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Increase app download with this simple tricks

So you’ve recently constructed an iOS application or perhaps an Android one. You’re truly glad for your outline, the application chips away at each gadget you tried and there is by all accounts no opposition in your specialty. So how to increase app downloads, you simply ahead and offer it on your Facebook Profile page. You feel you’re onto a champ!
Following day you’re excited to look at what number of individuals has downloaded it. “12 download” and not a solitary survey. So here are 8 best ways to increase application downloads for you:

Make a Video

Making a video for your app is an absolute necessity. There are even portable particular video editors, similar to the people at Moon Technolabs, who have some expertise in application recordings.
In the event that you are going to put resources into a video, ensure it has subtitles for the nearby dialect.

Awesome Translated Descriptions

Ensure you have a decent, long depiction for your application to put it up the commercial center. This is for your customers and for your application’s positioning. You have to contribute the time and do this right.

Constrained Discounts

You can offer your application for nothing or at reduced cost for a timeframe. Couple that with the before specified CPI battle and a medium-sized client base as of now set up, and the impacts can be incredible. There are additionally applications from Moon Technolabs which can advance your reduced application, like the way every day bargain destinations work.

Keep your eyes on the client

Having examination is an absolute necessity. You’ll need to keep your dynamic gadget numbers as high as could reasonably be expected. A decent application examination ought to offer multi-application choices, give you the capacity to look at between them, let you see the client’s practices, from download until application cancellation.

Proficient genuine screenshots

Your application’s screenshots ought to be as fresh, spotless and expert as (humanly) conceivable. In the event that you can, take some high-res photos of a genuine individual utilizing your application on their telephone/tablet. Demonstrate a tyke in your shot utilizing the application if your application is for youthful children.

Utilize a spread picture for Google Play

Such a variety of Android engineers of Moon Technolabs neglect to do the least complex things, for example, making a spread picture for their application. Try not to commit the same error. A spread picture can truly support client downloads.

Get the word out

So hire Expert Mobile App Developer from administration out which can deal with public statement dispersion for you, for example, PRWeb or MarketWired. Simply compose your official statement and send it out.

CPI Burst Campaigns

The majority of the activity from inquiries on both Google Play and the App Store will go just to the extent the 50th application in the rundown. One strategy is by making utilization of a CPI (Cost-Per-Install) Campaign by means of various promoters.

Your best mobile application developer a specific measure of cash for each install. The thought is not to make a positive profit for your cash, however to impel yourself in the rundown of Top 50 applications in your corner. In the event that you achieve that detect, the impacts will keep going sufficiently long for you to get your cash’s worth.


So there you have it. These 8 focuses helped me develop my application business to more than 7 million downloads on our whole portfolio in less than a year. Professional Mobile App Development services above are truly difficult to actualize, so you need gifted, dedicated individuals around you.

Most Important Considerations when Choosing Web Applications

Web App Development collaborates with clients asking for and reacting to clients. They normally utilize a database to store perpetual data, for example, item portrayals and expenses, and client orders. The email administration was purchased to supplement Microsoft’s current group of email and coordinated effort customers in 1997.

Some amazing progress has been made in recent 18 years, with the offer of different administrations and arrangements so tremendous that there are answers for issues we didn’t know existed. Web applications gone through a web program like safari, chrome and Internet adventurer. The system sits on a web server, instead of on the PC, or nearby server for customary applications. Not to be mistaken for an essential site, where by pages are static.

Why Are Web Application Development Services Getting Popular

Top Mobile App Development administrations turn out to be truly imperative, when an organization needs to connect with more individuals in less time. The entrance to web application and its utilization has changed incredibly in the most recent decade. There is Web Development Company that offers such administrations. You need to see the structure, programming and dialects conveyed by an organization, for making important mobile application for their clients.

