on coffee” is a signal thrown by physical hardware device named Beacon set up at the shop or store to attract customers having Bluetooth enabled device.

How does iBeacon work: It is a technology which uses Bluetooth low-energy (Bluetooth / LE / BLE) connection to communicate with nearby devices. This is a location sensing application connects with in-store beacons while detecting enabled smartphones to send push notifications.

iBeacon technology is induced with low cost, low powered and lower energy Bluetooth device that uses low frequency for transmitting weak signals consisting primarily of advertisements or small packets of data, broadcast at a regular interval by Beacons via radio waves to other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Moon-Tech Xpertise

Connect iBeacon with Moon Technolabs, a top iBeacon app development company as we had built an app for windows, where a person comes near the PC and has that app installed in iPhone(4s or above) than iBeacon will recognise and trigger a start call to that windows app and it will start running. When a person moves away, iPhone would trigger a stop call and windows app would stop functioning. (Only needed is iBeacon chip is must be placed in windows PC).

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Moon Technolabs, A Name Synonymous With ‘Dedication’ And ‘Experience’

Our expertise has grown tenfold while working on the projects ranging across diverse vertical industries. Moreover, Moon Technolabs is adept at holding down the fort while our client retention ratio is intact remains at staggering 98%. With our persistence, loyalty, commitment and skills, we have propelled the new small upcoming startups and expedite their revenue generating model with our impeccable iBeacon expertise. We have catered to the different needs of following businesses where Beacon Technology has applied usage & benefited in mobile apps:

Retail Industry

Hospital Industry

Education Industry

Art & Museum

Entertainment Industry

Real Estate

Digital Signature & Advertising

Cafe & Restaurants

Transportation & Commuting Industry

Indoor Positioning & Navigation


Events & Tradeshows

Enjoy Enhanced Productivity

with End-to-End iBeacon development services.

Focus On Your Business Goals

while we work on cutting-edge technologies as per your business requisites.

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accommodating to your business needs in every direction.

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with our powerful & result oriented strategy to help you increase business sales figures

Protecting Your Assets

we ensure that your data, source-code and software is impenetrable and utmost secured.

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with unusual technology practice that gives your business, ‘The Extra Dominance’.

Features & Advantages Of iBeacon / BLE Device We Rely On

iBeacon is an Apple’s technology which allows mobile apps to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly. Our iBeacon team of developers have deep understanding and knowledge of Low Energy Bluetooth – essential to unearth the power & potential of iBeacon.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Health related apps

Interactive apps

Push notifications apps

Shopping apps

Travel apps

Indoor Navigation & Maps

Vehicle Tracking

Providing location-based information

Transferring documentation


iCloud Integration

Benefits of iBeacon: i-net Connectionless, Accuracy,Privacy,Integrity,Affordability,Usability,Reasonable.

Our Sui Generis (or Simply) Why Not To Avoid Us


We craft our esoteric logical approach pertaining to the customized & personalized need requested by our valuable clients. Keeping top-notch quality parameters for years has turned into a habit now and hence, we absolutely like to lend our ears to shape your business plan/idea into reality apps that offer exceedingly well usability and great potential for your business processes. You can expect fully integrated and innovative iBeacon app development proposals from Moon Technolabs.

Project Scope-Scalability with Performance Feasibility Check

Our attention is to encapsulate on the various & feature-rich iBeacon platform to exponentially expand your presence to global targeted market and respective industry audience.

Strategic Tech-cum-Business Consulting

From ideation to execution, our dedicated team will remain the single point of contact to cater to your business needs so as not to have a distraction in the project and can contribute with undivided attention.

Abiding By The App Code

Our master software engineers are brilliant students and their manoeuvrability to play with the rules by staying within the limits set upon by the application development authority is highly enjoyable.

Proven Methodologies

Living up to the highly emerging technologies now and then, allowed us to create our own touchstone in the defined field of development.

Responsive At First Sight

Our smart coders never missed out on the even slight shift in tech-trend and when it did, we adept before anyone else does.

Detect & Delete

A flair to detect and delete any inconsistency and give your business a seamless and beautiful working application.

Time To Reward Ratio

Our goal is to complete the project with highest rewarding means with respect to the minimum time frame, hence we are the best ‘Time-to-Reward’ ratio company in the industry.

Cheerful Pricing Structure

We believe that your business project & services should not be left behind just because of the pricing and hence, with our affordable fee model our aim is to make you outreach to global audience.

Moon Technolabs Mainstays

Client-centric approach

Developed 300+ Native mobile apps till date

More than 350+ satisfied clients worldwide

UI & UX focussed development model

Guaranteed approval on istore

Transparent pricing structure and Integrated Quality Process workflow

Reliable and Engaging development solutions

Comprehensive decision making

Reasonable and Responsive development model

State-of-the-art development facility

SLA & NDA in place, always

Certified Developers & Trustworthy Enterprise bestowed with GESIA award in 2015

We value your precious time; hence, no delay in projects

Assured conscious allocation of project money

Smooth collaboration & real-time communication, reporting and analytics

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