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Designing a web portal
Published On: September 16, 2022

People are increasingly turning to mobile app development for various business demands; without question, businesses must go forward with their applications, but every industry has different needs.

There are some sectors where web portals function better than mobile applications because people want to share information, resources, announcements, and deals for their purposes and organizations. Additionally, the design of a web portal varies depending on the type of organization; for example, an IT company may use a web portal for activity management, while a medical practice may use one for patient management.

Meanwhile, let’s dive deeper into the ultimate guide for designing a web portal along with web portal development, which will surely help you to grow your business.

Web Portal Development | A Complete Guide For Designing A Web Portal

Designing a web portal needs dedicated resources, a talented development team, and an excellent user interface. A lot of work needs to be done, from requirements collecting to web portal design, migrations, and testing, and here at MoonTechnoabs, we have all the resources you need.

As an App Development Company, We have solutions for Web portal development services for various businesses and organizations. Before discussing our expertise and experience, take a look at what is web portals and development.

What is Web Portal & Web Portal Development?

The web portal is all in one dashboard or platform where organizations can announce, deal with, and manage various users and activities in a single place. It was a two-way communication platform where users shared data and resources and communication along with specific access.

Web Portal Development Company

Moreover, web portal development implies to web portal development company that can make portals for you as per your requirement. They will make a complete path for developing and designing a web portal with standards and specifications.

How Does Web Development Portal work?

The web portal is a versatile platform where information may be acquired from numerous sources and used for various purposes. It can be for organizations or the general public. You can access data, links, services, and more here.

The web development portal work on specific functionalities along with a secure and personalized access point where it fulfills the user’s requirements as per the needs. Front-end, back-end, user interface, testing, and scripting will be a part of the web portal development process. However, it must pass from the software development life cycle to make portal web development easy and intentful.

Web Portal Development

Types Of Web Portal In Web Development Portal 

B2C Portal

Business-to-consumer e-commerce website or portal where they can transact for goods or services

B2B Website

Business-to-business portal or e-commerce platform where businesses can transact online for goods and services.

Service Portal

The service portal is for a specific service, and it gathers features and data from many sources to meet consumer needs. Examples include patient portals and government portals.

Partner Portal

The central sales channel is the partner portal. Within a company, you can utilize it for indirect sales, but you may handle many different things here, including sales, materials, training, marketing, and more.

Community Portal

A community portal is a public website where users and customers may provide comments and suggestions regarding your goods and services. For better results, you may also advertise your brand here.

Educational Portal

The learning portal can be used by an organization to share training materials and other resources with new hires, saving time and resources. However, other businesses can also utilize this platform to share, administer, and train students for online courses.

Search Portal

The search portal is also a search engine for a company or the general public where you may locate helpful information and receive guidance toward your inquiry.

Media Portal

The media portal is free and open-source music, recording, and information gathering platform where users with paid or unpaid subscriptions can access information and resources.

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Web Portal Development | A Time Frame For B2C & B2B

The B2C & B2B web portal development passes through many things, including software development life cycle and agile methodology, where the Company can release the sprint for you for getting feedback and do changes or updates as per your needs.

Moreover, web portal development companies can give an estimated time frame because the time frame may go more or less depending on your requirements, modules, design, resources, and the Company’s dedicated development team. Meanwhile, it can be done in 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

custom web portal development

How We Can Create a Web Portal | The Web Portal Development Company (Suggestions)

Designing & Developing a web portal can be a bit complicated because it varies from business to business, per the modules, design, and development. Moreover, the small Company also takes too much time to create a web portal. However, due to dedicated resources, teams, and efforts, giant companies like MoonTechnolsbs will build a web portal within the stipulated time.

Let’s go with our six steps of custom web portal development stages to understand better how we build a web portal.

6 Steps of Custom Web Portal Development | Web Portal | How To Create A Website Portal

  • Research & Analysis

The first step towards the successful development of the web portal is always research and analysis; here, we will analyze everything for your portal from scratch. Moreover, we look for design, timeframes, modules, and resources for perfect web portal development.

  • Portal Designing

Designing a portal is not just a matter of UI/UX and modules; as per the trends, technology, and business niche, we make decision-based on a lot of research and industry-specific competitors because we know excellent user experience directly follows great ROI.

  • Portal Development

The web portal development depends on various technologies and tools; as per the requirement and healthy development, we choose a database, front-end, back-end, and CMS; however, we also consider different platforms and databases, including Android, IOS, Cross Platform, Windows, along with Cloud, SQL, NoSQL and more. Meanwhile, we choose technology, database, and tools per our experience and expertise.

  • Integration & Testing

The integration stage occurs when we need to add 3rd party tools and services to the web portals. Here we include required tools and other things for better customization and experience, e.g., Payment Gateway. Moreover, testing these external tools is mandatory, so we get better outcomes after integrating them.

  • Deployment

As we mentioned that we always go with an agile methodology for successful project delivery and development, however here, we again release final products for a few users, which you can test from your side along with us, and based on the feedback again, we add extra or required features to the web portal.

  • Support & Maintenance 

The final stages of our software development life cycle are support and maintenance, which we always do for our customers. However, we also take care of monitoring the performance of the portals as well as iterating accordingly.

How Much Does Portal Cost | The Cost Estimation to Development Of Web Portal 

The cost of creating a portal is influenced by several factors, including functionality, use cases, modules, design, and development. The price range, however, may be $5,000 to $50,000. Therefore, selecting an experienced firm for your development is recommended because they are aware of accurate estimates and the level of effort needed for growth.

We at MoonTechnolabs are specialists in web portal development services and are a pioneer web portal development company in many countries. We have a complete path for your development, from suggestions, ideas, and products to usability, security, and maintenance.

Our dedicated web portal experts continuously pursue perfection to deliver fantastic, safe, and interactive applications for your Company that highlight the self-assured Company with a distinct brand identity.

Web Portal Creation | Key Takeaways

  • Pre-Choose the Web Development Portal you require.
  • Finalize the users or audience of your web portal.
  • Choose The Experience Company for Development.
  • View Dedicated Resouces in the Company along with 10+ years of experience.
  • Do discussion regarding wireframe, modules, and design of your web portal.
  • Finalize the price with the web portal development company.
  • Look for ultimate support as per your requirements.
  • Done the deal with it & Don’t forget the MoonTechnolabs -:)


You must first evaluate your aims. Which type of portal are you developing? Then select the portal software that will be used. The third step is to upload the web portal software to your website. After that, you must modify the web portals before marketing them. However, MoonTechnolabs are here to help you.

The web portal design is the wireframe of your portal design, showcasing your entire application's view before actual development.

The main difference between a website and a portal are Basic, Features, Property, and Interaction. The Web portal is a typical knowledge management system, and Portals can be divided into two categories: horizontal and vertical.

The website architecture design depends on various factors, including users' perspective view, modules, and functionality; it can start with wireframing the whole application and end with actual development.
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