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Blockchain Technology

Unless you’ve been cut off from the world and living a solitary life in a secluded place, you probably have heard of “Blockchain” being spoken over here and there lately. Yeah, that’s right. 

Blockchain technology has managed to bring new waves in the cryptocurrency market. It’s no wonder that it is one of the buzzwords in recent time. So, what is Blockchain anyway? How did this blockchain technology catch this much attention?

Let’s find out, shall we? 

In a simple manner, let’s just say that you owe some money to your friend. So, just imagine you and your friend are transferring some amount of money from one account to another. In this position, you would have to first reach the bank and ask them to transfer the money to your friend. 

Upon transferring the money from your account to your friend’s account, the bank decisively keeps one entry of the transactions. Now, this entry needs to be updated from both sides. But, there’s one catch. 

This information can be easily meddled with. Nobody would pat this idea unless of course, you’re a criminal. (which we know you’re not) People who know how the banking system works are actually trying to use it less because of this problem. 

What is Blockchain? 

A block in a blockchain is a gathering of information. The information is added to the block in a blockchain, by associating it with different blocks in sequential others making a chain of blocks connected together. The primary block in the Blockchain is called Genesis Block. 

Some key characteristics of Blockchain are which demonstrates that blockchain is superior to anything customary frameworks of ledger data-keeping: 

Shared: No focal expert to control or control it. All members converse with one another straightforwardly. This takes into account information trade to be made legitimately with outsiders contribution. 

Distribution: The ledger is spread over the entire system which makes altering not all that simple. 

Cryptographically Secured: Cryptography is utilized for the security administrations to make the ledger carefully designed. 

Addition Only: Data must be included the blockchain with a time-consecutive request. This property suggests that once information is added to the blockchain, it is practically difficult to change that information and can be considered for all intents and purposes permanent. We can say it has: 

Agreement: This is the most basic property of all. This enables blockchain to refresh the ledger by means of the accord. This is the thing that gives it the intensity of decentralization. No focal specialist is responsible for refreshing the ledger. Rather, any updates made to the blockchain is approved against severe criteria characterized by the blockchain convention and added to the blockchain simply after an agreement has been come to among every single taking an interest peer/hubs on the system. 

How Does It Work?

A hub begins a transaction by first making and afterward carefully marking it with its private key (made through cryptography). A transaction can speak to different activities in a blockchain. Most normally this is an information structure that speaks to move of significant worth between clients on the blockchain organize. transaction information structure more often than not comprises of some rationale of the transaction of significant worth, applicable principles, source and goal addresses, and other approval data. 

A transaction is proliferated (overflowed) by utilizing a flooding convention, called Gossip convention, to peers that approve the transaction dependent on preset criteria. Generally, more than one hub is required to check the transaction. 

When the transaction is approved, it is incorporated into a, which is then engendered onto the system. Now, the transaction is viewed as affirmed. 

The recently made block presently turns out to be a piece of the ledger, and the following block connections itself cryptographically back to this block. This connection is a hash pointer. At this stage, the transaction gets its subsequent affirmation and the block gets its first affirmation. 

transactions are then reconfirmed each time another block is made. Normally, six affirmations in the system are required to think about the transaction.

Going by the latest fad of this blockchain technology, many IT firms have been striving to shake hands with an ideal company who knows the ABC of blockchain technology. Moon Technolabs is one of those companies from quite a time now and delivering blockchain network solutions to our partners and clients across the globe.

Blockchain Technology

Using the blockchain network can improve an organization’s efficiency but still, no company is ready to join hands with their partners in creating a new blockchain solution. Even though a huge number of organizations want to benefit from the blockchain network to improve cross-enterprise efficiency, yet only limited have taken the necessary steps. When it comes to using other blockchain network created by another company, the majority ones would still ignore rather than to look at the benefits. Hence, the blockchain company and a handful of top mobile app development company as well have plunged in this opportunity for tech startups to enter into the market, convince niche players and start to build robust blockchain network which will promote effectively for the operation.

Times have changed from the initial days wherein an average startup used to pitch with just concept and not with an actual model to today’s scenario where it has shifted to MVP (minimum viable product) based model. Moreover, these innovations and continuous upgrade led enterprises to implement such solutions more rapidly and conveniently. The main obstacle that remains in front of these startups is to tackle a few issues such as to build a strong and scalable network, generate sufficient return, and to entrust other enterprises that their blockchain solution is reliable and secure.

The primary focus should be on to realizing how blockchain technology can integrate and benefit any enterprise. Here are a few of the approaches that a blockchain startup can adapt:

1) Clear Talk About Control

The main revenue generation source for a startup is offering their blockchain network to an enterprise and get a return on investment rather than to hold on to the blockchain solution by gaining control over it. Because controlling a part of the solution of blockchain technology is just another software-as-a-service product. Hence, it is in their benefit to separate ownership from control and if it is feasible then begin with centralized control slowly shifting towards an authoritative body.

2) Define Pre-set Data & Logic

A governing body can easily improvise and can nurture the network to grow, improve and also create a fair return for all users. Blockchain technology enables startups to create a blockchain network for enterprise with clear usage and rules for data management, code management and node control to pre-define it as early as possible. Once the data is provided then it becomes hard to change the rules on how it can be used hence, it is in the best interest to know who can authorize a change, owns or can analyze what type of data.

3) Recognize Strong 3rd Parties

The prominent feature of a blockchain is its ability to identify the high-end problems and to integrate them to the right parties. Blockchain startups need not hesitate to delegate certain tasks and operation like blockchain network operation, smart contract creation, auditing, etc to new service providers. This step in the process would allow them to focus more on users and to scale the blockchain network and can benefit all. It is in the hands of startups to prove that a well-defined blockchain network is directly proportional to the interest of its users.

4) Stick To Increasing Efficiency

Most of the enterprise uses software purchased from major software vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, etc. But when the same has to integrate with their business partners system and operation, those system does not always agree with each other producing a kind of lag which results in a waste of time. Blockchain technology removes all these obstacles and simply how the system can merge and collaborate to deliver seamless solutions. This can happen through a shared logic and data across the entire network to remove any such disruption. This feature is a cost-saving as well as makes transaction more efficient for every enterprise involved.

5) Remove Intermediary Dependencies

New-age startups are taking on the challenge to deliver the robust blockchain solutions that are primarily based on a decentralized approach, which ultimately makes the intermediaries go obsolete. Undoubtedly, blockchain offers transparency and trust to deliver heighten result in business operations. This optimized operation leads to value shifting from intermediaries to enterprises and moreover, connects the customer directly who are using the products and services.

Wrap Up:

Best software firms and top mobile app development companies – who are early adopters and whose research wing is slowly establishing a blockchain startup has to find a way out to deal with few problems suggested above and provide seamless blockchain solutions to enterprises have a long and holding stake in the future of blockchain technology. Moon Technolabs is one such tech company who has ventured into “Blockchain Development Services” from quite a time now and delivering blockchain network solutions to our partners and clients across the globe.

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