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Selecting the right framework is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make when you start a new digital product development project for your business. In that regard, Symfony is an effective choice. However, you also have to make sure that your development team leverages the appropriate tools.

When you’re about to start a new project on web development, you have to decide on the right framework. Today, several technologies are available at your disposal, but informed business owners choose PHP. After all, it has been evolving rapidly over the years. At the moment, hundreds of companies use it extensively to build simple and complex web applications.

According to researchers, about 79% of the websites you find on the internet use the PHP programming language. Developers can use only PHP to build web apps, or they can rely on one of its frameworks.

In terms of PHP frameworks, there’s one called Symfony. Google Trends states that Symfony is second to Laravel in popularity. Despite ranking lower than Laravel, more and more business owners are a Symfony Development Services Company to work on their projects. Here you’ll find out why.

About the framework

So, what do you need to know about this framework? Symfony is primarily a collection of PHP components. It’s a combination of a philosophy, a web app development framework, and a community. All these things work in harmony.

In concrete terms, the framework of Symfony is flexible. Its purpose is to get rid of cumbersome coding and reduce the time needed to work on a project. The philosophy of Symfony is to help users create their own software programs for their specific requirements. So, you can choose to work on it yourself or hire a Symfony Development Services Company.

The features

Symfony possesses everything you expect from a new-age framework. Here’s a list of the features.

The features of 6 Best Symfony App Development Tools - Moon Technolabs

1. Flexibility

Symfony is surprisingly well-organized and is full to the brim with features. The architecture of the framework lets developers build sustainable web apps in the easiest way possible. It has two technological advantages setting it apart from others – Bundles and Components.

  • Bundles are just like plugins, but there’s a difference. The decoupled nature of a Bundle allows developers to reuse and reconfigure it further for many applications. In doing so, they reduce the overall cost of development.
  • Components can reduce the number of routine tasks that a developer has to take care of. They can use the Components independently by introducing custom modules without jeopardizing the architecture. Symfony has thirty helpful components that can facilitate the process of web development.

2. Customizability

The framework of Symfony has several custom functionalities and features for both businesses and developers. By leveraging the services of a web app development company specializing in Symfony, you can make your web app user-oriented. The advanced Object Oriented Programming architecture of Symfony lets you scale up projects.

Symfony provides the following options of customization.

  • Full-stack – Building a complex digital product with several functionalities.
  • Brick-by-brick – Building an app with specific features and exclusive functions. It even allows developers to fabricate a custom framework.

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3. Refined MVC architecture

The MVC architecture of this framework is perfect for a systematic and scalable web development project. By using MVC at the core of web development, the framework ensures that the project has an organized file structure with one “Model,” one “View,” and one “Controller.”

  • The “Model” aspect prioritizes the business logic of the web application.
  • The “View” offers the specific “Model” into the web page visible to users.
  • The “Controller” prompts the changes made to the “Model” or “View” whenever needed, and it does so according to the actions of the users.

4. A massive community

Symfony continues to survive and thrive even with all the other frameworks available today mainly because of its community. Based on the information presented on the official website of the framework, it has more than 3,000 contributors and a passionate group of more than 600,000 developers spread in more than 120 countries.

Furthermore, the framework of Symfony enjoyed 20.7k stars, 1,304 watchers, and 6,901 forks on GitHub.

5. Stability

The last unique feature of Symfony worth mentioning is its stability and sustainability. It’s a commercially supported framework sponsored and developed by SensioLabs. It provides three-year support for all the versions. Additionally, the organization provides lifetime support for every security issue.

Every web app development company that works with Symfony also receives certifications and official tutorials from SensioLabs. By exploring the organization’s website, developers can learn about upcoming conferences. These things prove the scale and seriousness of the organization’s beliefs and intentions.

The tools

Now that you know a thing or two about Symfony, it’s time for you to check out the tools that can make development projects easier and better for developers, as well as business owners. You’ll find a list of the best tools for Symfony specialists. When you hire dedicated web app developers, make sure that they use them when working on your project.

The Best Tools of 6 Best Symfony App Development - Moon Technolabs

1. SymfonyCasts

This platform has the best tutorials for PHP and Symfony. If your developers need to look something up when working on your project, they can use SymfonyCasts.

  • It throws a few challenges in the way of the developers to help them learn faster.
  • It’s a highly recognized and trustworthy platform trusted by developers from all four corners of the world.
  • The tutorials on PHP and Symfony come from experts.
  • It allows your developers to download code for every tutorial.

2. SymfonyCloud

You should hire dedicated web app developers based on whether they use SymfonyCloud or not. After all, it lets you describe your infrastructure, synchronize an app, and deploy continuously.

  • This platform covers everything, including PHP, database, performance, search, and security.
  • The Git backend and filesystem make it possible for developers to move backward and forth between dev and staging and production within minutes.
  • It lets developers enjoy all these features and more from the comfort of their consoles.


TWIG is a secure, fast, easy-to-use, and flexible PHP templating engine of today, and it’s perfect for Symfony projects.

  • It compiles templates and changes them to plain, optimized PHP code. This feature reduced the overhead to a minimum compared to normal PHP code.
  • This platform has a “sandbox” mode that allows developers to evaluate untrustworthy template code. As a result, they can use this platform as a template language for apps where they get to modify the design of the templates.
  • TWIG is bolstered by a flexible “parser” and “lexer.” This feature lets developers define custom filters and tags and create an exclusive DSL.


The providers of the Top Symfony Development Services prefer to use SULU CMS. It’s the ideal combination of PHP developer experience and agency platform. With it, your developers can build complex sites and deliver incredible user experiences for the content team that works on the site every day.

  • SULU CMS is open-source, flexible, and extensible.
  • The creators of this CMS designed it on the solid foundation of Symfony.
  • It lets business owners work like developers and deliver super UX and complex, high-performance applications.
  • The admin backend of the CMS is suitable to increase the productivity of content editors.

5. Drupal

Drupal is yet another tool your developers should use when working on your project. It has all the content management elements you need, along with sophisticated APIs for multichannel publishing. The brand itself is also popular and has a track record of continuous innovation.

6. API Platform

This tool will allow your developers to create GraphQL and REST APIs.

  • With API Platform, your developers can create full-fledged hypermedia or GraphQL API within minutes.
  • It lets them generate PHP data models from the RDF ontologies and vocabularies.
  • It allows developers to build beautiful admin interfaces using React without writing code.

Final words

As you can see, Symfony can build a robust foundation for your web app development project. However, even with all the bells and whistles, this framework has a problem – the learning curve is steep. That’s why you may struggle to find developers excelling in Symfony.

Then again, searching for developers won’t be necessary if you’re willing to take the Top Symfony Development Services offered by Moon Technolabs. It’s one of those app and software development agencies that have been using this framework for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Symfony is fundamentally a collection of PHP components, a philosophy, a community, and a web app development framework. All these things work in harmony.
Some of the best tools for Symfony web app development projects include SymfonyCasts, SymfonyCloud, TWIG, SULU CMS, Drupal, and API Platform.
You’ll find experienced Symfony web app developers at Moon Technolabs – a recognized digital product development agency operating in multiple locations spread throughout the world.

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