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All sorts of mobile applications have become the part and parcel of our daily life. There such an increase in the demand of apps which has also led to the rise of app developers and but the primary concern is that while attending to the needs to the market, app developers may also be overlooking the crucial safety and security aspect in the general arena of mobile app development.

If such parameters aren’t placed properly, then it becomes an open and easy task for hackers to target such apps and steal customer data and details to use it maliciously. Well, we all have heard that prevention is better than cure, and, the same goes when it comes to both iOS & Android platforms.

Below mentioned are the few important pointers to keep in mind in terms of security of apps while they are in the developing stage:

1) Unbreakable Code

The application code remains at the center stage for any application. For say, a minute ‘hole in the wall’ or simply a security breach could lead to big damage. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to keep the app code as secure and robust as you can to prevent any hackers to have a look around it.

Moreover, hackers can easily reverse engineer the app code to use to their own advantage so it becomes mandatory to build a robust code which can be easily patched and updated from time to time depending upon the need. To keep the top-notch quality of the app code it is also a good practice to use hardening and signing.

2) Data Encryption

Encryption makes it hard for anyone to read and get easy access to data transmitted without decrypting it. Encrypting data is good because even if the data is stolen, hackers won’t be able to use it.

3) Use Trusted-Library

Libraries are the key components for code building for mobile apps. There are many 3rd party libraries available but most of them are unsecured. The best to rely on libraries is to test the code. If the library has flaws in it, that will pave the way for attackers to crash the system.

4) Authorized API

It is mandatory to use always authorized API in your app code. Few industry pundits claim to have the centralized authorization for the entire API to gain optimum security in the mobile application. Unauthorized API will always give hackers the chance to break in and gain authentication on the system, hence, it is suggested to use authorized API always.

5) Top-level Authentication

Using a high-level authentication protocol stands at the peak of the mobile application security. Developers should pay optimum weight from the security point of view for user authentication as otherwise, it can lead to vulnerabilities issues in the mobile apps. Till today, the password remains as one of the strong authentication process and the policy should be strong enough so as to be unbreakable.

Recently, a multi-authentication factor is taken into implementation wherein, an app becomes more secured with the means of OTP login or authentication code via email or message and can also be secured by using biometrics.

The EPC Industry Gaining Productivity with Mobile Apps

EPC is a prominent way of procuring contract agreements in the construction business. With a huge consumer base, the industry is always running a race against time. It needs a digital solution that streamlines the whole process and helps in completion of the task in a timely fashion.

EPC involves various stages:

  • Laying down the designs and plans
  • The various operational tasks
  • Smooth project lifecycle
  • Keeping track of various task related activities

The innovations in the mobile app development industry have aided the EPC industry and the mobile technology is constantly developing disruptive solution that is providing the scalable solutions to the EPC industry.

The mobile technology has been a reliable assistant to the EPC industry let’s find out how:

Collaboration and Decision Making

Collaboration between project stakeholders is a crucial part as it helps in timely completion of an EPC project. Many mobile apps are present in Android as well as iOS market that are termed effective because of their seamless nature of collaborating the stakeholders.

Such apps help in

  • Enhancing the workflow via quick access to real-time information
  • RFI tracking and response
  • PCI and submittal tracking
  • Checklist tracking
  • Document management
  • Submittal tracking
  • Contact management

Employee Management

In many projects the manpower requirement is enormous; even if they all are on the same site the managers will need an apt solution for supervising the employees. Many latest mobile apps help in tracking the time spent by the employees on-field. These apps track the employee activity via GPS giving the manager a precise update of time, employee location and the overall costs.

Bid Management

Some mobile apps enable the contractors in:

  • Creating bids
  • Track the bidding process
  • Ensuring reliability and security

The mobile app helps the contractors, subcontractors and companies offering quick access to crucial project bidding information.

Project Analysis and Management

The mobile apps designed by various Android and iOS app development companies are helping the contractors and EPC industry to gain idea of the market and to grow themselves in the coming future. The mobile apps are their best companions helping them in tracking daily logs, contact directories, submittals, punch lists and other such crucial updates related to the project at hand.

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Some of the features that many of these apps provide to the industry as mentioned here:

  • Project management transformation by providing real-time visibility
  • Control over labor, inventory and equipment
  • Rapid quick start of projects
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Project site automation and integration enabled back office systems
  • Providing real-time control over operations by improving execution quality and safety and preventing cost leakages
  • Site-ready technology kits keeping core construction activities in mind
  • Intelligent decision making which is supported by underlying data and modeling
  • Real-time performance insights, predicting future performance hence enabling timely corrective measures
  • Deploying crucial use case providing maximum ROI

These are just a few ways in which mobile apps have made an impact on the EPC industry and with the technological advancements and adoptions the industry will get heavy benefits from mobility.

