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Life @ Moon Technolabs Events, Celebrations, Functions, Festivals and many more!

Office inauguration

One-day Picnic at 100 acres

9th Anniversary Celebration Event

Tech tête-à-tête

Employee of the Year

Employee of the Month

Holi Celebration

31st Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Lonavala-Imagica Trip Sponsored by Company

Diwali Celebration

8th Anniversary Celebration

Day’s Celebration

People-Software Centric Environment:

Intrinsically, while we do respect and maintain professionalism, believe in equality & work ethics, abide by the company’s core values and mission statement, however, simultaneously each one of us will agree that every one of us have traits of being candid, frank, creative, fun loving, honest, workaholic and brainstorming in nature.

We happily accept that we are non-believers & followers of a corporate culture driven software geeks who are constantly burdened by project pressure, coding deadline or merely stuck in the complexity of the standard solution.

More importantly, Moon Technolabs is full of young and vibrant people who are down to earth and loves to be grounded in their culture and traditions. Since we believe in “Oneness”, we do not give change to even a single moment to be left uncelebrated, may that be: ‘Festivals’, ‘Birthdays’, ‘Employee of the Month Award’, ‘Competitions’, ‘Official Picnic Tour’, ‘Intra and Inter-Company Events’, or let alone be ‘Rewards & Recognition Ceremony’.

Instead, we are the ones’ with the catapult nature and doesn’t mind landing on Moon as long as we are surrounded by our systems and technology. Hence, at Moon Technolabs, there is an assured feeling of working in a software laboratory where we encourage experiments, new strategy & implementation or out-of-the-box thinking & fresh approach towards a problem rather than your head stuck in the system for the whole day.

We firmly believe that radical ideas can only grow in creative minds and yes, if you could relate yourself with above mentioned off-base traits then give it a try! Who knows, you might be the next one to be onboard for the greatest career journey of your life.

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