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Our Result-Driven Fitness App Development Services

Considering the large diversity of fitness-related applications in the market, we have mastered the art of building various kinds of fitness apps. Your business will prosper with our robust app solutions.

Workout Routine App Development

Develop a full-fledged workout app by enlisting different workout methods and styles and harnessing the fitness of your target audience. Our fitness app developers will design virtual gym trainers who provide instructions and tutor your gym freaks according to their fitness goals.

Activity Tracker App Development

Let your users track their fitness progress by monitoring their weekly, monthly, and quarterly workout routines. Our fitness app development company build custom report portals into your online fitness mobile apps to provide users with specific workout-related insights and objectives.

Diet Planning App Development

Train your users to lead a healthy lifestyle by educating them on the nutritional information of various food items. Our fitness app development services are centered on providing qualitative diet planning programs that help them to monitor their dietary routines.

Community Fitness App Development

Want to build a robust fitness app involving community fitness development? We’ll build a health and fitness app that helps you to do group workouts via live video streaming portals and share your fitness progress with your fellow workout members.

Yoga & Meditation App Development

Elevate the interior calm and peace of your users and lead them to self-realization with an interactive online yoga app. Our fitness app development services focus on building meditation apps by providing expert yoga exercises, techniques, and advanced lessons.

Wearable App Development

Our fitness app development company is masterly at creating wearable apps that help users to monitor their fitness in terms of heart-beat ratio, workout efficiency, distance walked, etc. Provide your target audience with innovative fitness solutions that engage their interests.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Our Fitness App Development Process

We adopt a streamlined app development process that helps us to deliver according to your requirements. Our agile mentality is what helps in achieving goals and completing individual milestones.

1 process_image-e_com_1
Data Gathering and Research

We do solid research to get an in-depth understanding of your business model and jolt down the unique touchpoints that will make your online fitness application stand out.

2 process_image-e_com_2
UI & Design

Our fitness app developers set out to formulate wireframes and mockups of the app design and send them to you for approval. Once you choose a particular design UI, we’ll start building the front end of your app.

3 process_image-e_com_3

We’ll necessitate the development of your fitness app by integrating data-intensive back-end logic. Our project managers will keep you posted on the progress of the app development.

4 process_image-e_com_5

We’ll submit your fitness application well within the deadline to ensure that you can carry on your marketing campaigns as planned. There won’t be any compromise in the quality and performance of your app.

5 process_image-e_com_4
Testing & QA

After your app is developed, we’ll carry out comprehensive testing procedures to detect any errors in the app code and rectify them. Our QA experts ensure that the app performs to its intended potential.

6 process_image-e_com_6

By adhering to the policies and guidelines of the publishing platform, we’ll launch the application in style. You can be assured of the optimum number of downloads of your fitness app.

Key Features of Our Fitness Apps

There are tons of features that we integrate into your fitness apps as it allows users to choose their preferred fitness and workout activities. You can bet that your fitness app will cater to your target audience’s needs.

Multiple Workout Schemes

With our fitness app development services, you can feature an application that has various types of workout options, individually catered to people with different fitness goals and preferences.

Track Activities & Progress

We create reports that allow your users to keep a chart of their fitness progress as they move from one workout routine to another. They’ll be motivated to become a pro fitness athlete and achieve success in no time.

Push Notifications

Your workout-savvy users will need motivation from time to time and that’s why we use push notifications to remind them to achieve their goals and inspire them with flashy and intuitive messages.

IoT Integration

We create fitness app development solutions that are integrated with IoT devices and wearables that allow users to derive real-time fitness-related information regarding their workout routines.

Pose Challenges to Friends

We develop fitness-tracking solutions that allow your users to pose challenges and share them with their friends to inspire their workout sessions and achieve exponential results.

Comprehensive Tracker

Our fitness app development agency will build a fitness-tracking app that helps your users to monitor their running and walking activities. They can track the miles they cover every day and progress continuously.

Boost Your Target Audience’s Health and Fitness Records by Building a Robust Fitness Tracking Apps

We’ll develop a custom fitness solution for you accommodating all the latest health and fitness industry trends

Benefits of Using a Fitness App

Your business will inherit many benefits from developing a fitness app for your target market as it allows you to connect with your users in a much deeper and more authentic way.

Enhance Business Revenue

By providing specific workout and fitness exercises through your application, you can optimize your business revenue through in-app purchases, specific course fees, and other revenue methods.

Expand Audience Reach

You can reach out to a wider audience with an online fitness app as many active mobile app users are on the search for authentic fitness applications.

Empower Brand Identity

When you have an online wing to your physical fitness centre, your popularity spreads and the brand identity strengthens. You can define the core of your brand by having amazing workout features in your app.

Enhance User Experience

With highly visual fitness videos and a user-centric design, you can engage your target audience and get them to sign up for memberships. You can integrate VR and 3D computational models to enhance the UX.

Why Choose MTPL as Your Fitness Mobile App Development Company?

If you’re looking to expand your fitness business and achieve great returns, we’re the fitness app development company that has just the skills and experience to build versatile fitness applications.


Domain Expertise

When it comes to developing fitness apps, our developers have the perfect blend of domain expertise and experience to build dynamic workout apps that trigger fitness enthusiasts to do exercises.


Updated with the Latest Trends

Our fitness application and nutrition app bloom instantly as we incorporate trendy features such as virtual personal trainers, in-app purchases, and other activity-tracking features.


Served a Global Clientele

We have delivered unique fitness solutions to various clients in the fitness industry. Our fitness app development team builds custom fitness mobile apps for clients that match their business goals and interests.


Flexible Engagement Models

You have the privilege of choosing from three engagement models by which you’ll like to hire our developers to build your fitness application. We facilitate intense fitness app mobile development irrespective of the model.


Sign an NDA

Before we take on your project, we’ll sign an NDA with you to ensure the complete confidentiality of your app idea and source code. You can be assured of your data privacy.


Fluent Communication

Our fitness app developers and project managers are adept at communicating complex technical matters fluently with meticulous ease. You won’t have to worry about conversational bumps.

Technologies We Use in Fitness App

We use the latest tools and frameworks to build quality fitness apps within the allotted time. Here are the tools and technologies we use to facilitate superior fitness app development.

Technology Stack

Front-End Technologies
  • For Android app: Java or Kotlin
  • For iOS app: Swift or Objective-C
Back-End technologies
  • PHP or Node.js
  • MySQL
Third-Party Services
  • Registration: Google Sign-In, Facebook SDK
  • Mailing: Mailchimp
  • Payment Gateway: Square API, Braintree, Stripe,
  • Push Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • SMS: Twilio
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure

Team Strength

The team strength for a particular fitness app project depends on the complexities involved in the development of custom mobile applications. This is the typical team composition for a standard fitness application.

  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 1 Junior Developer
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA Analyst or Expert (Shared)
  • 1 Project Manager or Coordinator (Shared)

Garner Audience Interest and Enhance Your Business Revenue with a Prolific Fitness App

Just let us know and we’ll build a dynamic fitness app for your business that enhances user experience


The cost to develop fitness apps depends on many factors such as the engagement model you go for, the complexity of the features needed to be integrated into the app, and the time taken for development.

We provide after-app deployment support and maintenance services to ensure that your fitness app performs to its full potential. They’ll scale your app consistently by modifying the app code.

Yes, we’ll develop a fitness website that resembles your mobile fitness app to promote your brand further and enhance business revenue. We use the latest tools and frameworks to migrate app code.

With more and more people suffering from being overweight and other fitness-related issues, there’s a huge jump in the demand for fitness apps as they help users to achieve their fitness goals in no time.

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