Reliable Travel Mobile App Development Services We Offer

Having been in the travel and tourism web and mobile app development industry for quite a while, we offer a variety of travel app development solutions that help you meet your business goals and scale consistently.

Travel Itinerary App Development

With visually appealing user interfaces and graphics, we’ll help you engage your travel enthusiasts as they scroll through different travel destinations and tour packages. They can trace hidden travel spots and deep dive into the specifics before planning their travel itinerary.

Ticket & Hotel Booking App Development

Enhance business revenue by creating a travel app that allows your users to book flight tickets and hotel rooms from the comfort of their homes. Our travel app developers integrate multiple payment modes into your travel mobile apps to help them seamlessly book the tickets and hotel.

Enterprise Travel Management Solution

If you’re seeking for all-in-one travel app solution that allows your users to plan their travel itineraries, book tickets, and schedule their entire trip, you can avail of the enterprise travel solution service that we provide. Enhance customer experience with a comprehensive travel app solution.

Robust Travel CRM Solutions

Manage your customer data and strategize effective marketing campaigns based on their previous travel choices with our travel CRM solutions. Gain authentic reports concerning travelers’ ideal destinations and tour picks and add functionality that enhances the user experience.

Seamless Car Booking Solutions

As a leading travel mobile app development company, we facilitate the integration of car booking solutions into your travel apps to allow your users to book cars seamlessly at any given destination so that they don’t have to depend on any other app for the same.

Travel Ad-Hoc Services

Our travel app development services include integrating custom ad-hoc features such as translation services, currency conversion, exploring different tour guides, and mapping out hotels with your favorite cuisines. Get your target audience levitating to your brand with these ad hocs.

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Our Travel App Development Process

The reason why we’re a prominent player in the tourism industry of delivering world-class travel applications is that we have a streamlined and well-defined app development process.

1 process_image-e_com_1
Data Gathering & Research

First and foremost, we gather an in-depth understanding of your travel business model and lay foundational principles that will define the crux of your online travel application.

2 process_image-e_com_2
UI & Design

Based on your brand identity and business vision, we’ll formulate design mockups and send them to you for approval. Once you approve a particular design, we’ll set it forward to implement it.

3 process_image-e_com_3

We’ll integrate the specific back-end features and functionality into your travel application to render a great user experience. You’ll be updated regarding the progress during major app development stages.

4 process_image-e_com_4

Once we’re done with the development and testing of your mobile travel app, we’ll submit it to you. Our travel app development company is adept at submitting projects within the allotted time.

5 process_image-e_com_5
Testing & QA

A set of comprehensive testing procedures are conducted to identify the potential errors in the app code and rectify them. Our QA professionals will see to it that the app code performs to its intended potential.

6 process_image-e_com_6

We’ll launch your travel app on the right platforms by adhering to the guidelines. You can be assured that your application starts to get noticed and the downloads proceed from the app stores.

Bolster Your Business Growth with a Robust Travel App That Enhances User Experience and Brings Huge ROI

All you have to do is partner with MTPL and we’ll build a striking travel app that resonates with your business vision

Stunning Features of Your Travel Business App

We stay in contention as a top-notch travel app development company as we strive to reinvent the wheel and integrate custom features that are relevant and trendy to necessitate superior user experience.

Hotel Booking

Our travel app developers facilitate custom software development wherein your customers get access to instant hotel booking and settle the payment online.

Online Ticket Booking

As one of the top travel app development companies, we integrate online ticket booking features that allow your users to book their preferred flight tickets prior to and get ready for the tour.

Top Reviews & Recommendations

Our mobile app developers create UI verticals in your feature-rich travel apps where you can mention the reviews and your recommendation list to give travelers an idea about the particular travel experience.

Vehicle Rentals

We accommodate vehicle rental booking features in your travel booking software to provide an exquisite experience to your travel enthusiasts and avoid unnecessary wait times during their travel itinerary.

