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One word you’d probably hear web developers tell you about developing a stunning website with Laravel is ‘SMOOTH!!!’

NO complexities, miserable code demands, and aching heads…

Over 20 million websites are built using Laravel. Disney, Starbucks, New York Times, you name it, they’ve probably been built using Laravel.

It’s the most robust, scalable PHP framework that’s there in the market right now that helps you build a powerful web application in no time.

Laravel stands tall in comparison to other PHP frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter, and CakePHP as it’s very easy to use and implement top-quality features while automating regular processes.

There’s a lot of development going on in Laravel making it even more convenient to use and develop scintillating websites that convey the business vision and get the sales ticking.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the benefits that your business can reap by developing a website using PHP’s grandmaster framework, Laravel.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Laravel?

To all those who don’t associate themselves with programming languages, we’ve got you covered. It’s just a matter of time before you become an expert in this.

Alright, so what is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that’s the most convenient one in the whole PHP family that’s used to build robust and scalable web applications at super-fast times.

The man behind this legacy web development framework, Taylor Otwell, introduced it way back in 2011 as an upgrade of CodeIgniter, the PHP framework that was popular then.

The intention behind releasing Laravel was to enhance the security protocols of CodeIgniter with seamless authorization and authentication features. Over the years, there have been massive updates in the Laravel framework with a built-in Blade template system, message queue support, and task automation features.

Today, Laravel has everything needed to build a mind-blowing website that’s trendy and relevant.

Why Should You Prefer Laravel for Web Development?

With the Laravel framework, you can build a custom website for your business, integrated with the most relevant tools and libraries that help you to scale forward.

In the limelight, the Model-View-Control architecture of Laravel enables developers to add pre-built functions effectively and develop web applications quickly.

There’s a 90% chance you’ll have to update your website with relevant information and services from time to time. A web application built on Laravel can be easily modified and scaled to the level you want.

As a business owner, you’ll never have to worry about automating and scheduling repetitive tasks like email promo messages, password reminders, and subscription landing pages. The built-in mail API service and automatic command scheduler ensure that automation is done seamlessly.

Developing a website using Laravel is cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient. You can customize the website as per your business requirements and launch it in no time.

Top 7 Laravel Features

There are many features that Laravel provides explicitly to outclass every other PHP framework and facilitate the seamless performance of your business’s web application.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting features of Lavarel that set it apart from the rest.

1. Seamless Integration of Mail and Messaging Systems

Your business website receives a massive inbound of visitors every day that can become your potential customers with prompt online marketing.

You must send timely emails and notifications regarding user authentication, subscription details, and password reminders.

Laravel has a built-in mail API service that allows seamless sending out of emails, even configuring your default mailer service. Queuing mail messages is also possible for background sending. You can also integrate user-message chat systems for an instant, real-time messaging.

At a glance: 

2. Security and Privacy

The first thing your customers want to be guaranteed is privacy. They don’t want their private information to leak and be used by malicious third parties. Laravel has strict security protocols that ensure that any kind of cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection is not allowed.

Technical vulnerabilities can be addressed quickly and efficiently in Lavarel-based web applications thanks to the MVC architecture. The use of CSRF tokens in Lavarel blocks fake requests from malicious third parties.

SQL injections are not possible as Lavarel employs Eloquent ORM that features PDO binding. The advanced XSS protection ensures that third parties don’t interact with your web application.

At a glance: 

3. User Authentication and Authorization

The Laravel framework was introduced to enforce seamless user authentication and authorization. It does the job pretty well. Users don’t have to spend time logging in with their credentials every session.

The cookies in the application contain the session ID that allows you to access the software seamlessly every time you log in. You’re authenticated in no time with Lavarel’s upfront authentication process.

In the case of a remote service, API tokens are used to verify an authenticated user. The Laravel framework provides custom web app starter kits to help you build a suitable authentication portal that fits your needs.

For a simple and minimalistic authentication layer, you can use Laravel Breeze to facilitate log in, password configuration, email verification, and much more. There are more comprehensive authentication features such as two-factor authentication you can implement with application kits such as Laravel Fortify and Laravel Jetstream.

At a glance:

4. Reinforced MVC Architecture

PHP frameworks do work on a model-view-controller architecture or ins short from the MVC, which is the icing on the cake as it allows developers to easily make changes in the code to facilitate seamless modifications.

The 3 application layers separate the application code into databases, user interfaces, and controlling logic. They work inter-relatively to help facilitate a smooth and fast application development process.

Your business’s web apps can be scaled consistently according to your requirements with this succinct and easy-to-modify coding architecture. Trust us, when your website becomes big, especially when it’s an eCommerce web application, it’s going to be way easier to manage it with the MVC architecture.

With MVC, directories can be maintained to hold various files of your application containing different codebases performing custom services. Application routing becomes very easy, especially during the testing phase.

At a glance:

5. Blade Template Engine

Never go out of ideas when you have a powerful, redeeming template engine such as the Blade in the Laravel framework. You can create visually-appealing designs and themes with this template engine.

Prolific Laravel web developers are accustomed to the best of web app development strategies including the creation of endearing templates that appeal to your target audience.

Thanks to caching, the Blade template engine facilitates seamless data processing to ensure fast and smooth development. While scaling your business with Lavarel, the best PHP framework, your developers can define layouts and sections.

By doing so, developers can examine the entire application and easily identify single-blade views and child pages containing a particular layout. Developers can use shortcuts to implement certain strategic functions which saves a lot of time and unnecessary complexity.

At a glance:

6. Upfront Caching

Several times, web apps perform well and load at high speeds during the development phase and initial live periods. The load speeds are affected when the traffic builds and customers are storming into your web app.

