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Which Looks Better?

Be confident in your fashion and beauty decisions! Post two looks straight from your camera and you’ll see which style gets the most votes. Vote on other people’s looks and give suggestions. Get style inspiration as you scroll through other photos. Like a user’s style? Click on their profile and check out all of their looks!

Clothes, accessorizing, makeup, hair, interior decorating….the possibilities are endless!

Check out the whole story on our website: www.whichlooksbetter.com


  • Get fast advice on the best outfit for the day.
  • Have friends and family help you choose which outfit to wear for school, work or other occasions.
  • Save and share Which Looks Better posts anywhere (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail ).
  • Have the ‘Which Looks Better’ community help out with the concept for make-up artistry and even hairstyling.
  • Add photos and share them with the Which Looks Better

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June 3, 2015


iPad, iPhone


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