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Top 5 e-Commerce Mobile App trends 2017

As of 2016 itself, smartphones had overtaken computers as the leading contributor in eCommerce. It is expected that mobile apps will contribute around 60% of e-Commerce traffic by 2017 and around $200 Billion will be the volume of B2C e-commerce business that will take place in the US alone in 2018.

As a business owner, it is not just enough to have an ecommerce mobile app in place. It is important to understand this trend and how best to reap the exciting opportunities it presents in Ecommerce marketing in 2017.

Mobile App trends in 2017

  • Chat and shop

At times, shopping can be stressful due to the wide choices or not being sure of what suits you better. A lot of customers seem to prefer a quick consult with their friends and family before proceeding to make the purchase. This is where a Chat feature integrated into your e-commerce app can make a difference in the ease of shopping. This is a great feature not just for the existing customers but also to attract new customers.

  • Virtual reality e-commerce

Virtual Reality is a hot emerging concept that would revolutionise the way customers shop on their mobiles. This feature can transform your mobile app into the best eCommerce app by offering high levels of customer engagement.
This feature will help customers to view their choice in a more detailed manner, see product demonstrations, and facilitates easier browsing, faster payment and checkout.

  • Voice Search

If at all there is one thing that customers don’t like to do in their mobiles, it is typing. Voice Search is the perfect solution for customer convenience, for doing shopping when they are doing other activities like walking or driving.
Shopping becomes so much easier when you can talk into your phone than type lengthy searches. This feature is also very useful for collecting reviews and feedbacks from the customers.

  • Mobile Digital Assistants

It is predicted that an increasing number of people will do shopping on their mobiles with Mobile Digital Assistants. MDAs can help in reducing the browsing, shopping and payment times significantly.
Gartner forecasts that around $2 Billion worth of purchases will be done with the help of MDAs in the future. Tools like M and Magic are expected to play a crucial role in Mobile commerce in the coming days.

  • Mobile Wallet Usage

Forecasted as one of the top e-commerce mobile app trends, Mobile Wallet usage is expected to increase significantly, especially among the younger people and Android users.

Future of eCommerce Mobile app

Mobile eCommerce is expected to grow, with more companies getting on this bandwagon with their apps.
New technologies like AI, IOT, Big Data analytics will influence the way customers shop on their mobile apps.
But the more basic challenge here will be to develop intelligent and innovative apps that lead to higher browsing-to-buying rates.
It is essential for SME business owners to identify and engage the right eCommerce app development company like Moon Technolabs. We create Mobile Apps that have futuristic features that add value to your customers shopping experience and contribute significantly to your bottom-line.
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Woocommerce Vs Magento ! Which is better Ecommerce Platform

Today Woocommerce and Magento are the most popular Ecommerce platform. There are various options ranging from pre-built stock templates to custom developed frameworks. But these two are the best today. They have the backing of their own strong communities: WordPress users for WooCommerce and eBay advocates for Magento.
If you are planning to set up an Ecommerce website and want to start business online then it’s very important to decide on which Ecommerce platform to choose to establish your business online.

Debate on WooCommerce and Magento

There are lots of reasons why these are better than others and let’s compare these two.

  • Cost Effective:- Both Ecommerce platforms WooCommerce and Magento are free. There’s no hidden costs and no on-going subscription fees so in turn you can keep your project costs down and spend as much time on development as possible.
  • Open Source:- WooCommerce and Magento are open source platforms, granting us access to the nuts and bolts which powers the platform. After development of website it is fully yours and can do anything with the code or other admin stuff.
  • Robust & Secure:- Both options have excellent support, outstanding security and a wide range of powerful eCommerce features so most of businesses prefer to get their websites build in these two platforms.

Feature Talk !

Let’s check out the key features of these two platforms.

  • Content Editor:- Anything that allows us to edit anytime and anything we want is the powerful one. When you can focus to edit content on your website right then and there. If you’re running a flash sale and want to promote it on your site then such edit options helps a lot. Magento 2.0’s intuitive backend makes it much easier to edit your content.
  • SSL:- Having an unsecure checkout is dangerous for your business but also for your customers! With WooCommerce and Magento, merchants are responsible for purchasing their own SSL certificate for their stores, usually separate from their payment gateways, such as
  • Hosting:- For Magento and Woo, merchants are responsible for finding their own hosting solution such as Nexcess or iNetu. Because WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress. This makes WooCommerce very easy and cost effective to jump start. Magento has a slightly longer list of server requirements which makes sense given that its technical structure is a bit more complex than WordPress.
  • Extensions and Apps:- Magento and Woocommerce both has its own set of extensions. Magento Connect offers thousands of extensions that further expand Magento’s capabilities. Woo has some neat add-ons, including product ratings, featured products, bestsellers, and products on sale. Despite some useful initial features, it is a limited platform for eCommerce; plugin updates have been known to break functionality, and less API extensions and less documentation restrict its utility with other major tools.

And many more other features. With the combination of all this and with expert Magento web development one can make a powerful website. Moon Technolabs does this and have skilled Magento developers who can build websites using Magento and Woocommerce. Developers are comfortable in working with it and made a satisfactory clienteles. Contact for more info.

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