Our app is specially designed & developed for activated Control Center user as a mobile application is a quick overview of the history of monitored objects to grant and to follow in near time the selected object.

For a quick overview, there is a statistics with all parking spots in the selected period.
Version 1 is initially available in English, on a multilingual update version is currently being worked on.

Main Features:

  • Login with normal secdet ‘Control Center’ data
  • Overview of all in the Control Center filed devices and their details.
  • Map of one or more vehicles as the first precursor of our new fleet management for mobile devices
  • Real Time view of a selected object, including its own location (phone with GPS and mobile data necessary)
  • Statistics on all views (0 km/h) of the day or an individually identifiable period of time
  • As of version 2.0, navigation to the object pursued

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Main Features:

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  • Alert function “Remind me Before”

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