Native Apps or Hybrid Apps Which One Should You Go For

As an entrepreneur or a startup,the dilemma is always about which platform to choose for your mobile app development. You want to give the best user experience to your patrons, yet your mind revolves around the budget for the development of that perfect app that will have the desired features.

Let us be your guide and aid you in the selection of mobile or cross-platform app development.

What are native apps?

Addressed as mobile apps, native apps are developed under an optimized standard app development process. These apps are written for the particular operating system. The various functionalities of specific devices are kept in mind while developing such apps.


  • If you are looking to have an app developed that will use the inbuilt features of the devices; both hardware and software, then native app development will top the list.
  • This means the apps can access native APIs of the devices, E.g., camera, flashlight, push notifications and various other features.
  • Native apps are developed in compliance with app store security protocols ensuring safety and performance of the app.


  • For different platforms, separate codes must be written, increasing the overall development time.
  • Because of their particular framework and rules, they require more investment regarding money and time.
  • Developers must spend a separate amount of time for writing independent codes for multiple OS.

What are Hybrid (Cross-Platform) Apps?

The latest trend in mobile app development is developing the cross-platform apps. Such apps combine elements of both native and Web applications.

Technologies such as HTML5 and CSS help in the development of hybrid apps; fusing web app version and native libraries.


  • Single database for all platforms; codes do not have to be re-written.
  • The development cycle is short and swift and doesn’t blow a hole in your development budget.
  • Even if the user is offline they can access device features and the responsiveness web design; comes loaded with native features and web technologies.


  • Needs complex native libraries; affecting the overall app performance.
  • Lacks the support for the latest technologies of various operating systems and devices.
  • Fails to fulfill the platform guidelines for each operating system.

When does the need arise for Native or Cross-Platform Apps?

Native App:

  • If you are looking to offer rich user experience
  • When you have a free hand over the budget
  • If there is no time for developing apps for multiple platforms

Cross-Platform Apps:

  • Limited budget scenario
  • When there is a need of launching apps on simultaneous platforms
  • If the app requires quick deployment
  • If you want to develop gaming app


Gartner has backed HTML5 and has also confirmed that it will become the favorite app developing tool in the future; the plus point of cross-platform apps is that developers can develop apps for all the three primary operating system.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Hybrid (cross-platform) apps have found their cue, and they have become the answer to the troubles that developers were looking for. In the practical sense of it, all native and web apps have had their bad days, and this has affected organizations drastically.

We hope that this article will help you in selecting the best option and best mobile app development company for your organization that can make you win your target audience leaving a sublime effect on them.

Why Mobile Learning Apps Are the Future of Education

Learning through portable devices such as smartphones and tablets is becoming one of the hottest learning trends in today’s time. As on one hand, you have an app which is cool and admired by the students and on the other hand, you have to study and learn for your cbse exams. The will to learn can be increased if both the above mentioned are combined together.

Learning through an app is overcoming the traditional ways of teaching, as with learning from the application have reduced a major barrier to the advancement of education by attracting students use this particular method as it is beneficial for the candidate in following ways:

1. Everything is available in one device

Learning through virtual modes complement the areas of your studies such classroom/lecture, the child is expected to just start their learning when they feel like any time in the day as the note would be available on the application and the students doesn’t have to wait for next day class/ lecture.

2. Entertaining and Social

The engagement with the child when they are using an application is more as during this time the interaction tendency is enhanced resulting in more interactive engagement between the parents and children. According to studies, entertainment is promoted by mobile apps as learning is active with applications. Applications give the enhanced learning experience for the student as compared to the regular classes and homework. This allows students to take interest in all the subjects- maths, physics and chemistry which they find boring earlier.

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3. Organized Learning

With application learning both smart learning and systematic learning is enabled, as the applications are designed in such a way that it attract not only the craving for learning but in an organized manner.

4. Beneficial For Everyone

It’s a myth that only students are being benefitted by using the learning applications but teachers and parents are also using these applications to educated children either in classrooms or Lectures. As both teachers and parents are using these mobile learning applications to plan out their study plan for better interactive classes.

Apart from the given points, we all can agree upon one thing that learning apps have encouraged self-learning as these are very handy to download and provides a range allowing different learning outside the classrooms.

Believing that the students or anyone using learning application to grow their knowledge will be benefitted as smart learning applications are the future learning.

