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.NET multi-platform app UI or MAUI is the latest digital solution from the esteemed house of Microsoft. It’s part of Xamarin, and if you’re planning to use it, you should definitely learn more about .NET MAUI. This topic contains pertinent information.

.NET MAUI, also called .NET multi-platform app UI, is a cross-platform framework. Microsoft, the creator of .NET MAUI, designed it specifically for building applications for mobile and desktop devices. The designers of .NET MAUI used XAML and C# to fabricate it. However, the official documentation for it is still a WIP.

When you use .NET MAUI, you can design applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. In reality, your developer team can even rely on it to create apps for devices using one shared code.

Apart from that, .NET MAUI provides an option for including resources and source codes specific to individual platforms. So, what’s the ultimate purpose of .NET MAUI? It enables a .net development company to leverage as many resources as possible in one codebase. .NET MAUI even simplifies the task of the developers by offering only one project.

This project will support every platform, including iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android. This topic aims to elucidate the future of Xamarin and .NET MAUI and everything else you must know before you initiate a project.

For developers

What can .NET MAUI do for app developers? It allows them to utilize a straightforward API for cross-platform development to access every platform’s native features and UI controls. Understandably, developers can build no-compromise UX while sharing even more codes than they did in the past.

  • By using Microsoft Visual Studio, developers can build cross-platform applications in C# and XAML from just one source.
  • It’s possible for developers to share tests, code, and business logic across different platforms.
  • They can also share UI design and layout between various platforms.

How it works

So, how can a .net development company use .NET MAUI? Moon Technolabs is one of the app development agencies already using it. The experts working there state the following.

“.NET MAUI lets developers create code once and run it wherever they want by integrating iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS APIs into one API. This platform offers this feature while also providing full access to every native platform’s features.”

.NET 6 is already popular among app development agencies all over the world. It includes numerous platform-specific frameworks, even .NET for iOS, Android, Windows UI library, and macOS.

The Base Class Library of .NET 6 is available to these frameworks. The code from this library negates the intricacies of the underlying platform.

How .net development work for xamarin app development services - Moon Technolabs

BCL uses the .NET runtime to provide an execution environment for the programs. There’s a .NET runtime implementation called Mono that implements the environment for macOS, Android, and iOS. WinRT does the same thing on Windows as its creators optimized it for the platform of Windows.

.NET MAUI is just one framework, but it’s powerful enough for developing desktop and mobile app UI. Now, the BCL enables apps operating on various platforms to share common business logic. Each platform can define the UI of an app and separate models for ascertaining how every piece of a UI interacts and communicates.

The developers of a .net development company can build a different UI for every platform using the appropriate platform-specific framework. In this case, it’s .NET for iOS, Android, macOS, or WinUI. However, coding specialists have a crucial role to play here. They have to maintain this codebase for every device family.

The abilities of .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI has a lot to offer. It provides several systems that a developer can use to perform actions, display data, select data, indicate activities, etc. This particular part of the write-up describes everything that .NET MAUI has to offer.

  • .NET MAUI provides different types of pages for creating rich elements of navigation, such as drawers.
  • It offers a highly-advanced layout engine your developers can use to develop pages.
  • .NET MAUI gives users an opportunity to customize the handlers and improve UI component presentation.
  • This system supports data-binding, which, in turn, allows developers to leverage more elegant and maintainable development strategies.
  • It has a cross-platform library of graphics with a standard API for various platforms. As a result, developers get to reuse the 2D drawing code between different platforms. They can also mix and match the graphics implementations in one project.
  • It also provides .NET hot reload – something that lets developers modify their XAML and managed source code when the program is running to inspect the results. They won’t have to rebuild it at all.
  • .NET MAUI has APIs for accessing the native features of a device with cross-platform abilities. An app can leverage these APIs to unearth information from the accelerometer, network states, battery, and GPS.
  • .NET MAUI is a single project system. It supports iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows through multi-targeting.

Essential requirements

During your search for xamarin app development services, you need to be vigilant. After all, .NET MAUI has specific requirements that the development agency of your choice has to fulfill. Here are the requirements.

  • Specific sensors have to be present, such as accelerometers and compass. The presence of these sensors won’t be enough, though. Your developers must enable them too.
  • It has to be capable of reading text from the device. For that purpose, it’ll use the built-in text-to-speech engine.
  • It has to be able to identify and monitor alterations in the network connectivity of the device.
  • It should provide details about the gadget on which the app runs.
  • It should be able to choose several files from the device.
  • It should possess the ability to copy and paste textual data to the system’s clipboard when an app is running.

Developer experience for single projects

The providers of xamarin app development services working with Moon Technolabs say that .NET development always prioritizes developer productivity. It includes cross-platform tooling and a project system. The .NET MAUI project structure gets simplified into a single project that targets numerous platforms.

Developer experience for single projects for xamarin app development services - Moon Technolabs

With only one click, the coders of the project can deploy to whichever target they want, whether simulators, desktops, or emulators.

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The inbuilt cross-platform resources of .NET MAUI allow developers to upload pictures, translation files, or fonts to a single project. It even sets up native hooks for your service providers so that they can pay attention to coding only. They can upload the files of the source code for a specific operating system and use the native APIs under platforms.

These are the benefits of this particular feature.

  • It’s possible to manage graphics and fonts from just one location.
  • It facilitates creating only one project for different devices and platforms.
  • As soon as a developer grasps the approach to build apps for clients using .NET MAUI technique, all platforms become reachable.

The future

From everything explained above, it should be clear to you that .NET MAUI will help the providers of xamarin app development services immensely. It’ll even bolster the position of Microsoft and allow it to stand toe to toe against popular cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter.

However, developers must first learn to distinguish between Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms before delving into the sphere of MAUI. Xamarin simply provides libraries and tools to .NET and helps developers create mobile solutions for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Xamarin.Forms, on the other hand, is a cross-platform framework used in creating mobile applications from one shared codebase. Xamarin.Forms is somewhat similar to .NET MAUI, except for one basic difference – .NET MAUI lets developers build apps for several platforms by using only one project.

The bottom line

Xamarin is nothing but a platform and Xamarin.Forms is a feature. So, what is .NET MAUI? It’s a cross-platform framework of an open-source nature. Developers from organizations like Moon Technolabs use it to develop applications for desktop and mobile devices. It has a common codebase of C#, resembling Xamarin.Forms.

With the arrival of .NET MAUI, Microsoft officially supports Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows. It also delivers performance enhancements and tighter integration with all the tools and services Microsoft has to offer.As .NET MAUI is a relatively new entrant, finding an agency specializing in it can be a challenge. However, Moon Technolabs employs .NET development specialists with an in-depth understanding of .NET MAUI. You should get in touch with this agency if you don’t want to waste too much time searching for relevant experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

.NET MAUI is a relatively new cross-platform app development framework designed for creating apps for desktop and mobile devices busing XAML and C#.
Experts believe that Xamarin.Forms is on its way out. Naturally, developers should consider moving their apps designed using Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI. However, it’s vital for developers to learn how to do it first.
Moon Technolabs is an app development agency with a strong presence in multiple nations. You can hire competent developers from this organization.

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