What Makes DynamoDB So Popular?

Amazon’s DynamoDB framework supports document data structure and key value which makes its NoSQL database stand out from the other frameworks available in the market.



DynamoDB liberates designers from the migraines of provisioning equipment and programming, setting up and arranging a disseminated database group, and overseeing progressing bunch tasks.



Amazon DynamoDB is intended to scale the assets devoted to a table to hundreds or even a huge number of servers spread over numerous Availability Zones to meet your stockpiling and throughput necessities.



Amazon DynamoDB gives high throughput at extremely low dormancy. It is additionally based on Solid State Drives to help advance for superior even at high scale.


Strong and Highly Available

Amazon DynamoDB imitates its information over at any rate 3 unique server centers with the goal that the framework can proceed to work and serve information significantly under complex disappointment situations.



Amazon DynamoDB is a very adaptable framework that doesn't compel its clients into a specific information model or a specific consistency model.


Low Cost

This framework is advantageous but it is handy as it is becoming with its low cost structure for users.

Value Proposition of
DynamoDB Technology


Why Should You Choose DynamoDB Technology?

High Efficiency

Authorized under Amazon, DynamoDB is accessible and provides rich features and high efficiency.

Profoundly Secure

CSRF insurance, SQL infusion avoidance, XSS anticipation and information approval guarantees security.

Unnecessary Coding

Many modules assistants and parts can be utilized without composing the source code for them.

Snappy & Flexible

Quick in preparing that can be utilized to create astonishing web documentation.

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Solutions You can Build with DynamoDB

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