Picking the Right Service Provider for Application Development

It is imperative to pick a top Mobile App Development, keeping in mind the end goal to pick the right web application improvement administration. The criticalness of such specific projects has expanded due to the vast number of individuals making move from desktops or portable workstations to multi purpose devices.

Important features in web app:

  • Feedback System
    The significance of having some path for clients to give input on your application is basic. Whether it is a catch or a connection to open an email doesn’t make a difference; the imperative part is that you give your clients a speedy approach to report bugs, and give recommendations or reactions.
  • Ease of use first
    A convincing web development company must component an interface that spotlights on ease of use. The most ideal approach to do this is to take after the online application order of broadly utilized applications like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Client experience extra focuses are granted on the off chance that it is additionally excellent and amazing!
  • Keep it basic
    It gets enticing to toss in a million little, negligible elements into Web App Development since you believe they’re “cool” or attractive, yet don’t. Make sense of the couple of essential things clients need and manufacture those couple elements and that’s it.
  • Online networking login
    Begin the client experience out right! Use Facebook Connect or another single sign on innovation answer for permit your clients to utilize their online networking logins to sign into the portable application.
  • Ruthlessly eliminate clicks
    In the event that you should request that clients register, join, or round out structures, be passionate about taking out each conceivable snap, or tap, from the configuration. Request less data. Change rates fall strongly when additional work is required to join.
  • Organize speed
    It’s critical to ensure the Top Mobile App Development isn’t moderate. Individuals used to despise Facebook as a result of how moderate the versatile application is. It is essential that your application doesn’t make individuals stick around while it loads.

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Best Startups in Mobile App Development” from Silicon India in July 2016 among Top 10 companies in India

Moon Technolabs has been awarded as “Best Startups in Mobile App Development” from Silicon India in July 2016 among Top 10 companies in India for catering cutting -edge and quality services to their clients across the globe.

In a span of 7 years, Moon Technolabs has flooded with customers across the globe and their word of mouth marketing helps in climbing the staircases step by step.

When it comes to Mobile Application design and development, we are the best among all. We take care app like a small baby, from understanding the requirement, finding the perfect technical solution and providing best support to that, which means you will find the solution of your all technical problems under one roof.


Moon Technolabs Silicone India 2016



No company without their assets

No success without employees and Moon Technolabs always believes in considering their employees as assets not liabilities. Without their extensive and remarkable support we have not thought of achieving this.

Our assets love to focus on result and growth, not how much time we need to spent in the office and also following open culture by helping each and other by sharing their knowledges and experience.

Such a great culture has forced us to think best and innovative idea for client’s requirement and brings out quality solution.

As name implies we are always striving and honing our skills in achieving more and more height to reach at Moon

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How to play Pokemon Go right now

Pokemon Go obliges you to venture outside and stroll around. Pokemon Go in India then begin showing up on your guide. You can then attempt to catch them. Tap the Pokemon and afterward toss a Pokeball to attempt and catch these Pokemon. You can simply tap the player symbol on the base left to see more data about your character, for example, your decorations and tap the Journal catch to see which Pokemon fled and what number of things you picked up at Pokestops.

You have to go outside

At first we attempted to play the amusement in our office yet we discovered one and only Pokemon and the diversion just wouldn’t work appropriately regardless of how stable the Internet association or what number of floors we climbed. Head outside, module your earphones, take a gander at the telephone and you will begin seeing Pokemon Gyms, Pokestops, and obviously wild Pokemon.

Try not to play it on Indian streets

If you’ve ever strolled on any Indian street, you know how hazardous it is for people on foot. Most vehicles negligence essential standards, for example, were ceasing at movement lights, one-way lanes, blazing marker lights, and so on. Mobile Games App obliges you to continue taking a gander at your telephone for indications of Pokemon and other in-diversion points of interest. This is entirely perilous on Indian streets. We got ourselves barely maintaining a strategic distance from vehicles on swarmed streets and quit playing until we achieved calm avenues close to our home.