Thanks to Laravel’s upfront caching feature, you can boast of high load speeds for your web applications when you need them the most. While developing web apps, the Laravel framework allows you to choose multiple cache configurations like Memcached and Redis to enhance the load speeds of applications.

In-built caching functions and codes help to easily implement caching routines that effectively facilitate the smooth running of your application during every development cycle and testing period.

You can easily switch between different caching engines to attain maximum load speeds. Memcached can be used to handle heavy-duty traffic routines and effectively enhance website performance.

At a glance:

7. Automatic Task Scheduling

One of the explicit benefits of the Laravel framework is its ability to automatically schedule tasks. You can schedule tasks using the automatic command scheduler for different activities such as sending emails to subscribers and announcing promos for major events.

An in-house task scheduling mechanism such as cache clean-up can be done to ensure the smooth running of your web apps. Database queries can be attended to with automatic commands.

You no longer have to depend on a single cron entry to schedule tasks and manage web requests. You can schedule tasks daily and other criteria.

While working on the web application in maintenance mode, developers can schedule tasks by calling on particular functions. Tasks can also be run in the background if you want to moderate certain tasks.

At a glance:

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10 Reasons Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework

The Laravel PHP framework helps you facilitate custom web app development better than other PHP frameworks owing to its security features, expressive and elegant syntax, and message queue system.

Here we’ll list 10 reasons why Lavarel is the best choice and the proper PHP framework for your custom software development solutions.

1. Enhanced Performance

When it comes to performance, this is the most popular PHP framework that’s used for building web applications. There are so many factors affecting the quality functioning of a website. With the Laravel framework, caching and URL routing is performed efficiently to enhance the user experience.

Laravel development services such as integrating third-party tools, and managing database tables become easy entitling for better performance. The Laravel command scheduler and Laravel queue service are optimized for providing outstanding user-centric services.

2. Optimized URL Routing

With the Laravel PHP framework, you can optimize the URL routing of your website, helping users to navigate seamlessly across the different pages of your web application.

Signed URLs can be created to name custom routes and verify the authenticity of that particular route. Now your potential customers don’t have to worry about being misguided to the wrong webpage.

3. Faster Development Times

One of the evident benefits of Laravel is the speed at which you can facilitate custom web development. The renowned MVC architecture helps developers easily make custom modifications to the code while handling complex project development.

Compared to other PHP frameworks, the Laravel framework succeeds as it offers several pre-built functions that can be used to activate essential web development codes. All of the above help you to build a website at the earliest of times, well within your set deadline.

4. Ensure User Privacy and Safety

The Laravel framework is built to handle security vulnerabilities and block every kind of malware that may steal user data and exploit it for dangerous purposes.

SQL injection cross-site requests from third parties or cross-site request forgery will not work as the embedded security protocols verify the authenticity of the user.

You can safely collect and maintain customer data and payment details for your eCommerce websites without having to worry about security breaches.

5. Prompt Messaging and Emails

It’s very important to send timely emails and messages to your customers covering various touchpoints to let your customers know that you are actively running.

With tools and features like Laravel message queue, you can connect with your customers can convey important messages concerning events, promos, discounts, and the latest product arrivals.

Attach files in different templates and formats to garner the attention of the customer, experimenting with which message style works best for your business.

6. Automated Testing

The success of your web application depends very much on how it performs during the testing phase. Automated testing is one of the major advantages of the Laravel framework.

Tests run from the user’s end such as filling forms, clicking internal links, and making payments can be effectively performed with the help of the MVC architecture to identify loopholes and bugs.

Using the unit testing feature, each module of your application can be tested for optimized performance.

7. Phenomenal User Experience

It ultimately boils down to how well your customers interact with your web application. The Laravel framework deploys a mastermind template engine to give you the option to choose from a list of appealing designs.

You can define your brand’s identity with custom templates and designs, ensuring responsivity across all devices and platforms. Web development with the Laravel framework is indeed a phenomenal experience.

You can add custom widgets and even integrate third-party modules to enhance the functionality of your business website.

8. Gain Customer Insights

The Laravel framework helps you to authenticate users and verify them based on repetitive session times. With embedded forms, you can collect data from them and chart down their interests.

You can analyze consumer behavior patterns from the cookies and API tokens operating on the website. Gaining insights is one of the major advantages of Laravel.

9. Scale Your Business Consistently

Static websites are due to die as they do not incorporate or provide relevant services based on the latest customer trends. With Laravel PHP, you can scale your business consistently owing to its MVC architecture.

Code modifications can do done easily by dissecting the specific sections and layouts to revamp portions of your website to suit customer requirements.

The advantage of being able to view changes as and when you make them, helps you to create web applications with multiple built-in functionalities that cater well to your business needs.

10.  Popularity

When choosing between open-source PHP frameworks, considering how popular it is can help you determine their effectiveness. Great brands such as Disney and Warner Bros use the Laravel framework to deploy some amazing, out-of-the-world features.

As Laravel PHP is exceptional in handling security threats and organizing authorization logic, it’s preferred over many PHP frameworks by top market players.

The language is also popular among website developers owing to its advanced functionality with features such as the command schedule giving them the ability to automate repetitive tasks.

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There are only pros when it comes to choosing the Laravel PHP framework for your web development needs. Robust and scalable web development, seamless integration of mail and message portals, and much more. The only con could be the cost but with MTPL you can choose between flexible hiring models.

You must use Laravel if you want to develop complex and highly scalable web applications. PHP can be used for building comparatively simple applications that require minimal code modifications.

Core PHP is of course great by itself and helps build phenomenal web applications. The PHP framework Laravel, however, helps develop modern solutions with access to more tools and resources.

Choosing the Laravel framework is a win-win as the model-view-controller architecture of the framework has a bright future, with more enhancements in automation and template designs.
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