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Cross-platform app development is now the key to success for a lot of brands, and Xamarin is the name that comes to mind whenever someone talks about hybrid applications. Here you’ll find 10 companies that climbed the ladder of success with the help of Xamarin.

Today, business owners try to invest heavily in cross-platform app development services. It has become more of an essential business activity among companies because it allows them to build performance-heavy, robust, and highly-secure mobile applications quickly.

With Xamarin mobile application development, it’s possible to eliminate the need to recode the tech stacks for every operating system. It reduces time, the monetary resources needed, and the effort required to develop mobile applications.

Xamarin happens to be one of the oldest cross-platform app development frameworks. Its age, however, doesn’t prevent it from helping developers build modern solutions. They use it to share code and business logic extensively across platforms.

This topic will tell you more about various business companies that got ahead of their competitors using Xamarin. These brands belong to a wide variety of industries, and they’re some of the most recognized and cited names. You’ll also learn a bit about the framework.

Understanding Xamarin

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development framework of an open-source nature used in creating and maintaining apps for Android, iOS, and Windows via .NET. It’s a product from the esteemed house of Microsoft.

The framework mostly works as an abstract layer, allowing developers to share almost 90% of the code on every known platform. This feature reduces the time needed to publish new apps for various operating systems significantly.

Here’s a noteworthy reason why Xamarin mobile application development was the preferred choice of the brands you’ll learn about later in this write-up – it’s perfect for building performance-intensive mobile solutions because it has the power to deliver native-like applications. All the associated tools are simple enough to use. Also, developers with just a little bit of experience in .NET should be able to build something using Xamarin.

The framework offers two methods of code sharing and cross-platform app development. With Xamarin.Forms, developers can use the interface of the standard elements with previously loaded templates to reuse the code. Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.iOS, on the other hand, facilitates platform-specific projects and manual code customization.

Top 10 companies using Xamarin

Now that the fundamentals of the framework are out of the way, it’s time to take a look at the companies that used Xamarin app development services to become the brands they currently are.

Fox Sports

Everyone in the USA is familiar with the name of Fox Sports. After all, it’s one of the most popular sports channels there, offering more than 30,000 live events every year. Some of the sports leagues covered by Fox Sports include NBA, NFL, FIFA, UFC, and NASCAR. Of course, there are many more.

Fox Sports - Moon Technolabs

When Fox Sports introduced its mobile app, it wanted to engage fans before, during, and after the events. Being a media company, Fox Sports had to deliver an incredible user experience. That’s why it employed a development team that used the Xamarin Test Cloud and HockeyApp to their advantage.


Siemens is yet another name recognized throughout the globe. It’s a Germany-based conglomerate, and it’s also the most substantial industrial manufacturer in the continent of Europe. Siemens has branches everywhere with multiple divisions, such as energy, industry, healthcare, and more.

A short time ago, Siemens introduced a software solution for desktops. It allows engineers and designers to create complex product sketches and models. Then again, the rise of mobile devices and their popularity forced Siemens to rethink its strategies. It thought about shifting to mobile devices.

Siemens Moon Technolabs

So, the Xamarin developers hired by the brand used the software program as a reference to build the Catchbook App for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. As Siemens wanted to enter the market of mobile devices quickly and cover as much of it as possible within a short time, it leveraged Xamarin.


Olo has been around for about 12 years or so, and it caters to recognized eateries and restaurants, such as Applebees and Wingstop. They build customized and branded applications for these restaurants so that they can oversee online ordering, food delivery, pickup, and other similar services.

Olo wants to equip food joints with online food ordering solutions to ensure seamless handling of their ordering operations while delivering a dynamic UX. Xamarin turned out to be the best option for them. With Xamarin app development services, they were able to design customized apps swiftly for every client they had.

Olo - Moon Technolabs

Also, the automated testing system of Xamarin Test Cloud had allowed them to prioritize adding more innovative features to their applications.

The World Bank

The World Bank is part of the World Bank Group, and it goes without saying that it’s an international financial establishment. It provides loads to entire countries for different capital programs. The World Bank aims to reduce poverty, and to achieve this objective, the organization works consistently and tirelessly.

In its battle against economic inequality, the establishment conducts surveys in the poorest areas of the world for its research. They leverage tablets to gather survey data from hundreds and thousands of people. By using Xamarin and Visual Basic, The World Bank created complicated applications that supported answer-based question customization and branching logic.

The World Bank- Moon Technolabs

It gave them faster and more reliable platforms for data gathering and analysis. With the aid of the framework of Xamarin, The World Bank created a well-tested and reliable system to conduct their surveys.


Pinterest is a free-to-use website that lets its users upload, sort, save, and manage different types of media content, just like videos or images. The creators of the website use the term “pin” to refer to every piece of content uploaded there. Also, users share them through collections called “pinboards.”