No Internet? No diversion

In numerous spots in Mumbai, we observed Pokemon Go to be absolutely inert. This happened on account of poor Internet availability. Amid a 30-minute train ride from office to home, the amusement just wouldn’t work. In case you’re on 2G, you won’t have the capacity to play. Regardless of the fact that you’re on 3G, the diversion requires some investment to stack if the sign is feeble.

Get creative:

Throwing a curveball is one approach to get these creatures. Swerve the poke ball by clutching it, and after that move it in circles before tossing it. This move will likewise get you reward toss focuses.

If you have a Pokemon games that you don’t need, you can send it to the “Educator” who will give you Pokémon treat consequently. The catch: you won’t recover that Pokémon.

Enhancing your levels:

As you catch Pokémon, your experience will rise and you will move through the levels. You get the most experience for getting another Pokémon. I’m still on level three, since I can’t continue strolling all over Noida amid work to chase for these animals. Maybe I’ll improve at home.

Top pick:

Pokemon episodes can be set apart as most loved by selecting a gold star on them. Getting them will likewise give you assets like “Stardust”, which can be utilized to control up your Pokémon. You can locate the same with incubating eggs and owning exercise centers.

Be that as it may, the amusement is a lot of fun

Strolling around in this present reality and getting wild Pokemon on your cell phone sounds like a ghastly thought, yet Nintendo’s execution is on point. We wound up taking alternate routes to hit different Pokestops and to catch that wild Pokemon game developer spotted over the street. These Pokemon are very adorable, and the outline of the cards is well done.
There are no jumbled menus and the settings menu is negligible as well – with alternatives only for music, vibrations, and low battery. Putting the Pokeball on screen gives you a chance to see your Pokedex and customize your Pokemon.


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One - Day Picnic at Riparian Resort

Anniversaries are an extraordinary motivation to meet up and after all every human being has a child inside then. Through picnic celebration we can have a decent time, and that is particularly valid for organization anniversary festivities. If you are accountable for arranging your organization’s anniversary party, here is our company’s 7th anniversary festivity thoughts only for you.

We celebrated our 7th Anniversary at Riparian Resort which is arranged at a separation of 40 km from Nazar Baug Palace. This resort offers 24-hour front work area office for its visitors. This resort in Vadodara keeps up 20 luxuries rooms. A portion of the in-room pleasantries incorporate aeration and cooling system, flexible windows, seating region and a joined restroom with hot and chilly water office.
We became child by playing Chidiya ud game, Dumb Sheraz, Antakshri by reminding and mesmerizing old classic songs during our journey to resort and after reaching at resort we have played many games such as Badminton, Swimmings, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho. We have enjoyed various team building activities like High Rope, Valley Crossing, Rappelling, Rope walking, Hit the target with rifles, etc.


One - Day Picnic at Riparian ResortAt Moon Technolabs, we commend the real celebrations, birthdays, Project Party to the team, One-to-one discussion with TLs and many occasions. The vast majority of the representatives working with us are connected with us since the beginning of the organization. We generally put stock in building long haul associations with our representatives. Every last representative is dealt with decently at our association.

Our 7th anniversary theme party that best fits your gathering and keep running with it all through whatever is left of the commemoration festivity components. The best subjects are topics that can consolidate stylistic theme, menu things, stimulation and that are just the beginning. Extra focuses for the individuals who fit their commemoration number in the topic.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Social Media Marketing?

So many times it’s heard that organizations – particularly small businesses – say that social media simply isn’t for them. It requires an excess of investment for Social Media App Development. They’re not certain where to begin or how to keep it going. What’s more, they ought to concentrate on really maintaining their business – not simply posting pictures online – right?


As Social Media Marketing 2016 keeps on changing the way individuals convey, it has turned into an undeniably critical device for little organizations. Let’s be honest: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn aren’t leaving.

