Golf Ranger

Golf Ranger

Take this app where ever you travel!

Using our app – you don’t even need to turn on your GPS. All you do is point your phone to the marker, zoom in as necessary to match the height, and we will provide the distance for you.

Get accurate yardage in 2 easy steps

Getting accurate distance has never been easier. While GPS and other range finding applications are useful, they aren’t always available when you are traveling and they are expensive to own. With the Golf Ranger app you get all the benefits that other range finder applications offer but at a fraction of the cost – $1.99 on the app store. Purchase now.

our Features

  • Requires only your camera phone   –  This app requires no data usage so you will never have to worry about getting charges from your phone carrier.
  • Simple Interface   –   In two easy steps you can get accurate yardage. Get distance in yards, meters or feet.
  • Get Yardage on Four Different Targets  – You can get the yardage on a flag, golf cart, people or trees.
  • Share with Friends  – Write a message to your friends right on the photo and share it on facebook, twitter or messenger.