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The course of iOS app development services has been changed fundamentally by Swift as of now. It happens to be an incredibly normal programming language for Apple OS, like Mac OS, iOS, as well as watch OS. This language has helped the business visionaries by and large, which was unrealistic previously. Already, it invested in some opportunities to foster iOS apps. Also, it was very troublesome too.

Before Swift, iOS apps were evolved by using Objective-C; nonetheless, the interaction was very extreme. Any top iOS application development company can help you with the requirements with the Swift language taking a hit. 

A few significant statistics concerning Swift are given below, but before that let’s have a glimpse at the mobile app downloads in 2021. 

Mobile Apps Downloads Worldwide 2021

Mobile Apps Downloads Worldwide 2021

Most Loved Technologies, 2015 StackOverflow Development Survey



  • Swift had been presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple in the year 2014. It was moved up to variant 1.2 around then, and in 2015, another critical overhaul was done to Swift 2.
  • In 2019, Swift was furnished with the eighth situation as the most presumed programming language.
  • Swift is very well known among the software engineers out there. It is fourth with regards to prominence.
  • Not at all like different dialects, Swift is known to pay very well. A Swift developer from the best custom mobile app development company will get approximately $55,000 consistently.
  • PYPL and TIOBE record affirms the way that there is an increment in the utilization of the Swift language consistently.

Significant Swift Features

You will go over a few methodologies to survey any programming language, and the two most huge features happen to be Capabilities and Syntax.

1. Sentence Structure

It alludes to the arrangement of guidelines and rules which underline the request, as well as between conditions of words, inside any programming language. Albeit Swift had been a portion of genuine C, you will run over a few distinctions with regards to the circumstances, summon techniques, cycles, classes, identifications, and assertion of constants.

All in all, it tends to be attested that the design is very basic when contrasted with the construction of Objective C. You will want to flourish your business by offering an out-of-the-crate client experience.

2. Abilities

Objective-C happens to be the consolidation of open-source libraries containing the answers for routine positions and empowering the decrease of app size, consequently saving bunches of room in the devices’ memory. Any custom mobile app development company helps you with your iOs app development requirement. 

Why Select Swift for iOS app development services?

There is no question about the way that Swift happens to be a state-of-the-art programming language for Mac OS X, iOS, as well as watch OS. Swift assists with guaranteeing free from any harm coding.

Then, we have referenced the main 10 motivations to choose Swift for iOS app development.

Easy to code

High and convoluted order lines are expected by the programming dialects used in the development of apps as of now. Running against the norm, Swift happens to be brief and it can make the method involved with programming more compelling and speedier.

Easy to code - Moon Technolabs

Very few lines of code will be expected for performing confounded errands, and accordingly, a lot of time will be saved since the developers will be able to remember what piece of a specific code can be involved without making any alteration in the undertaking.


One critical issue was looked at by Objective-C, which was recently utilized for creating iOS apps. It was a troublesome assignment to advance the language given that it happened to be a subset of the C-language.

In light of the indistinguishable explanation, the iOS app developers expected to keep several documents for further developing proficiency and fabricating time. Going against the norm, Swift will want to join the execution documents and the objective C header into one single code record.

Another huge disadvantage of genuine C is that it was basic to synchronize technique names physically. For this situation, the time can be involved by the Swift software engineers for making app rationale and working on the nature of the code.

Linux Development

Swift can foster a cross-stage app iOS/OS as well as Linux. The main advantage will be to use it in the Linux climate, where one won’t gain admittance to Object C.

Information The Board

Another region where Swift will want to oversee information rapidly. It utilizes LLVM as well as working frameworks. The developers will get a chance of modifying a few gatherings as designs. All things considered, less time is expected for the assignments when contrasted with Objective-C.

Information The Board - Moon Technolabs

Very Intuitive

One critical benefit that Swift gives to a versatility specialist co-op is the way that it will want to work inside an intuitive climate where the developers will want to see the result. This infers that it will be feasible to see any blunder in coding, which can be fixed also. If there is a blunder in the code composed by you, you will want to picture it on the timetable board.