Moon Technolabs has experience in developing social app solutions which are incredible in the event that you are a SME; it is okay, minimal effort and doesn’t take up as much time as you think. This doesn’t mean you needn’t bother with a technique however! Here are a few pointers for making it work appropriately – whether you are simply beginning to utilize it or you have to better your efforts.

1. Be Real

One reason online networking has been so effective for both vast and little efforts for mobile app development ideas which the shopper has the uncommon chance to see the human face of the business. Associating by means of Twitter and Facebook is far less formal which gives you a chance to converse with your clients in a more real manner, furthermore share intriguing data and give counsel about what you do.

2. Pick the right channels

There are a considerable measure of social networking channels out there and you don’t should be on every one of them. Pick the right channels that fit what you have to escape online networking. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are ostensibly the most well-known and you’ll discover most organizations like Moon Technolabs will utilize these.

3. Be Useful

By all methods educate individuals regarding your new items, as social businesses grow online or by exceptional offers – yet you online networking technique shouldn’t all be about this. You have to give something back to your supporters and fans. For instance, on the off chance that you run a bistro, post formulas on your site or cooking tips on your Facebook page.

4. Measure and Monitor

You have to see whether it is working. The general tenet is that it takes 3 months to check whether your online networking procedures merit investing energy in. There are various instruments out there to help you measure the achievement of your nearness, regarding fans, supporters, clicks, re-tweets.

5. Try not to Disappear

Regularity is imperative for Social App development; individuals will overlook you on the off chance that you vanish for quite a long time or weeks without overhauling your profiles. This doesn’t mean you should be on online networking every minute of every day – you wouldn’t have a business if you were! Planning future updates to your Twitter, Facebook or Blog are anything but difficult to do with different instruments. Booking will likewise help you get a more worldwide group in the event that you have to.

Social Media App Development by Moon Technolabs offer new ways to reach first-time customers, engage and reward present customers, and showcase the greatest your brand has to offer.

Ahead of WWDC 2016, Apple has released the first preview build of Swift 3.0 with some major changes that focus on “getting the basics right for the long term.” Due to some major underlying changes, Swift 3.0 is not source compatible with Swift 2.2, but Apple promises that Swift 3.0 will be compatible all future updates to the language.

Changes to Swift 3.0 are still being proposed, with the final version expected to be released sometime towards the end of the year. The huge changes to the language means that your existing code will refuse to build until and unless you make the necessary changes.
Apple mentions in its Swift blog that it will be releasing a series of developer previews for Swift 3.0, though they will likely be released at irregular intervals. It does, however, promise to release one new build every 4-6 weeks.

There are a lot of changes that Apple is making with Swift 3.0 to streamline the language and coding process. You can read more about them here and here. It is likely that the company will announce these changes officially at its upcoming developer conference.

As for the Swift 3.0 snapshot build it is available for download for Xcode, Ubuntu 15.10, and Ubuntu 14.04.

Download: Swift 3.0 Preview 1

Beyond the Apple Watch’s sticker price and outline decisions, Apple watch security features are as of now part of the buzz. Apple is portraying the look as their most individual item ever constructed, softening new ground up the relationship that individuals have with innovation. It’s the primary Apple gadget intended to be worn, a combination of innovation and design we haven’t seen before now.

In any case, is the Apple Watch pushing the envelope on information protection and security? It will fill a wide range of needs over what is required to be a developing number of applications – applications gathering a huge number of information focuses about the most individual subtle elements of our lives. This will make an abundance of computerized data very desired on the underground market and therefore focused by refined information criminals.

Be that as it may, in this way, Apple is proceeding with its trust-commendable legacy as an organization concentrated on security and protection. They guarantee clients that they have information assurance secured. Notwithstanding propelled PIN and Touch ID innovations approving gadget get to, the Apple watch App Development does not send information to outside information stores. Actually, all information gathered on the gadget is sent to your cell phone, staying in your control. The greatest worry in the security examination so far is the security of information as it is exchanged between the watch and your telephone, yet the dangers of robbery or interference for this little measure of information are to a great degree low.

