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Ski Party

Ski Over Our Beautiful Resort Maps!

Never lose track of your friends or family again!
If you ever travel or go skiing with others than this is the app for you! Create safe closed groups with friends and family and see each other on a shared and customized map.

This is a SUPER APP! You can do way more than other GPS apps does like: Record your statistics, lay waypoints, tag photos, customize maps, create and record trails, save data. PLUS!! Invite your friends and family!

You, your friends and family can see each other in real time! SHARE maps, SHARE waypoints, SHARE trails, PLAY GPS games. LIKE TAG and send quick alerts!

Worried about family members?…Track them and check in – know exactly where they are.

The benefits of this are crazy cool:
Safety: Break down? Lost? Worried? Not on time?…Friends are able to see you.
Fun: GPS games let you play Tag, Follow the leader or drop Race gates directly onto the map. Send playful alerts back and forth.
Statistics: Full stats tracking for your ski experience…including: your distance, speed, descents, duration and more.
Interface: Intuitive, cool art that’s simple and fun to use. Create profiles, customize maps and waypoints.


December 25, 2012




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