Enormous Speed

Being among the speediest calculation estimation measurements, the tasks of the Swift language is very quick. Swift permits the developers to utilize high-request capacities as well as generics, and consequently, the codes happen to be reusable and clean, which can save a lot of time.

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It has been announced that Swift is open-source in the year 2015, which has altered the substance of the language fundamentally. Following the revelation, Swift was permitted by Apple to be utilized for various purposes.

Being open-source, it is all of the time to follow the bugs, redesign the codes, and make an email list with regards to Swift. Apple similarly makes changes appropriately in the wake of getting criticism from the local area. Also, Linux-based stages are upheld by Swift as of now. Along these lines, Swift happens to be the favored decision for an iPhone app development. You just need to employ an iPhone app developer to take care of business perfectly.

Upgraded security

There is substantially less chance of a mistake occurring in Swift programming when contrasted with genuine C predominantly on account of the superior composing framework and abilities to take care of blunders. Well-being had been the essential worry while fostering this language. Any developer will be able to notice the slip-ups in their coding on account of the blunder following capacity and the short criticism circles.

No memory obstructing

Swift is indeed very light predominantly on account of the powerful library support. There won’t be an issue of memory getting obstructed since there is no static memory present in Swift. In addition, it is likewise workable for the impression to become decreased altogether since dynamic libraries have only one duplicate.

No memory obstructing - Moon Technolabs

Jungle gym features

It will be workable for the developer (if you hire iPhone app developer who is capable) to test a new calculation without making the entire app chiefly due to the jungle gym. For this, inline code execution has been added by iOS for assisting the developers with making a mass of calculations or code while getting input too.

his criticism will help with improving the speed at which it is feasible to compose the code utilizing information representations. Swift and jungle gyms together recommend the endeavors made by Apple to simplify the course of development for any app development company out there.

The latest update – Swift 5.1.4

Endeavors are made by Apple to progress different iOS development dialects including Swift, to make them more valuable and successful. After sending off Swift 5.1, Swift 5.1.4 was sent off by Apple this year on 31st January. This rendition of Swift assists with working on the language with more imaginative elements and is more steady, in contrast to the past adaptations.


Being a nearly new programming language, Swift has taken a lot of supportive parts from Objective-C empowering developers to make a more dependable and more secure code. It has turned into the head programming language rapidly for making it easy to use and drawing in mobile apps. Despite being a similarly new programming language, the kind of energy acquired by Swift inside this concise period is inconceivable. It is always better to go with the top mobile app development company in the USA for your iOS app development requirements. 

Why Pick Moon Technolabs for The Best iOS/iPhone App Development Company?

If you are looking for quite possibly the most renowned Io app development services available, you ought not to make any faltering and go for Moon Technolabs aimlessly. We offer total iOS app development services, from counseling, iOS app development through to plan, arrangement, and upkeep. Our gifted and exceptionally proficient iOS/iPhone app developers are devoted to conveying result-arranged iOS/iPhone app development services across all industry verticals, assisting clients with accomplishing their business objectives. Contact us to get a free quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The response is no. Swift is accessible on macOS, Linux, and Windows. This implies that you can make Swift applications on these stages. You needn't bother with a Mac to learn Swift. While there are workarounds, for example, leasing a Mac online, these aren't great. Assuming your objective is building applications for one of Apple's foundations, I suggest involving a Mac as your development machine.
Indeed. What I like with regards to the language is its delicate expectation to absorb information. Download Xcode, make a jungle gym and begin composing your first lines of Swift. Swift Playgrounds is a fabulous application from Apple for iPad and Mac to consider making the plunge with Swift. You can learn Swift development on iPad with Swift Playgrounds. Swift is a strong language and that implies a few angles are more troublesome than others. Begin basic and learn as you go.
Is Swift difficult to learn? Indeed and negative. The Swift programming language is easy, to begin with, yet it invests in some opportunity to understand the further developed parts of the language. You likewise need to get comfortable with Xcode If you choose to involve Apple's IDE for Swift development.

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