More Than 20 Million Mobile App Development Companies – 20 Insights To Reach The Best

Is your idea for an app, a problem solver, unique or innovative? Additionally, for the same are you looking for a mobile app development company? We bet that you have already searched it on google and found more than 20 million ‘best mobile app development company’ in search results. More than shocking, it’s a confusing result, isn’t it?

There is no better time than ‘Now’ to act upon your idea as execution also plays an equally important role as your idea itself. By the grace of tech evolution, we are influx with lots of assistance and services to nurture the app idea. Moreover, every business needs to have their own mobile app has directly resulted in exponential growth of these companies that strive to deliver excellence in product, service and mobility solutions.

Statistics reveal that the revenues generated from mobile apps in 2012 was around 18.56 billion US dollars and expected to increase by more than 4 fold to approximately 76.52 billion US dollars by the end of 2017. Whooping figures, aren’t they? In the midst of this conundrum, let us take a stroll on the tips to choose an adept mobile app development company that helps you build a successful mobile app so that your business makes a benchmark in contributing to the billion dollar figure.

1) Be Clear About What You Need:
If your head is not clear of what you need and what you expect from your business and its requirements, chances are that you are going to be confused down the line with every mobile app development company that you consult. It’s exactly like having few preset needs and sorted requirements in your mind before finalizing a car.

2) Be Clear About What You Want To Give:
Understanding your customer’s perspective is utmost necessary and build app accordingly. whether they are looking for a product, service base or an app that provides rewarding benefits for shopping with your business. Hence, narrow down app development company accordingly.

3) Company’s Reputation:
This is built on many aspects such as good reviews posted, happy clients and employees, honest word of mouth, impeccable recommendation, ratings provided etc. Conducting a survey or online research and obtaining the optimum level of information on above aspects will help you to make a decision.

4) App Portfolio:
Along with the skimming and scanning of app companies? Now is the time to look for one with a good app portfolio. The two objectives to look here for are, developer’s potential to build revenue-yearning apps and to identify their technical expertise, project skillset, and crafty business domain knowledge.

5) Published App Links:
Make sure not to be satisfied with the presentation of developed apps only but to also to ensure how many of them are published in the app stores.

6) Development Process & Updates:
The development process has to be streamlined and perfected so as to meet your business needs. Also, the team from mobile app development company has to keep you updated about the project for seamless functioning.

7) App Testing:
Don’t you ever ask for a test drive before buying a car? Great, you got the gist, right? Check with the development team to give access to trial and testing purpose only from the past development.

8) Thought Leadership:
Evaluating this point will allow you to gauge the potential of how far and in-depth your app development company can provide you with the support in regards with talent, experience, and passion that drives in the minds of your target audience.

9) Out-Of-The-Box Offerings:
You need to check here whether the company follows and offers the old conventional solutions or are they ready to customize their methodology so that your app gets good ROI and can be innovative and unique.

10) Genuine Testimonials:
Well, good testimonials from individuals and company may seem to be working but beware of not getting lured into something that is not going to deliver you at later stages.

11) Search In Your Surrounding:
Your business might be operating throughout the country, however, research local options also for your app development. Not necessarily, you have to co-join the larger scale companies.

12) Pricing Structure:
Every business is tied up with a spending budget and you probably have allocated your limit to build the app. Hence, look for a company that doesn’t get you budget overboard and still delivers on all your needs.

13) Tech Support & Maintenance:
It is one the most crucial one as most companies might promise but only delivers for the first few weeks or months but we would advise to look for a company that offers end-to-end support & maintenance. An app development company who is intrigued by your app idea and truly interested in your business and not only the development.

14) Do It Right Way:
Following the proper guidelines and procedure will never put you in trouble. With the same principle always follows the right way starting from approach till the end. This means sending a mobile app RFP to multiple vendors, seeking their skillsets, asking for their quotation and input on your project needs. This will help you determine which vendor best fits your criteria.

15) Transparency:
Check if the company’s product development and other app development policies are transparent. Even make sure that the communication channel is as clear as it can be between client and company on either daily or weekly updates and status reports as mutually agreed upon by both the parties.

16) Company’s Experience:
Nothing speaks like experience. The best way to decide the credibility of a company is through their market presence and how long they have been developing mobile apps? Have they ever worked on the project exactly like yours or related to it? This will help you to ascertain whether you want to invest in their services.

17) Time-To-Market:
Delivering proficient apps quickly within the committed time frame is an important factor as it not only allows you to outshine the competition but also enhances the chances of earning higher revenue.

18) Digital Omnipresence:
An app that truly spreads its significance across multiple devices to create a true engagement with users will stand out from the rest. Check if the company ensures easy experience through marketing analytics, design and omnichannel occurrence.

19) Agility:
With ‘time-to-market’ being the norm, being agile is extremely important. Check if the company follows agile practices.

20) Make Informed Decision With Your Gut:
Maybe the most unconventional of all and hence lying at the bottom of our list is going with your gut. Since the idea of the app and ultimately the app is going to be yours and hence you be the best judge of the companies who can nurture your app in a more profound way. Yes, keeping above points in mind will definitely help you in making an informed and valuable decision.

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