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Text Editor

Text Editor+ is a universal application which allow to edit Plain and Rich Text
Main Features:

  • Supports Plain Text and Rich Text Editor (iOS7 only)
  • Allow to Edit and Create .RTF File
  • Sync with iCloud and Dropbox
  • Support offline/local storage
  • Full features Text editor with Find, Replace, Go To Line
  • Font Style, Size, Colour selection
  • Integration with iCloud, Dropbox and offline storage
  • Its sync automatically with iCloud or dropbox, No need to do manually Import/Export
  • You can manage file within folder(s)
  • Create file/folder within application
  • Allow to Export Text as PDF file
  • Easy to Import via iTunes & WiFi Sharing and Dropbox
  • Easy to Share via Email, Open In other apps and iTunes Sharing
  • Print Option
  • Option to change encoding type with all possible encoding types
  • Built-In Trash, Easy to restore deleted files within application
  • Built-In app password protection

February 6, 2015


iPad, iPhone

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