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why use react js
Published On: August 12, 2022

As time elapses, people move with the new technologies and trends, giving you powerful outcomes within the stipulated time. The platform provides you with its libraries, functions and frameworks for rapid and easy development.

Early in 2010, People were going with PHP and their frameworks to create fantastic websites, and Android is the favorite choice for mobile app development; nowadays, the classical approach towards development is sometimes time taking activities, and everyone needs to update in their way, so now people are going with front-end framework called react JS.

Moreover, people know a few things about react native, but they still have questions in mind about Why Use React JS, so in this article, you will get information about Why you have to use react js and the advantages of ReactJS.

What Use ReactJs?

As we know that ReactJs has a lot of features and capabilities, it is an open-source JavaScript Library which you can use to create modern, scalable and efficient front-end applications.

As per data analyzed by Stack Overflow, react js is the popular front-end framework from angular, vue.js, angular and more.

reactjs trend

Image Source : Stack Overflow

Moreover, many organizations and companies are deep diving into ReactJs, taking advantage of their framework, resources and tools to create the best front-end applications.

But, the main question is, which are the key benefits of reactjs, aka what are the advantages of reactjs which lead everyone to use this framework.

Advantages Of ReactJS for Development | Benefits of React JS

The react js stands out among all the languages; let’s go with why to use react js for front-end development.

High Performance

The ReactJs provide two of the best features, DOM Program and server-side rendering features, which execute your application very fast, which is why everyone chooses this framework.

High Speed

The react js is written in JavaScript. However, it allows you to work with the client and server sides in multiple ways. If you have a team for different things, you can easily assign tasks individually without changing the application’s data structure.

Flexibility and adaptability

As every business looking to save time and cost, if you are one of them, you may go ahead with this front-end development, as the react js will save your time and cost. The framework is also suitable for everyone who has basic knowledge of javascript.

Reusable components

With flexibility, speed and performance features, the ReactJs provide reusability of components that will help you at every stage of development.

Top 11 Reasons Why Use React JS for Your Next Programming Language To Build The Projects | Why To Use React JS

Learning Made Easy

A lot of frameworks are there in the market since a few languages are difficult to understand as well as you also need to spend more time learning and exploring.

However, React JS is easy to understand, and every javascript learner or developer can easily create the best front-end applications in react js.

Various brands and companies are also using react js and its features to create stable applications.

High-Quality UI

As we know, quality matters a lot when it comes to applications or development; if you don’t have a quality user interface that is easy to use and bug-free, let me tell you, no one will like it. With the features and functions of React Js, you can create an application which users love.

Meanwhile, reactjs is the first choice of every developer who wants a lucrative user interface for their applications.

Search Engine Friendly

SEO optimized pages or websites to make them more search engine friendly and get the top position in search. However, the SEO has some technical parameters that help the website rank, and the React Js have excellent loading time and rendering facility, which directly and indirectly benefits the application or website.

Note: The Crawl issue may be a problem with ReactJS, But don’t worry; the SEO Services Company can quickly solve it.

Features of Template Designs

As each Programming Expert generally goes with the layout for reusability and customizations, but it will pack the errand of a ton of modules, the React Js furnish you with a simple design plan which you can do from your side to make a catchy eye application.

Testing Made Easy

Every application needs to be tested before actual outsourcing. However, there is a language in which testing is complex, even though you can’t do various testing in all the languages; meanwhile, in ReactJS, it is easy to do multiple testing, including functional, triggered, regression and more.

Customization of Component 

The JSX features allow you to write custom components of your applications; with the HTML quoting facility, you can easily do a rendering of the details. However, adding, changing and customizing the new features is easy for any developer aware of javascript.

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Handful Tools For Development

As we know, Facebook has a lot of components made with the Use of reactjs; however, it is easy to integrate with any applications; such scenarios also apply in your application, and the various tools help you to build complete packages in react with parent and child components that’s why to react js is better.

Larger Community and Support

Day by day, people are moving toward the new programming language. React Js is one of the major languages, which has 1300+ contributors who are sharing their thoughts and knowledge and giving problem solutions on every aspect of applications.

Trending and used by giants companies

Paypal, Airbnb, Walmart, Facebook, and many big companies are already using react js advantages to get their job done in minimum time.

The ReactJs advantage is to save time and provide reusability of components; Moreover, with the high-quality tools and functions, it is one of the trending programming languages out of all; here, you can see how trends go…

reactjs trends

Image Source:  Google Trends


Abstraction, Polymorphism, and Inheritance are the core concepts of OOPS fundamentals, and without this, any programming language is incomplete. The abstraction means to hide the data, and the react js is the best for hiding your background information.

Performance Enhancement

ReactJs is a Handy and Powerful Javascript Library; it has responsive components and an accessible debugging facility; with this, we can expect overall good performance in terms of usability and scalability. Many larger projects can get direct benefits from reactjs listed below, including dynamic applications, PWA’s and more.

Types Of The Projects That getting Benefits of ReactJS | ReactJS Advantages

  • Large scale and Enterprise applications projects.
  • The types of web applications which require dynamic page updating.
  • PWAs and complex UI design applications.
  • Less development time and component style architecture.


So, this is all about what is react js, what are the features of react and advantages of react js, hope you get all the information and now ready to choose reactjs as your next project. Moreover, if you are looking for the react js app development, don’t hesitate to connect with us.



The react has Document Object Model - DOM and Rendering optimization facility, which leads developers to use it without any objections.

The difference between javascript and reactjs is that react Js save data in a regular javascript variable. However, you can also save plain data in DOM, which is the most significant advantage of reactjs.

React is mainly used for building front-end applications.

React is famous for various reasons, as discussed above. However, the functions, library and framework added additional advantages.

Reactjs is a front-end application development framework.
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