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eLearning App Development Services We Offer

As a leading educational web and mobile app development company, we are prompt at delivering a wide variety of Ed Tech solutions that optimize the overall performance of your institutional stakeholders.

Enterprise Educational Website Development

Our education app developers identify key touchpoints that define your business model and integrate custom features that render your educational app effective and help streamline operations. Basic inquiries regarding admission and other tasks can be carried out from the website.

Educational App Branding and Design

We’ll use the right color mix and graphic transitions to raise the overall visual appeal of your online educational app and define its brand identity. Your brand vision and message will be portrayed by custom designs and UI that spark the attention of your target audience.

Education Mobile App Development

Our educational mobile app developers have a knack for building interactive Ed Tech mobile applications that act as a medium for students and teachers to interact. Teachers can post daily assignments and other tasks on the app while students can monitor their progress. 

Educational ERP & CRM Software

Manage the activities of your admins and office staff, and ensure their maximum productivity with custom educational ERP software. Maintain financial and accounting records with utmost precision and sent timely automated reminders to parents concerning fee remittance.

AR/VR-Integrated Educational App

Facilitate interactive remote learning via augmented reality apps that allow distance students to participate in classroom activities and lectures as though they were physically present. Enhance the student experience by integrating 3D computational and spatial audio technology.

Big Data Educational App Solutions

Optimize the overall performance of your institution and drive great success by acting on decisive measures you derived from personalized reports and admin/teacher insights. We are keen on implementing education app development that renders effective performance insights.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Streamline the Activities of Your Institution’s Stakeholders and Monitor Their Performance with a Robust Ed Tech App

Just give us a thumbs up, and we’ll build the perfect education web and mobile apps that enhance user experience

Key Features of e-Learning App Development

Our top-notch education app development company is adept at understanding the uniqueness of each business model and integrating custom features that enhance the performance of teachers and students.

Online Attendance Management

One of the core features of our education app is online attendance management as it helps teachers to maintain student attendance records digitally and easily verify attendance percentage.

Task Scheduling

Teachers can schedule tasks and assignments for students via interactive portals and view the progress of their students. They can include key touchpoints that help the student to complete the assignment on time.

Live Tutorials and Sessions

Students can access live tutorials and sessions via the educational app and prepare for exams with more efficiency. They can clarify their doubts on a real-time basis and discuss the same with other students.

Invoicing and Billing

Our automated billing software will send timely reminders and notifications to parents regarding the on-due bill payment and help you manage the invoices digitally with utmost precision.

Reports & Analytics

You can draw strategic conclusions and optimize your admin and teacher performance with the detailed analysis and reports calibrated by the AI algorithms embedded into the educational app.

Virtual Class Rooms

Engage your students with interactive learning experiences as they participate in virtual classroom lectures. In this manner, students from long distances can avail quality education.

Benefits of Custom Education App Solutions

When you avail our education app development services, you can be ensured that you get the best personalized Ed Tech app. You can benefit majorly from the features integrated into the application.

Enhance Student Experience

Students will love using the educational app we develop for you as they’ll be able to interact with their teachers and fellow students. They can manage their track progress and academic certifications.

Streamline Operations

As there are multiple verticals to running an educational institution, having an online education app helps to streamline operations and enhance the operational efficiency of stakeholders.

Empower Brand Identity

Stand apart from the competition by developing educational apps with unique branding components and features that enable students, parents, teachers, and admin staff to operate at their convenience.

Facilitate Online Payments

In this modern world of digitalization, give parents the convenience of paying via online payment portals and methods. As one of the top app development companies, we are proficient at integrating payment portals.

Expand Audience Reach

Reach out to a larger audience by launching a robust web and mobile application that revolves around your academic vision and goals. Get more students enrolled from various parts of the world.

Enforce Corporate Training

With our virtual reality apps, you can train your teachers based on the school guidelines and subject matters and help them to deliver qualitative lessons to students.

