Our Analogy With PPC (Pay Per Click)

Our correlation with PPC – “Pay Per Click” which is an advertising platform used to draw traffic directly to websites. Wherein, an ad publisher gets paid by the advertiser when the ad is clicked.

Many websites that take advantage of PPC ad displays an advertisement upon hitting with a relevant content or a keyword query match. PPC is the most effective way of driving the targeted audience and from different regions of the world. This ensures an increase in the conversion ratio of prospective clients into customers and hence generating maximum ROI.

Let’s first have a look on certain benefits that PPC (Pay Per Click) offers

Instant Traffic

Brand Awareness

Control on Advertising Budget

Better Marketing ROI

Expand Customer Base

Enhanced Conversion Rates

At Moon Technolabs, we have an expert PPC team who looks after for all your online advertising needs.

Online Advertising Services:

Google Adwords Search Advertising

YouTube Video Advertising

Google Adwords Display Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Re-marketing & advertising

Facebook Banner Advertising

Facebook Video Advertising

Moon-Tech Xpertise

Moon Technolabs expertise help you grow business online through various social media platforms by driving the necessary traffic to get your product and services noticeable. Majorly, we help our clients in the following Pay Per Click aspects:

Our Agile PPC Process:

Account set up

Qualified Leads


ROI measurement

Our Technical Expertise & Strategies:

Define Clients KPI's Expectations

Keywords Seeding Process

Tracking & Analysis

Campaign Launch Time

Designing Landing Pages

Mobile Optimization

Account Structure Implementation

Campaign Bidding

Installation of Google Analytics

Campaign Settings

Increased Instant Visibility

Maximized ROI

Moon Technolabs, A Name Synonymous With ‘Dedication’ and ‘Experience’

Being a trusted PPC advertising agency, our team can boost your business’s online visibility. With our proven extensive conversion analysis and ad testing will ensure you more clicks per advertisement and hence higher financial returns with better website traffic. We quantify the market aspects in the following way to make sure that establishes your company as a leader in the industry.

Enjoy Enhanced Productivity

with End-to-End Web PPC services.

Focus On Your Business Goals

while we work on cutting-edge technologies as per your business requisites.

Valued Customer Based Engagement Model

accommodating to your business needs in every direction.

Maximise Your Return

with our powerful & result oriented strategy to help you increase business sales figures

Protecting Your Assets

we ensure that your data, source-code and software is impenetrable and utmost secured.

Reduce Stress

with unusual technology practice that gives your business, ‘The Extra Dominance’.

Technologies We Rely On

If you are looking for this,

Skilled and expert SEO professionals

Quickest & Maximum ROI

Transparency in work methods

Use of latest tools and techniques

Better profits and brand recognition

Our Sui Generis (or Simply) Why Not To Avoid Us


We craft our esoteric logical approach pertaining to the customized & personalized need requested by our valuable clients. Keeping top-notch quality parameters for years has turned into a habit now and hence, we absolutely like to lend our ears because we understand that communication is the key when it comes to successful delivery of any project.

Cheerful Pricing Structure

We believe that your business should not be left behind just because of the pricing and hence, with our most affordable and competitive fee, our aim is to make your outreach to the global audience.

Eye-catchy Portfolio

With our extensive portfolio of thousands of attractive and creative logo designs made for industries including finance, medical, corporate, travel and leisure, entertainment and music, a non-profit organization, educational, design, construction, real estate, food and restaurant. Our design portfolio is filled with diverse sector and class to entrust our prospective clients.

Professional SEO Assistance

A dedicated SEO Manager will be assigned specifically for your business requisites, who will be committed and responsible from start to finish and to make sure that you are as much proud on the website rank as on your business.

Quickest Delivery Assurance

For a company who has amalgamated the aspects of creativity and experience in SEO solutions, there isn’t any question arises regarding the impeccable delivery timing. The work process is happening 24/7 to serve you with top quality design solutions.

Expert SEO Team

We have an adept and dedicated team of talented, creative and skilled in-house SEO professionals to look after for your business needs.

Moon Technolabs Mainstays

Client-centric approach

Developed 300+ Native mobile apps till date

More than 350+ satisfied clients worldwide

UI & UX focussed development model

Guaranteed approval on istore

Transparent pricing structure and Integrated Quality Process workflow

Reliable and Engaging development solutions

Comprehensive decision making

Reasonable and Responsive development model

State-of-the-art development facility

SLA & NDA in place, always

Certified Developers & Trustworthy Enterprise bestowed with GESIA award in 2015

We value your precious time; hence, no delay in projects

Assured conscious allocation of project money

Smooth collaboration & real-time communication, reporting and analytics

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