In any case, the genuine security and Apple watch theft protection really start with you, the client. As per the apps of Moon Technolabs the information stays in your control on your telephone to the point that you push it out to versatile applications you download and utilize.

So while the Apple Watch can be viewed as secure, its part in storing up enormous measures of point by point, exceptionally individual information could make it an unwitting assistant in digital wrongdoing. The nature and volume of the information it catches holds the possibility to make tangential open doors for hoodlums.

As the Apple Watch and more keen gadgets pick up fame by wearable App Developer company Moon Technolabs, it will prompt more versatile application advancement, particularly as organizations look for better approaches to enhance client experience.

It will be progressively critical for Wearable Devices Application Development Services to consider the risk of information ruptures important and guarantee their client character administration abilities take after information security and protection best practices, such as getting to a solitary client view, unified approval administration and fine grain approach controls.

For any inquiry related to Apple Watch App and wearable application development, Please feel free to drop us an email at or contact us on Skype at moonsoftware. Alternatively, you can also call us on +1 (951) 801-5251Click Here

The topic of whether a business or association ought to pick a Custom website design versus a site layout is an extremely regular one. In all actuality, most substances would profit by it is possible that one, since both alternatives each have their own particular preferences and weaknesses. In this way, there is no reasonable “yes” or “no” answer. There is just a “best” reply.

Variable #1: BUDGET

In the event that your financial plan is under $10,000, a format based site is most likely your most logical option. Layout based sites spare a great deal of time with respect to plan subsequent to the visual heading and design is as of now laid out.

Remember; in any case, there are Website Templates for redoing a pre-planned format. After a specific point, the extra improvement coming about because of the over the top customization of a layout can without much of a stretch wind up costing more than a custom site itself.

Outline: If you have a restricted spending plan, your lone alternative might be to run with a format site.

Variable #2: BRAND

On the off chance that setting up a brand is one of your top needs, a custom site would be the best fit for your business. This is on the grounds that marking is about building a passionate association for free website templates and trust with your prospects and clients.

With a custom site, you begin with a clean slate: no outline confinements, no substance restrictions, and no agonizing over if a recommended highlight will work with a pre-assembled layout’s code.

Rundown: If building your image is one of your primary objectives, run with a custom site.


A custom web outline is your most solid option in the event that you need to concentrate on streamlining your clients’ experience on your site. Since your site’s guests will be originating from desktops, tablets, telephones, and portable workstations, you should concentrate on making your site simple to use on an assortment of gadgets.

Beginning wordpress website templates with no outside help gives you the capacity to create your client experience to coordinate your outline and your business targets. For instance, if your principal objective is to motivate individuals to present a solicitation for a quote, you can work with your web plan organization to assemble a page-by-page way that deliberately drives them from your landing page to your quote page.

Synopsis: For the most ideal client experience, run with a custom site.


On the off chance that you need to consistently add on elements and functionalities to your site, a layout based site can make things troublesome.

Out of the crate, layout based sites are intended to be a one-size fits all arrangement. As a result of this, layout sites dependably accompany a huge amount of additional elements.

Running with a format based site that has a considerable measure of torpid elements additionally implies possibly slower stack times. The impacts of this are irrelevant on the off chance that you have a low movement site.

Ultimately, on the off chance that you definitely realize that you will incorporate some sort of outsider programming, website Designer Company allows engineers to organize similarity with future additional items.

Outline: If you anticipate scaling up your site to handle a great many guests for every month, or in the event that you anticipate incorporating outsider programming, Moon Technolabs is best website development services provider for running a custom site.

For any inquiry related to website design and development, Please feel free to drop us an email at or contact us on Skype at moonsoftware. Alternatively, you can also call us on +1 (951) 801-5251Click Here

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