Necessitate a Surreal Learning Experience for Your Students by Developing an Interactive Educational App.

Partner with MTPL to build a legacy education app that empowers your brand identity and delivers standalone results.

Why Should You Hire Moon Technolabs for Education Mobile App Development?

You can trust our education app development company to build a robust education app that elevates your reputation and takes your business to places you never thought possible.


Domain Expertise

Our educational app developers are highly skilled in understanding various business models and providing solutions that cater to the needs of your students, teachers, parents, and admin.


Updated with the Latest Trends

We’re consistently on the lookout for technological trends that are enhancing the effectiveness of educational applications and seamlessly integrate custom features to enhance your app functionality.


Served a Global Clientele

Our educational mobile app development company has served clients worldwide by providing them with business-centric educational apps that reaped huge ROI.


Sign an NDA

Before we provide our educational app development services, we’ll sign an NDA with you to ensure the complete confidentiality of your app idea and source code. You won’t have to worry about third-party exploits.


Fluent Communication

The core aspect of our software development company is that our project managers and app developers are well-versed in communicating technical matters smoothly and conveying the idea.


Flexible Engagement Models

You have the freedom to choose between three engagement models to hire education app developers from us and start implementing education app features and other digital solutions.

Technologies We Use to Develop an Education App

We use the latest tools and frameworks to build quality eLearning apps within the allotted time.Following are the tools and technologies we use to facilitate superior education app development solutions.

Technology Stack

Front-End Technologies
  • For Web Admin: React.JS, Angular
  • For Android app: Java or Kotlin
  • For iOS app: Swift or Objective-C
Back-End technologies
  • PHP or Node.js
  • MySQL
Third-Party Services
  • Registration: Google Sign-In, Facebook SDK
  • Mailing: Mailchimp
  • Payment Gateway: Square API, Braintree, Stripe,
  • Push Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • SMS: Twilio
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure

Team Strength

The team strength for a particular education app project depends on the complexities involved in the development of custom web applications. This is the typical team composition for a standard Ed Tech application.

  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 1 Junior Developer
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA Analyst or Expert (Shared)
  • 1 Project Manager or Coordinator (Shared)

Optimize Business Revenue and Expand Audience Reach with a Dynamic Educational App

Just let us know and we’ll build a sensational eLearning app that boosts student performance and gathers great results.

Our Educational App Development Process

We adopt an agile mentality and a streamlined app development process to attain milestones and project goals.There’s complete flexibility from our side to accommodate suggestions.

1 process_image_1
Data Gathering and Research

At first, we set out to gather a detailed understanding of your business model and app requirements. We jolt down the unique touchpoints that will make your app versatile and outstanding.

2 process_image_2
UI & Design

We integrate modern UI components that revolve around your business interests and attract your target audience instantly. The mockups and wireframes will suggest how your app will look once the UI is done.

3 process_image_3

Once the UI of the app is developed, we set forward to develop the plugins and functionalities that contribute to the back-end. We’ll keep you updated on the progress after the completion of major milestones.

4 process_image_4

Before you know it, we’ll have submitted the educational application to you after all the testing is carried out. When we submit the application to you, it will be of the utmost quality.

5 process_image_5
Testing and QA

We conduct comprehensive testing procedures to identify and rectify all the potential errors in your app code. Our QA professionals ensure that the app performs to its complete potential.

6 process_image_6

By adhering to the guidelines of the publishing platforms, we’ll launch your business application to get it across to your students, teachers, parents, and administrators.


The cost to develop an educational app depends on the complexity of the features needed to be integrated into it and the time taken to develop the app.

You can conduct an interview to choose the developer of your choice and the skills needed to develop the app. Then, you’ll have to choose the hiring model by which the developer will work.

Education apps help students to learn effectively through interactive portals and monitor their academic progress. It enhances the ability to teach effectively and bolsters institutional performance.

PHP, Java, Kotlin, etc, are some of the various frameworks and platforms used to necessitate eLearning app development.

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