BBDaily Clone App: Revolutionizing The Grocery Shopping Experience 

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BBDailyis a subscription-based grocery delivery app by Big Basket. It was created after Big Basket acquired two milk delivery app startups named Morning Cart and RainCan and also acquired controlling stakes in a vending machine startup called Kwik24.

What is BBDAILY?

What Is BBDaily Clone?

A bbdaily clone is an on-demand milk and other grocery delivery app having all the features and functionalities of the bbdaily app. A startup wanting to compete with other players in this sector can leverage the benefits of the bbdaily app by developing its clone of the bbdaily app.

The Advantages of BBDaily Clone App For Online Grocery Delivery

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1. Convenient shopping experience 2. Wide selection of grocery items 3. Real-time tracking 4. Same-day deliveries 5. User-friendly 6. Secure payment 7. Ability to repeat previous orders 8. Customer reviews and ratings 9. Ability to compare prices 10. Personalized recommendations

Features of BBdaily Clone:

1. News aggregation 2. Personalization 3. Sharing 4. Discussion forums 5. Search 6. User accounts 7. Analytics

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Cost To Develop Milk Delivery App Like BBDaily

The cost of developing an app depends on its design, complexity, features, functionalities, and the number of platforms it is designed to use. The hourly rate of the developers and the country of development also impact the cost.

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Considering the above factors, the average cost of developing a bbdaily app is a minimum of $12,000, while the maximum is over $30,000.


A high-end clone of bbdaily helps in entering the profitable segment of the online milk and grocery delivery business quickly. Leveraging the benefits of this app is a sure-shot way of establishing a large user base.