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utilize the features of eCommerce mobile app
Published On: October 12, 2020

In this digitized age, offline shops can’t find a leg to stand on. They are nothing more than a dying breed. Apart from a lesser approach, buyers have to incur hefty expenses if they purchase from offline stores. The customers of today depend heavily on their smartphones, and there are apps that they can use to buy all kinds of products and services. If you’re a retailer, then you should consider investing in an app for your business before it’s too late.


The modern age powered by technology is here. Today, almost every person out there purchases products and services on their mobile devices. They rely on mobile-friendly websites and apps for that purpose. Some people even gather information about products and services before they cross the threshold of a brick-and-mortar retail store.


So, it’s safe to say that a smartphone or a tablet is a crucial factor in the world of retail. Researchers found that almost 51% of sales in the UK between November 2015 and January 2016 took place through mobile devices. Another study proved that mobile commerce accounted for around 23% of all sales in the US in 2015.


These statistics are relatively old, but you probably don’t need more proof to believe that a retail business owner should consider the e-commerce mobile app development cost for retailers. After all, a noteworthy business intelligence organization says that an individual spends 90% of his/her smartphone-time on mobile apps. In reality, mobile apps can help you beat your competitors in the retail game. You’re probably wondering how an app can be so powerful. Well, here are the reasons.

(1) Enhanced personalization: A mobile app allows users to define their preferences right from the beginning. Based on what they like, retail business owners can serve them with customized content. Smartphone apps can even track and observe user engagement. It uses the data thus gathered to offer custom recommendations and updates to the users.

(2) No more logging-in: Users generally have to log into an app from their own smartphone or tablet to use it. However, once they log in, the data transferred and received via the app remains secure. It means that the user doesn’t have to repeat the login process whenever they open the app. As you can see, paying the e-commerce mobile app development cost for retailers already seems worthwhile.

(3) Easy to send notifications: When you create an app for your retail business, you receive the power to send instant notifications without being intrusive. Through these notifications, you can inform your customers about new products or services, discounts, special offers, coupons, or other crucial pieces of information. It’s one of the main reasons why many retailers are thinking about developing their mobile apps in the first place.

(4) Utilizing the features: With advanced eCommerce mobile app development solutions, you have the advantage of using the traits of a mobile device. For instance, an app can gain access to the phone’s camera, contact list, phone calls, GPS, compass, accelerometer, etc. When an app integrates itself with these features, it enhances the user experience. An individual using the app will enjoy it.

advanced features of eCommerce app for retailers

Additionally, when an app uses the features that are already available on the mobile device, it reduces the efforts that the user has to make. Just think about a user who needs to submit his/her photograph via a banking app to complete a specific documentation process. The app will allow the user to capture an image and submit the same in an instant.

(5) Using wearable devices: There was a time when one could see or read about instances of wearable technology in sci-fi movies or books. Today, wearable devices are a reality. With the arrival of the smart-watch, health band, smart-glass, shoes, and other similar products, it became possible for a user to connect his/her smartphone with any wearable device that he/she owns. These new gadgets are as technologically advanced as the mobile phone itself. It means that a user can operate your business app via the wearable tech that he/she owns. Therefore, you can let your users do more by allowing them to connect their phones with their wearable devices. As the owner of a retail business, you gain access to more user data that will enable you to serve your customers better.

(6) Offline availability: It’s probably the most fundamental difference between mobile websites and apps. While the latter does need an internet connection to perform more tasks, it can still offer basic content and functionality to a user in offline mode.

(7) Design freedom: Even after all the technological advancements in terms of web designing; mobile websites have to depend on the browser to perform even the most elementary functions. A website has to depend on the back button, the refresh button, or the address bar to work. There aren’t any such restrictions on mobile apps. You can ask the providers of e-commerce mobile app development solutions to add as many elaborate functions as you want.
Final words

Now you know how an app can help you stay ahead of the curve. Another benefit of having an app for your retail business is that you will never stop selling. It means that your customers will keep purchasing products and services from you even when you shut the doors of your store at night. With everything that an app can offer to you for your business, it would be a surprise if you fail in your venture or if you can’t leave your competitors behind in the race.

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