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Maintained by Google and launched in 2010, Angular is a Javascript front-end framework for building front-end of any web application. AngularJS or popularly called as just Angular, is an amazing framework that allows you to design attractive and dynamic website or mobile app. Basically, relying upon the execution of MVC and MVVM architectures to simplify development and testing.

Today’s businesses requires strong web presence to handle ever changing-cum-growing requirements and increasing cut-throat competition. Hence, teaming up with a company like us who has a team of enthusiast developers, capable of developing top-notch web or app development solutions. Hire AngularJS developers India from us for your web solutions. Our Angular developers can derive solutions for startups to large enterprises using AngularJS development process and launching web applications.

Angular is a framework which provides truly and completely client-side solution with its solid features like form validation, dependencies and data binding. We can help businesses to get Single Page Applications (SPA) for the project. We are well adept in maintaining quality standards in web and mobile application development by availing all the robust features of AngularJS development framework.

Our AngularJS Services:

AngularJS QA & Testing

AngularJS cross-platform development

AngularJS app design & development

Custom AngularJS applications

Form Validation for AngularJS

AngularJS migration

AngularJS data binding with localization

AngularJS template development

AngularJS custom website development

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Skill Sets

Key Strengths Of Web Developer

Can Develop Advanced PHP Applications

Well Adept at Open Source Softwares

Skilled in latest PHP Technologies

Clear Communication Channel

Technical Skills Of Web Developer

Development Skills:PHP 5.x, 4.x, HTML, Core Php, SMARTY, CakePHP, Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, AJAX, XML, XHTML, JQuery, CSS, JavaScript, OOPS, MVC, Json, Rest & Soap api

Domain Expertise:E-commerce, CMS, Web Portals, Marketplace Solutions, Social Networking etc.

Databases:MySQL 4+, MySQL 5+, Oracle, Doctrine, SQLite, Mongodb

Key Strengths Of Web Developer

Experience with professional HTML/HTML5 development projects

Familiarity with standards, proven practices and procedures

Continual In-house training and development program

Good communication skills & support using Skype / Email / Phone

Experience with tools like JIRA, BaseCamp, GIT/SVN

Technical Skills Of Web Developer

Tools:PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks Coreldraw, Eclipse

Development Skills:HTML 4, HTML 5, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Prototype Implementation

Concepts:W3C compliance, SEO Semantic Coding, Responsive CSS Shorthands

Key Strengths Of Web Developer

Experience with tools like JIRA, BaseCamp, GIT/SVN

Experience with commercial-grade Android applications

Familiarity with standards, proven practices and procedures

Continual In-house training and development program

Good communication skills & support using Skype / Email / Phone

Technical Skills Of Web Developer

Development Skills:Swift, Java, SOAP, REST, XML, WSDL2OBJC, HTML5, Android SDK-NDK & Studio, Eclipse, Objective-C , Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, OpenGL ES, C++, XCode IDE, SOAP, iPhone SDK 4.x, JavaScript, jQuery, Media Query, Interface Builder, Unity 3D Engine, XML Parsing, GLSprite Animation, REST and/or SOAP

Concepts:OOPS, SVN, API, Web Services, Mobile Applications Payment Gateways, In-App Purchases, Google Play Store & itunes, Push Notifications for Android & iOS

Tools:SQLite and other RDBMS Databases

Our process

Our process is our approach towards everything. Our development process is very simple. Upon receiving your project’s requirements, our development process ends on presenting you with optimum design and get your review from the initial version of the app. Moreover, following the same pattern, every time combining with your feedback and integration quality testing, hence, comes submission to the store.


Our Apps is

responsive at first sight, developed on proven methodologies, developed in the State-of-the-art facility, generating lifetime value for business, harnessed with the optimum power of mobile platform.

Our Team is

cross-functional meaning we keep real-time communication between all departments, forward thinking, adept with ready-to-go solutions, available round the clock, is responsible for updating reports & provide analytics

Give Project & Get

white label service, developer selection process, dedicated project manager, PMS for project management, QA tested bug-free solution.


defectoritis meaning none of our clients have taken their business elsewhere, backlog, hence increased project scope and scalability, downtime, because of ready-to-use power backup infrastructure , delay in projects as we value your precious time, negligence, hence on-time project delivery.


approval from the app store, qualitative & quantitative research on the project, global quality assurance standards, strategic tech-cum-business consultation for quick ROI , abiding by the app code for development.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to living a tech adoptive digital life, we like to stay ahead of the competition. And here is why you should choose us to see  why your  ideas needs us to come alive.

Here’s a quick glance at everything, if you might have skipped through our a bit in-depth & detailed description to provide marvellous service to look after for your business needs.

Our Company is

SLA and NDA bound, client-centric, multi-channel supportive, focussed on your project goals, providing an app for every business.

Goodwill Inclusive

source code authorization, quick team scaling, valued customer based engagement model, security and IP protection, protecting your assets.

Goodwill Assurance

a transparent pricing structure, all-round services, conscious allocation of project money, maximise your return, smooth collaboration .

Goodwill Services

enjoy enhanced productivity, 24*7 Technical Support, better experience & quality, pre & post sales support, UI & UX focussed.

Goodwill Credibility

the best time-to-reward ratio by certified developers, more than 350+ satisfied clients worldwide, developed 300+ Native web & mobile apps till date, highest ‘Net Promoter Score’ meaning mostly.

Goodwill Session

know the cost logic, reviews and client’s expectation, rapport and communication, detect & delete if any inconsistencies, single point of contact.

We Do

regular KPI of developers, have future-ready applications, performance feasibility check, like to stay clear about the budget, like our solutions to be ‘responsive & engaging’ and our model to be ‘reliable & reasonable’.

Are you a certified app development company?

– Does being a Trustworthy Enterprise bestowed with GESIA award in 2015 & Award-winning.

Has your app even been featured in an app store?


Can you show the list of satisfied customers?


Can I see samples of your most brilliant apps?

– Sure, Why not! Click Here

What platform are you most comfortable working on?

– You Name It.

Are you able to work on latest Android versions and APIs?

– You mean Android 8.0

Do you know the process of getting an app published?

– You bet because the first one we published was none other than ours.

Can you help market and promote the app?

– Pre & Post-sales are our forte.

Can you think of features that can generate significant revenues?

– There are many but to name one, we will build your app with “A Differentiated Value”. A uniqueness that separates your app & business from the competition.

What kind of tests you do for quality assurance?

– Very Strict Ones, Trust Us. We leave no room for mishaps.

How do you charge for developing a mobile app for both iOS and Android?

– We are often told that “we are penny-wise and pound foolish”. But, we don’t mind that. After all, we would rather focus on a product than on price.

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