Things To Do

We are keen on developing travel apps with innovative ideas and one of them is to include the ‘things-to-do’ feature that gives hindsight about what the traveler could do in a particular travel destination.

Payment Modes

Building a feature-rich travel app requires the integration of multiple payment modes that allow your users to make seamless online payments and we help in achieving the same.

Modern Technologies Integrated into Travel Apps

There’s so much scope for enhancing the user experience these days with sophisticated and trending technologies entering the mainstream into travel apps. We integrate modern tech into your custom travel applications.

AR/VR-Integrated Travel Apps

Offer a surreal and immersive experience to your target audience by integrating VR technology into your web and mobile travel apps. Take your users through a virtual tour exploring hotels, destinations, etc…

AI & ML-powered Travel Solutions

We harness the power of artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences to your potential users. By deploying chatbots and voice assistant technologies, we help you automate business processes.

IoT in Travel Apps

Spread the message of convenience by integrating custom IoT solutions into your travel applications and allowing your hotel guests to control their room settings via smart speakers and other devices.

Blockchain Travel App Solutions

Generate massive customer satisfaction and trust by integrating blockchain technology into your travel business applications Protect your user data from malicious third-party attacks.

Why Choose Moon Technolabs for Your Travel App Development?

We’ve had so much success developing dynamic travel apps and have relished catering to the needs of clients in the travel industry. We are compliant with international travel app protocols.


Domain Expertise

Our travel app developers have immense knowledge concerning the technologies and frameworks used to build prolific travel applications and expand their knowledge base consistently.


Updated with the Latest Trends

With modern travel apps portraying gamification and VR features, there’s a lot going on in the travel app development industry and our developers keep updating themselves with these new technologies.


Served a Global Clientele

Over the years, we’ve developed powerful and robust travel apps and extended our travel app development services to a multitude of clients worldwide and achieved phenomenal results for them.


The SMART WORK Methodology

Smart work is what defines our developers the best as they plan the stages of app development meticulously to attain great results. They are fuelled with purpose and passion and never disappoint.


Fluent Communication

It’s the ability of our project managers and developers to speak fluently and crisply that facilitates the seamless development of your travel applications as you’ll never have a problem understanding them.


Sign an NDA

To assure you that the app source code and the idea are protected from third parties, we sign a non-disclosure agreement wherein we establish mutual trust and proceed with the travel app development.

Tech Stack, We Use for Travel App

We use the latest tools and frameworks to build quality travel apps within the allotted time. Here are the tools and technologies we use to facilitate superior travel app development.

Technology Stack

Mobile App
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Flutter
  • React Native
Web Front End
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • React JS
Web Back End
  • Php (Laravel)
  • Node Js
Database Management
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
Push Notifications
  • Firebase Push
  • Apple push
Payment Integration
  • In-App Purchase
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree etc

Team Strength

The team strength for a particular travel app project depends on the complexities involved in the development of robust travel applications. This is the typical team composition for a standard travel application.

  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 1 Junior Developer
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA Analyst or Expert (Shared)
  • 1 Project Manager or Coordinator (Shared)

Escalate Business Sales & Revenue with an Interactive Travel App That Draws Your Target User Closer To a Booking

Give us your consent and we’ll build a terrific travel application for your business that reaps huge dividends


Having a travel app will help you scale your business to any extent and gather leads much more effectively than preceding from a traditional perspective.

We don't talk anymore, we don't talk anymore like we used to do…

Both iOS and Android are great platforms for publishing your travel app projects. It ultimately boils down to the region you’re catering to and the kind of application you want to develop.

It takes anywhere from 3-6 months to develop a fully-functional travel app. The time differs based on the kind of functionality that needs to be developed into the application.

The cost to develop a travel app depends on multiple factors such as the Engagement model, technologies needed to be integrated into the app, and the time taken for overall development.

Yes, our developers will provide post-deliver support to ensure that your travel app performs smoothly without having to face server downside issues and other issues pertaining to traffic overload.

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