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virtual pet games
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Virtual Pet Games

Owning a pet animal is often impossible for multiple reasons, such as your housing society not allowing pets, the hatred of your family members towards animals, and others. A real pet has many responsibilities, like feeding and cleaning, taking it to the vet, and much more.

The best alternative is a virtual pet if you cannot keep a real pet. The virtual pet games allow you to teach, feed, clean, train and play many games with them just like a real pet. Many virtual pet browser games enable you to play with and care for all kinds of friendly and affectionate pet animals on your smartphone.

Virtual pet games have recently surged in popularity across age groups and genders. There are many choices of virtual pet games online for free. Some have gained more popularity than others in this genre. Let’s look at the top 11 virtual pet games for the year 2022.

Top Virtual Pet Apps & Game

My Tamagotchi Bubbu My Boo
Dogotchi MOY My Cat
My Talking Tom Hellopet POU
Cthulhu Virtual Pet My Horse app

1. My Tamagotchi

My Tamagotchi is a free-to-play virtual pet game online, one of the earliest games in this genre. In this game, you are transported to an alien world full of alien life forms in which you are required to raise a Tamagochi and explore the Tamagochi town. You must complete tasks for your pet, such as feeding him his favorite food, bathing him, taking him to the loo, or simply petting him. Multiple buttons are at the bottom of the screen, each with an icon. A button turning red means your pet wants that thing indicated by the icon, and you simply need to tap it to complete the task and make it green.

online virtual pet games

You can play many minigames and win to proceed through the levels when you are bored looking after the pet. You can also unlock new costumes and food for your Tamagochi. In addition, you can also decorate Tamagochi town. Overall, it’s a fun zone.

2. Bubbu

Bubbu is one of the highly popular virtual pet games online free. In gameplay, it is similar to My Tamagotchi. Bubbu is a pet cat; you can perform many tasks, such as bathing, feeding, dressing, and cuddling. You can give many kinds of food items to her and also buy her stuff with the coins you earn. You can also customize the house of your kitty, grow vegetables in your garden, take the kitty to the spa, vet, or salon, drive a car, go fishing, and much more.

virtual pet games online

When not caring for the Cat, there are more than 30 games to play and enjoy. You can also complete daily challenges and spin the wheel of fortune to get extra rewards. Finishing the challenges provides diamonds that can be used to buy anything special for your pet kitty.

The other version of this game is Duddu which is the same as Bubbu except that the pet is a dog. The game is free to play. However, some in-game features and items require you to pay real money to purchase them.

3. My Boo

My Boo features a pet that is not like any conventional animal but a cute little creature that resembles a ball. You can choose a name for your Boo and a dress for him as per your liking from the large collection of clothes at your disposal. You can also decorate him and make it cuter. There are many food items such as sushi, pizza, sweets, fruits, and more to feed Boo.

my virtual pet games

The tasks include feeding, washing, and playing. Once these tasks are completed, you must tuck Boo to bed and cover him with a blanket. There are also many mini-games to play and enjoy. My Boo comes with ads, but you can pay to eliminate the ads.

4. Moy

Moy is a virtual pet game divided into seven parts, each with features and details. It is one of the top virtual petgames online free. The pet in this game is an unusual creature closely resembling an octopus. You need to feed and bathe Moy and also take him to picnics. You can take a walk with your pet and explore new locations. You can complete challenges and earn coins to buy clothes for your pet or change his hairstyle or colour.

virtual pet browser games

The latest version of Moy has more than 85 games and activities you can engage with your pet. The games are categorized into casual, puzzle, arcade, and racing. Activities include planting trees in the garden, colouring, and playing musical instruments such as drums or guitar. With daily tasks and games, this is a very enjoyable virtual pet game.

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5. Dogotchi

Dogotchi is a retro-style pet simulation game that is available for free. The game has 12 dogs. You must care for your pet dog by cleaning, feeding, and playing with it. The happier the puppy is, the faster it grows. More dogs are unlocked by raising your puppy into a full-grown dog. There are three breeds to choose from at the game’s commencement: Husky, Pug, and Old English Sheepdog. Three dogs get unlocked for every two dogs reaching adulthood. There are also many mini-games to play. Each dog has three mini-games which equals go 36 mini-games in total.

best virtual pet games online

This is an entirely free game because there are no in-game purchases. The user interface is easy to understand. The colour of the game is customizable.

