CakePHP Web Development

CakePHP is a free, open source & MVC (Model View Controller) based framework. Using minimal code and conceptualized basic structure enables an environment to designers and developers to work simultaneously. Recognized for its dynamic capabilities combining with superior aligned practices allows us to develop your project application subjective to the logic specific.

Fast And Flexible Templating (PHP Syntax, With Helpers)
Integrated CRUD (Create, Read, Update And Delete) For Database Interaction
Built-In ACL (Access Control List) Functionality And Security
Email, Cookie, Security, Session And Request Handling Components
Broad Compatibility With Standard Hosting Accounts For Varied PHP Versions & Configurations
Data Sanitization
Flexible Caching
Built-In Validation
Easily Extend In Conjunction With Components, Helpers, Behaviours And Plug-Ins
MVC Architecture
Code Generation
ORM – Object Relational Mapping
Application Scaffolding
View Helpers For AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms And More
RequestDispatcher With Clean, Custom URLs And Routes
Compatible With Versions PHP 5.2.8 And Greater
Flexible Licensing

Moon-Tech Xpertise

We are known for delivering feature-rich and flexible websites and applications using CakePHP development services. Our technical expertise is remarkable pertaining to the following listed services to deliver exceptional services that your requirements and expectations. You can rely on us for high-quality CakePHP development services that help your business reach new heights.

CakePHP Web Development
CakePHP Customization
Content Management System
Rich Internet Application (RIA) Development
CakePHP Migration Solutions
Dynamic Web Application
Module Development
Component Development
CakePHP And MySQL Web Portals
3rd Party App Integration
CakePHP Extension Development
CakePHP Template & Theme Designs
Shopping Cart Development
CakePHP Plugin Development
Support & Maintenance Services

Moon Technolabs, A Name Synonymous With ‘Dedication’ and ‘Experience’

Our developers put in their best efforts to deliver high-performance solutions to the clients. You can expect robust and future-proof solutions from us in an efficient manner.

If you are looking for this,

Enjoy Enhanced Productivity

with End-to-End CakePHP web development services.

Focus On Your Business Goals

while we work on cutting-edge technologies as per your business requisites.

Valued Customer Based Engagement Model

accommodating to your business needs in every direction.

Maximise Your Return

with our powerful & result oriented strategy to help you increase business sales figures

Protecting Your Assets

we ensure that your data, source-code and software is impenetrable and utmost secured.

Reduce Stress

with unusual technology practice that gives your business, ‘The Extra Dominance’.

Technologies We Rely On

Making use of the latest and most advanced tools and techniques, we deliver exceptional CakePHP development solutions at reasonable prices.

The highly skilled team of developers take time to understand and draft the needs of your project from start to finish. Moon Technolabs is known for providing cutting-edge solutions that are focused on growth.

CakePHP 2.X
MVC Concepts & Frameworks
HTML / CSS / JavaScript
Build Closer Integration
Responsive Design

Our Sui Generis (or Simply) Why Not To Avoid Us


We craft our esoteric logical approach pertaining to the customized & personalized need requested by our valuable clients. Keeping top-notch quality parameters for years has turned into a habit now and hence, we absolutely like to lend our ears to shape your business plan/idea into reality apps that offer exceedingly well usability and great potential for your business processes. You can expect fully integrated and innovative CakePHP development proposals from Moon Technolabs.

Project Scope-Scalability with Performance Feasibility Check

Our attention is to encapsulate on the various & feature-rich CakePHP platform to exponentially expand your presence to global targeted market and respective industry audience.

Strategic Tech-cum-Business Consulting

From ideation to execution, our dedicated team will remain the single point of contact to cater to your business needs so as not to have a distraction in the project and can contribute with undivided attention.

Abiding By The App Code

Our master software engineers are brilliant students and their manoeuvrability to play with the rules by staying within the limits set upon by the application development authority is highly enjoyable.

Proven Methodologies

Living up to the highly emerging technologies now and then, allowed us to create our own touchstone in the defined field of development.

Responsive At First Sight

Our smart coders never missed out on the even slight shift in tech-trend and when it did, we adept before anyone else does.

Detect & Delete

A flair to detect and delete any inconsistency and give your business a seamless and beautiful working application.

Time To Reward Ratio

Our goal is to complete the project with highest rewarding means with respect to the minimum time frame, hence we are the best ‘Time-to-Reward’ ratio company in the industry.

Cheerful Pricing Structure

We believe that your business project & services should not be left behind just because of the pricing and hence, with our affordable fee model our aim is to make you outreach to global audience.

Our Clients

Moon Technolabs Mainstays

Client-Centric Approach
Developed 300+ Native Mobile Apps Till Date
More Than 350+ Satisfied Clients Worldwide
UI & UX Focussed Development Model
Guaranteed Approval On Istore
Transparent Pricing Structure And Integrated Quality Process Workflow
Reliable And Engaging Development Solutions
Comprehensive Decision Making
Reasonable And Responsive Development Model
State-Of-The-Art Development Facility
SLA & NDA In Place, Always
Certified Developers & Trustworthy Enterprise Bestowed With GESIA Award In 2015
We Value Your Precious Time; Hence, No Delay In Projects
Assured Conscious Allocation Of Project Money
Smooth Collaboration & Real-Time Communication, Reporting And Analytics

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