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Choosing between cross-platform or native app development is usually one of the most tumultuous tasks that you have to undertake. Then again, your choice will depend on the project’s ecosystem, its requirements, and the perks of the platform. Apart from being cost-effective, cross-platform development prevents you from wasting time and money from creating two different applications for two separate platforms. This topic will attempt to shed some light on why you should pick Xamarin for your project.

Having a mobile strategy is mandatory for businesses struggling to achieve success in the world of the web. After all, a significant number of people across the globe currently use the internet through their smartphones. Conjuring an appropriate mobile strategy means creating a solution that works on several mobile platforms, particularly iOS and Android. Understandably, you should consider opting for cross-platform app development.

Here you’ll learn why you should opt for Xamarin and hire the best Xamarin mobile app development company for your project.

Here, refer few statistical data

Statistical information can help you understand and evaluate the necessity of mobile devices in today’s day and age. Here are a few datasets worth checking out. Despite being relevant in 2019, you can be sure that they will remain so in 2021.

About 5.15 billion individuals making up 66.6% of the world’s population, possessed mobile devices. These included smartphones, IoT devices, tablets, etc. The number increased in 2020 and will go even higher in 2021.

About 3.3 billion people making up 42.62% of the world’s population used smartphones in 2019. You can probably guess that this number increased in 2020 and will go higher in 2021.

Researchers estimated that the market shares of mobile operating systems. Here are the numbers: KaiOS – 0.81%, Android – 76.08%, Windows Phone – 0.2%, and iOS -22.01%.

The data provided above proves that designing something compatible with multiple platforms results in a flexible application that delivers a pristine customer experience.

About Xamarin

So, what is Xamarin? Initially based on the 2016 Mono Project, Microsoft acquired it and integrated it into its .NET platform. Right now, it’s an exceptionally popular open-source programming platform for cross-platform app development. When developers combine Xamarin, C# language with .NET, they get a chance to reuse almost 95% of the code. As a result, a Xamarin mobile app development company manages to cobble together applications for all mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. What about the effectiveness of this platform? If you take a look at the statistics, the products of Xamarin are famous all over the world. Based on reports, about 15,000+ organizations and 1.4+ million developers spread across 120 different countries used it in 2017. Even a world-renowned data-gathering firm found that Xamarin is among the most preferred frameworks of all time.

The Specialities of Xamarin

Here are a few perks of Xamarin that makes it perfect for enterprise mobile applications.

features of Xamarin technology

(1) The C# factor: If you want technologically advanced and powerful applications that will suit the requirements of your business, you should pick Xamarin. Established using Visual Studio, applications developed on Xamarin allow developers to work with just one language called C#. Naturally, they manage to complete cross-platform app development projects within a short period.

(2) Incredible flexibility: Xamarin stands on open-source technologies. That’s why it offers developers a chance to select components based on your business’s requirements. Resources such as UI controls, cross-platform libraries, and third-party web services let developers create applications that perform just like their native varietals.

(3) Surprisingly simple: As already mentioned earlier, Xamarin utilizes the .NET framework and C# that create a steadfast development environment for every mobile platform. Developers also need less time to complete a project if you allow them to use Xamarin. The code-sharing systems of Xamarin are exceptionally simple to manage. It can even reduce the cost to develop a mobile app on Xamarin.

(4) Security standards: Xamarin boasts of having a deep integration of the Azure Cloud. That’s why you can expect the app to be able to provide ample security to a user’s confidential data. The app, as well as the Azure connection on the backend, comes with HTTPS certificates 24/7 threat management protection systems against malware and spyware. Rest assured, both the app and the data stored on it will remain safe.

(5) Superfast prototyping: Due to Xamarin.Forms, developers can easily access cross-platform UI toolkits to create single-user interfaces that perform on any mobile device. This feature allows developers to share more code for the modification of the UI so that it works on every platform.

The expenses

The benefits of Xamarin are many and varied, and you probably don’t have the time to go through them all. However, you need to know the cost to develop a mobile app using trending technologies. The salary of a Xamarin developer differs from one country to another. The project type also dictates it. Nevertheless, if you wish to hire an experienced developer, then you have to spend somewhere between $20 and $50 per hour based on the requirements of the project, its complexity, and the overall timeframe.

Final words

Choosing Xamarin for your project is surely going to be beneficial, particularly if you’re after cross-platform applications. As the owner of a business aiming for higher user engagement through your enterprise mobile application, Xamarin is the best tool that you’ll find. You should begin searching for the best Xamarin app developers are speak to them if you wish to learn more about the platform. Or, you can delve straight into the project and find out how much it will cost you to get an app developed.

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