6. My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is one of the most popular and widely known virtual pet cat games, with more than 500 million downloads. The unique feature of this game is that you can say anything, and the Cat repeats what you said in his funny voice. You need to give him his favorite food, clean, play with, and tuck him to sleep like a real cat.

virtual pet games online free

You can also personalize your Cat. More than a thousand combinations are available to give your Cat a unique look per your liking. Moreover, there are mini games and other customizations as well. This game can be played without downloading in the cloud, PC, or mobile device.

7. Hellopet

Hellopet is among the best pet virtual games online. The distinctive feature of this game is that the pet lives on your device’s screen all the time. You can see it running around on your screen or sleeping near an icon while scrolling or doing something else on your phone. The overlay functionality of the screen is used to make your pet inhabit the screen.

online virtual pet games list

At the commencement of the game, you need to choose between a dog and a Cat as your first virtual pet. However, you can keep unlocking new pets, such as parrots, seals, and more, by collecting currency known as cookies in the game. You can also use the cookies to unlock new homes for your pets.

Like other virtual pet games, you need to take care of your pet and can also play many mini-games. The more the number of pets in your possession, the greater the time you need to care for each one. The most exciting part of this app is that your virtual pet or pets can always be seen on the screen regardless of what you are doing.

8. My Cat

My Cat is a virtual simulation game. The augmented reality solution integrated into this game enables you to bring the Cat right into your home or another place as if it is real. The Cat gives a realistic experience of a real pet by reacting to your touch, such as stroking, scratching, or rubbing its nose. You can also turn its purring engine on and hear it purring.

free virtual pet games

You can feed and bathe the Cat and play with it. There are also many mini games to play and set new challenges. You can also take selfies with your virtual Cat and share them with your friends. The game offers a premium subscription to unlock features such as AR mode, premium items, and daily free coins and diamonds.

9. Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Cthulhu is a virtual pet game that does not feature any standard pet animal such as a dog or Cat but the ancient mythical deity called Cthulhu created by H.P Lovecraft in his Mythos. First of all, you need to wake him up from his sleep. After that, your objective is to keep Cthulhu happy and healthy by feeding and playing with him. There are also many mini-games that you can play and win to earn food and other things for Cthulhu.

virtual pet games online for free

For people who play infrequently, a deep sleep mode keeps the Cthulhu alive even when not fed on time. The green pixelated graphics of the game makes for a unique atmosphere. The game is especially enjoyable for people who like Lovecraft’s works.

10. My Horse app

My Horse app also figures in the top online virtual pet games list. This is a 3D virtual pet game in which everything is in 3D mode, and you can watch your horse from multiple angles. You care for your virtual horse by feeding, treating, and grooming it. The game offers eight breeds of horses to collect and care for. There are many interactive 3D activities to perform, including training the horse. There are work tasks as well which can be done to earn coins.

virtual pet cat games

There are many challenging competitions for your horse to participate in. However, you need to train your horse to join the competitions. The first training exercise is jumping. The matches take place between players all over the world. You can also add friends and visit their stables to check on their horses.

11. POU

POU is an interesting virtual pet game that is highly popular, especially among children. The pet in this game is an alien creature shaped somewhat like poop. Your tasks include feeding it, cleaning it, and playing with it. The objective is to make the pet grow, evolve, and be happy.

The pet is customizable. You can change its color, and there are also multiple options of clothing and hats to dress him up. The wallpapers of the rooms where the pet is kept can also be changed frequently. There is a game room that has many games to play and earn currency for buying clothes and other things for your pet.

virtual pet app and games

POU allows interaction between the players. You can visit other players’ homes and meet their Pous and vice versa. Overall, this is an addictive virtual pet game.


Virtual pet games enable you to perform many functions to take care of your pet simply by clicking on the buttons. Virtual pet games became popular in the 90s with the introduction of Tamagotchi. Now there are many advanced virtual pet games in the form of apps and browser games that you can explore, however, people are moving towards their virtual pet games, and for that, you need to develop a platform; if you are looking for a virtual pet game development company, then MoonTechnolabs is the final destination for you.


Yes. Many virtual pet games enable you to have your virtual pet.

Bobo is a virtual pet game that is similar to Tamagotchi.

A virtual pet game allows you to do many things digitally performed with real pets, such as feeding, cleaning, playing, and more.

Depends upon your preference. Apart from dogs and cats, there are many other virtual pets in different games and even alien creatures.

Many include My Tamagotchi, Bubbu, Hellopet, Dogotchi, My Talking Tom, and more.
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