Guest Post by:

AHSAAS a content writer by profession opted to follow his passion of helping the candidates and student of different streams with all the digital marketing aspects after completing his MBA. Currently exploring digital education at Byju’s- The Learning App, the other interest includes play snooker and listening to world music.

Mobile Advertising Or Mobile Apps Which Way To Go

It’s an era of smartphones and it is fastest growing industry where mobile apps plays a major role in connecting people. Any business need a mobile app which in turn had motivated developers to develop apps that are useful for the consumers in their routine life. The way today we communicate with our friends, family and relatives has changed a lot and fully depend on mobiles and internet. Want to wish on bday? Send message on whatsapp, Want to send gift to your near and dear ones? Send gift online through mobile apps, etc and much more through apps and mobiles. The two important question arises here is, Are you going to invest in mobile applications through which customers interact with you, or are you going to invest in mobile marketing and advertising that’s going to expose your business to them? For startup companies or small companies would need to think before investing in mobile area. There is no sure shot way to decide which way to go. So, let’s get into this deeper and understand about both the ways.

Sr.No. Mobile Advertising Mobile Apps
 1 Mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing in communications industry and it’s hard to miss out the opportunity with mobile advertising. A well designed mobile advertising plan can enhance the purchase intent and the possibility of new customers. Mobile app development would be the best option to reach to your targeted audience. Mobile apps helps to generate more customers through service provided by easy app.
 2 Mobile ads are smaller in size that fits to our screen and within such small area, there comes only a few words of ad and no other detail which we say that there pros and cons for mobile ads. Interacting with mobile apps also makes it easy for customers who wish to do so to share other types of information with you from their devices, ranging from basic contact items like name and email, to historical data about your interactions with them, to social media account  information.
3 Like every other form of advertising, mobile advertising will also undergo its adaptability curve before it settles in a more mature form that will not look anything like it is now. Your mobile app must align with your business strategy very closely. It must be simple and intuitive to navigate, must be compatible across multiple mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and others to successfully connect with the mobile savvy customers.

  Concluding here, it says that you are the only person to decide which strategy works best for you. Both the areas are fine fulfilling for the business. Whichever way you choose, remember, mobile is a device which may help you in making things works faster you so you can’t go wrong whatever you choose to. Want to own a mobile app for your business? and an advertising plan for marketing? then contact the best mobile app development and marketing company called Moon Technolabs. They are having full fledged team of expert developers in various platforms and with loads of updated knowledge of latest technology. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable mobile application development, please feel free to drop us an email at or contact us on Skype at moonsoftware. Alternatively, you can also call us on +1 (951) 801-5251

The Influence of User Interface on App Designing

When it comes to user, every comfort level is considered while we are into development process. An application is used the most when it make user ease to use or when it is an eye catching interface. User interface is the most important factor while app designing. There is an addiction of Mobile apps these days which makes it necessary to create more and more looking to the demand.

Mobile apps creates a bridge between users and the business. But no one digs deeper and see how painful is the development process for an app. Long and lengthy process and successfully completion of each stages of software life cycles and one delay in any part of this implementation cuts of the whole budget and delivery issues, etc and more to face.

App designing if done professionally and well then it is boon for the users, but if it is not done properly then it creams problems. Check out few things which states influence of user interface on app designing.

  • Incomplete/Fragmented Coding:- When a prototype is to be converted into an actual thing in app development then it is way far more efforts to be done till finalization. There are some platforms used to design an apps interface like pixate, photoshop, etc and more. By using such tools it makes it easy to some extent. But coding and development is still in a queue, which is done later.
  • Necessity of Meta tags:- Always try user to let them give inputs and use your app which shows the actual figures and understanding of how user is navigating the app will help to a great extent of creating meta tags for the app. This will be useful for capturing many design and input problems which may not create later.
  • Ignore Prototypes:- Prototypes are more imaginary and takes lot of human effort to create and post prototype process is the most difficult process that is coding which is not possible to be done by anyone. Designers, Coders and Developers everyone needs to work together to make an app that is appealing to user. So at the end prototype is just not followed and ignored.
  • Finalize your design associating your Codes:- When you design an interface, consider the coding part associating with design which is imaginative and code is applied over it to make it a look like real. So always conceptualize your thoughts of design to connect with code.

Professionally designed user interface always grab many downloads considering audience taste, this helps in growing business. Also an efficient tool to market your app and fill the gap between end user and app creator. Rich designs, eye catching and easy user interface all this is X factor of an app. But all this requires a great skill and a great team. Moon Technolabs offers extravagant mobile app development services with knowledge and skilled people working in the company. Contact us

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