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An all-in-one Jewish tradition application, that serves as a vast info center that accompanies the user everywhere, around the clock. It includes everything from all the siddur prayers, in Nussach Ashkenaz Sfarad and Edot Hamizrach, for Israel and diaspora, all the holy days, all the books of the Torah (35), Tehillim(Psalms), Lessons, Mishneh Torah (rambam), Blessings, Songs, and even provides localization of Jewish sites of interest including kosher establishments, synagogues and hotels just to name a few. It’s fully multilingual and much much more………….


  • Shabbat, Yom Tov, Tefilot: includes Shacharit Mincha and Maariv songs in three Nussachim, Lew & Customs, and Songs
  • ehillim: in all text, or week day, month day reading, and we also offer the extraordinary option of Neshama letters.
  • Books: include all books that are in your bookshelf Torah(5), Nevi’im (19), Ketuvim (11)
  • Mishneh Torah + Lessons: a very wide variety of lessons in Text, Audio, and Video format that you can select.
  • Songs + Poetry: another option that provides a comprehensive coverage of Centuries of Jewish wisdom. And all in text and video.
  • Blessings: all the daily prayers that are before and after a meal, and what to say for what kind of meal.
  • A calendar with important times
  • A Help option that can help a user learn how to use this app.
  • A search option for finding any word or sentence in all the content available in the Database
  • Comment- the user can add his comment to some part of the text, that will be available for all others

The iMasoret is a full multilingual application, with the first version providing English and Hebrew, and then subsequent releases will provide Spanish, French, Russian.

A special part is the business Directory, where any establishment owner can join us and reach a large list of potential customers. It’s all accessible via our web site www.imasoret.com.