Moon Technolabs designed and developed a top notch application to make the work of invoicing easy and hassle free. Small or large, every organization has to manage invoicing very keenly, and the automation would certainly make this cumbersome task easy and flawless. Create unlimited invoices by syncing your data with iCloud and automate the invoicing task. With our comprehensive invoice solutions, the billing would be the easiest part of your business.

Take a Glance:

  • One click invoice creation, estimation and purchase order generation
  • Create personalized invoices using various invoice templates
  • Support all the currencies
  • User friendly and no need of accounting knowledge
  • Seamlessly integrated with iCloud for iOS and Mac OSX
  • Track your business performance with overdue invoices, income and expenses
  • Track the time using Time Log just adding Tasks and Projects
  • PDF preview within app before sending to client with 22 PDF templates
  • Invoice from basecamp time logs
  • Paypal button support, Backup/restore options


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With MyFreelap application, follow your training and activity, and instantly visualize your performance. It allows you to view all your training data and activity on your phone along the way, and synchronize them wirelessly to My Freelap Web Service. Synchronize the Relay Coach BLE with MyFreelap Application via Bluetooth Smart.

You will also need a compatible smartphone running Android 4.3 or later. It is also very important to always use the latest firmware version of your Relay Coach BLE device.

  • Training session includes all the timing data in one session.
  • Break time (also referred to as recovery time) between intervals.
  • Named FxChips. Using a Start List, you can rename each FxChip with four characters. For example, AA1234 can be renamed as JOHN.
  • Start List ID Filter can be used to view timing data of a subset of FxChips.
  • Distance template (you can create workouts with the same or different interval distance).
  • Social login via Facebook and Google is now supported.

Compatible iOS device:
iPhone 4s or later
iPad (3rd generation) or later
iPad mini or later
iPod touch (5th generation) or later

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PDF – Split & Merge is easy to use, which allow to merge and split your PDF, Tiff & Images files

Main Features:

  • Merge any PDF, Password Protected PDF File, Tiff and Image files
  • Split any PDF & Tiff Files
  • You can specified PDF pages ranges like Start Page and End Page
  • Add PDF files from your Dropbox account or connecting your device via iTunes
  • Add PDF file from any other app like mail app.




Volume Limit App for your iPad or iPhone

Do you have a child who always plays video at full blast? With Volume Sanity you no longer will have to tell them to turn the volume down or do it for them, because now you can restrict the max volume level in this app as per your convenience on your ipad / iphone. You also can pin protect the volume control with this app so no one can change it by themselves.

Fantastic App for Autism or Down Syndrome – Many parents of kids with special needs have been extremely happy with the results to what this app has done for the sanity around their homes.

Important things to know due to technical limitations

  • If the app stops working or becomes non responsive than please close all the other apps that are open and running in the background.
  • The App must stay open in the background to work, if your child can close the app, he/she can stop it.
  • When your device has low or no battery power at all, you may have to ‘wake up’ the app.
  • Currently there is no control over bluetooth

Our iFTP Pro is 3 in One App with Offline File Manager, FTP/SFTP File Manager and Rich Text Editor.

Why this app?
We outdo than any other ftp app available in the market by offering features like SFTP support, RSA Key management, background download/upload with directory support, advanced text editor & dual and side by side viewer.

Main Features:

  • Support SFTP (over SSH) using RSA Key Support and FTP
  • Directory & Files Upload, Download, Rename, Delete, Move and Set permission (CHMOD)
  • View office and other files (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx & all other supported by Apple)
  • Edit Rich and Plain Text files with built-in Advanced Text Editor (.rtf .txt, .text & any text file)
  • Play audio & video files ( mp3, wav, mp4 & all other supported by Apple)
  • View Photo/Images (.png, .jpeg, .jpg & all other supported by Apple)
  • Dual and Side by Side View for Remote Server and Local storage
  • RSA Key Management (Generate, Import & Email)
  • Support Active & Passive Mode
  • Allow to open all kind of documents or files supported by iOS SDK
  • Inbuilt Text Editor with all basic features like Find, Replace, GoTo Line, Change Encoding
  • Share files via WIFI, iTunes Sharing, Email or upload on FTP server or Open In with other installed supported apps
  • Local storage with directory structure and all basic operations like rename, move, delete etc.
  • Upload Media content from your Photo Library with multiple selections with original file
  • Allow to use local storage for offline and use as USB Drive
  • You can do other work while uploading and downloading process or you can use other application, as iFTP will notify when process will be completed via Local Notification feature
  • Import files from Mail attachments or other apps files

Our app is specially designed & developed for activated Control Center user as a mobile application is a quick overview of the history of monitored objects to grant and to follow in near time the selected object.

For a quick overview, there is a statistics with all parking spots in the selected period.
Version 1 is initially available in English, on a multilingual update version is currently being worked on.

Main Features:

  • Login with normal secdet ‘Control Center’ data
  • Overview of all in the Control Center filed devices and their details.
  • Map of one or more vehicles as the first precursor of our new fleet management for mobile devices
  • Real Time view of a selected object, including its own location (phone with GPS and mobile data necessary)
  • Statistics on all views (0 km/h) of the day or an individually identifiable period of time
  • As of version 2.0, navigation to the object pursued

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iNet Tools Pro application is a Network Utility for all iOS devices

  • Traceroute feature to trace the route to the host
  • Network Ping, Round trip delay testing with accurate statistics for analyzing
  • Real Time Ping Graph
  • Device Info, all network and hardware related information like Mac address, External IP address, Broadcast address, DNS server and many other information.
  • Lookup
  • whois address
  • Port Scanning ability.
  • Routing Table Info
  • Share, Print, email and Export Log info
  • History and bookmark features
  • Allow to customize settings, save for later reuse
  • Universal binary works for all iOS devices

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LoopVid captures your crazy moments and turns them into a looping video with one touch of a button — loop your short video over and over again — Similar to Boomerang but with more features and longer video lengths.

Take short videos of 1-9 seconds long and let them play over and over again in forward and reverse in a never ending sequence.

Customer’s verdict: SSH Terminal app is best to operate and pocket-friendly

SSH for iPhone/iPOD is a client-side application in which you can connect with multiple server with SSH protocol.


  • SSH Console/Emulator
  • Connect server with SSH
  • Access to Sudo and root commands
  • Support in both mode portrait and landscape mode
  • Recent executed commands history
  • Configure unlimited server and don’t need to enter hostname, username and password again & again
  • Easy to use and easy to configure server settings
  • Show/Hide Keyboard and display output in full screen
  • Allow to configure custom port
  • Support website link working now
  • Wide screen

Why this app?

Are you making spelling mistake while writing cheque?
-This app will generate wording from amount
Getting problem while writing number to words?
-This app will do for you
Forgot to put entry in cheque book index?
-This app will do for you automatically
Want to put long notes/memo about cheque?
-This app will allow to write notes for each cheque


  • Setup unlimited templates for your Bank Cheque
  • App automatically spell out words/wording from your Cheque amount/number
  • Setup your cheque size, all fields as per your cheque layout
  • Print Logs support, Easy accounting
  • Easy reprint cheque from logs
  • Setup template with date format, country, currency names, cheque size, crossed line on/off with custom text, font style/size/name
  • Auto detects cheque size from your cheque Image, you can edit manually too
  • App allows to add unlimited custom fields (label/textedit) to make cheque template as per your bank cheque needs like name, bank name, address, cheque no etc

How to use this app?
-Scan the bank cheque image, then app will detect your cheque size and you can map/overlay fields over cheque image
-To detect actual cheque size your image must be properly scanned
– Fine tune other template settings as per your needs and start printing your cheques

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