It didn’t take long for Pinterest to draw an immensely large user base. That’s why it decided to launch its mobile app to make it easier for the platform’s users. The overseers of the brand realized that it won’t be worthwhile to recruit iOS and Android app developers separately. Instead, they chose a custom mobile app development company that specialized in Xamarin.

Pinterest - Moon Technolabs

This move allowed the engineers to write code in the language the creators of Pinterest preferred and even gave them a chance to open up to a bigger market. By using the Xamarin Test Cloud, they ensured that every “pin” gets displayed appropriately on every device. It even allowed them to test their app on multiple devices highly used by commoners.

Sooner rather than later, Pinterest reached international markets and started expanding its audience base. Today, the brand boasts of having more than 100 million users every month.


This company is a popular international express transportation brand from Spain. It has more than 10,000 employees operating in more than 1,300 franchises spread throughout its home nation, apart from Andorra, Portugal, Venezuela, and Gibraltar.

One critical element to the progress of the company is its app created using Xamarin. It supports about 2,500 concurrent users by establishing delivery coordination. After creating a version of the app for Windows successfully, MRW began searching for ways to build one for Android while retaining native performance.

MRW- Moon Technolabs

Instead of rewriting the code of all the features of MRW, it used Xamarin to reuse the code. If they had rewritten everything from scratch, they would’ve had to spend more money and time, and their entire effort would’ve been counterproductive.


Previously recognized as APX Labs, Upskill is a branch of the company called HelloWorld Travel Limited. It’s a developer of tools for field management that uses Xamarin. APX Travel Management is an app for iOS and Android devices that works as an all-inclusive data storage platform for travelers.

APX- Moon Technolabs

Commuters can extract information, such as flight delays, flight details, public transport options, interactive maps displaying hotels, and pickup points for vehicles. APX Labs worked on another project called the Skylight, which is an AI-powered smart glass tech for complex manufacturing and field management.

Skylight has a veritable list of a user base – brands like Tesla, Boeing, and General Electric use it.


Founded by three entrepreneurs from Portugal, Nativo Labs wanted to offer people a better way to showcase their stories through photographs. The AI-powered moviemaker system of Storyo can create a video from photographs automatically and by making simple adjustments.

Storyo- Moon Technolabs

Just like most startup firms, the team of Storyo was scouring for easy ways to build an app of its own. Xamarin was the platform that came to their rescue. With an extensive experience in C#, app developers used their skills to create an app for iOS devices using Xamarin and even finished the project within six months. It enhanced the time-to-market for the app.

Once the app garnered a five-star rating on the Apple App Store, Storyo’s creators considered targeting Android.


This one is a worldwide market leader in airport luggage and sorting systems based in the Netherlands. Presently, the organization’s systems manage 8.8 million items of luggage per day and sort 300 packages every second. Previously, the company used to maintain records manually, which led to missing items, as well as records.

Problems like these only contributed to the brand’s expenses and disrupted their working processes. To fix it, Vanderlande decided to invest in the services offered by a custom mobile app development company. In turn, the brand received an app that allowed its employees to scar OR and barcodes and trace every item automatically.

Vanderlande- Moon Technolabs

The app even functions offline and uploads reports without human intervention whenever a device connects to the internet. Xamarin was the framework that gave access to the app to all the necessary data, including media files, user’s location, Wi-Fi connection, and camera.


This one is a web-based customer relationship management app available in over 200 countries. The creators of Insightly designed it to support the requirements of project management for businesses of all sizes and types.

Insightly- Moon Technolabs

Insightly helps its users handle customer interactions and leads while sharing info among the sales staff members. Of course, it’s an app created using Xamarin that shares almost 65% of the code between its Android and iOS versions.

By using Xamarin, the brand even managed to preserve native features and functionalities and native API integration.

To conclude

Well, there you have it – some of the most recognized brands that relied on Xamarin and currently reaping the fruits of their decision. As it’s owned and maintained by Microsoft, Xamarin offers an all-inclusive development ecosystem comprising of .NET, C#, and Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.

Right now, your task is to seek out an agency that knows how to leverage the powers of Xamarin the same way the aforementioned brands did. Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far or too hard. Moon Technolabs is an app and software development agency that has had the honor and opportunity to create highly effective mobile solutions for companies using Xamarin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xamarin is a cross-platform app development framework of an open-source nature designed and maintained by Microsoft. With it, you can build applications for Android, iOS, and Windows via .NET.
The first and also the most important ability of Xamarin is that it facilitates cross-platform app development. Secondly, the framework is a product of Microsoft, one of the most successful tech brands. Finally, it allows developers to use the C# programming language.
Today, hundreds of app development agencies can offer app developers expertise in Xamarin, but if you want an experienced and reputable firm to oversee your project, Moon Technolabs should be your choice.

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