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Over the last few years, leading a healthy lifestyle has become a trend. Today, being healthy is about looking beautiful, being successful in life, and being physically fit. Folks have become increasingly aware of the negative effects of obesity and sedentary office work. Almost everyone out there is willing to save space on their smartphones for an all-inclusive fitness tracking application. Some of them won’t even hesitate to pay for it. However, you must design an app worth investing in, and it should have the features you’ll learn about here.

It may not have seemed so in the past, but today, attempting to start a business associated with fitness is an excellent idea, especially if you pair your idea with fitness app development services. For the last few years, fitness became a religion to people across the entire world. Due to the massive interest in folks, business owners and entrepreneurs seized the opportunity and laid the foundation of lucrative businesses.

Thanks to the internet, everyone is much more informed than they were earlier. Everyone has a smartphone these days. They can use the internet to search for whatever appeals to them. The internet taught them the error of the ways of leading an unhealthy lifestyle combined with sedentary work at the office and eating fast food. They know now that if they continue living like that, they will become victims to some of the deadliest diseases and physical conditions, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes that will kill them slowly.

Combined with wearable technology, mobile apps became indispensable to the field of fitness. According to researchers, around 21% of all Americans have a smartwatch, a fitness tracker, or something similar. The COVID-19 outbreak further fueled the need to get off the couch, get on the floor, and break a sweat. The popularity of fitness increased to such an extent that even Apple got into it and launched its very first fitness service built around the Apple Watch. It includes 10 different types of workout routines.

Another group of researchers proved that the world m-health market will grow at a CAGR of 44.2% and will reach 111.8 billion by 2025. In short, the works of the providers of fitness app development services raised the guidelines of wellness as the user base of today feels more at ease if it has to follow the best diet plans and exercise routines on their smart devices.

So, are you planning to tap into this profit-laden industry? Then you’ll become a successful entrepreneur sooner than expected. However, to earn that success, you must first learn about the features that you have to include in your app. This topic will try to tell you all about it. So, continue reading.

The types of fitness app

Before you delve into the features, however, you should know a few things about the types of fitness apps you can invest in. At the moment, apps that help an individual shed excess weight are the most favoured ones.

types of fitness app

After all, not everyone will be capable enough to lift weights, run 10 miles, or indulge in callisthenics. Many people have specific physical disabilities that may prevent them from partaking in intense workout regimes.

1. Diet and nutrition

Keeping the aforementioned considerations in mind, the first kind of fitness app you can build will be around diet and nutrition. Such an app designed by a fitness and wellness app development company should tailor the nutritional requirements of its users. It should have a calorie counter, a collection of video recipes, tips regarding supplements and balanced diets, and a progress tracker at the very least.

2. Training and workout

These fitness applications should include workout plans and videos combined with explanatory comments. A high-quality app from this category should have the power to adapt to the preferences of the user. For instance, it has to create an individual training regime based on the goals of the user, as well as initial data provided by him/her. This app should also monitor the person’s progress appropriately.

3. Wellness applications

Wellness applications are part of a category that includes yoga, meditation, and exercise routines. Basically, it’s a combination of workouts and spiritual practices. Usually, these apps release videos and images elucidating exercise techniques, motivational content, and timers. Wellness apps may have other functionalities, including sleep tracking, meditation practices, mindfulness, etc.

4. Branded apps for fitness clubs

As you can probably guess, these apps are for gyms and fitness clubs. While they’re profitable enough, you need to know whether such institutions in your area are open to their members or not due to the pandemic. If they are, you can move forward with your project. Some of these gyms and fitness clubs are also operating remotely, which means you can partner with them, get an app developed, and earn money via commission. These apps usually offer people a convenient way to pay for subscriptions required for personal training. They should also provide useful articles, video instructions, track user progress, and allow users to view live streams of training sessions and seminars.

5. All-inclusive

These applications are a combination of the functionality of all the fitness app types described above. For instance, it can be a personal application from a renowned athlete that will reveal the correct exercise technique, how to create and adhere to a balanced diet, and other similar tools. Such applications should have more functions because the more functionality they will have, the more convenient it will become for you to monetize them.

The features of the fitness app

Well, now it’s time to take a look at the features that your wellness app development company should add to your fitness app project.

top most features of fitness app

1. Personalization

This feature, as you can guess, refers to acquiring user information, such as age, weight, gender, height, and more to create customized nutrition or workout plans. Personalization has to be part of almost every mobile app, and it’s particularly crucial for something that will help a user lose weight, get in shape, increase stamina, increase immunity, build strength, develop muscles, etc. Personalization is also vital to you as the business owner because it will increase profits. Through this feature, you will address the requirements of each user and help them achieve their fitness objectives. When you give someone something tailored specifically for him/her, he/she will keep coming back to you via your application.

2. Device integration

While you should always try to build an application that will work on wearable devices, you should at least introduce the device integration feature to the application. It’s the only way to ensure that the app will work on multiple devices. Most of the users of today have various gadgets at their disposal that can help them track their fitness progress. That’s why device integration is of the utmost importance. Through this feature, it becomes possible to synchronize data from other fitness apps with legacy applications, such as Apple Health for iOS and Google Fit for Android. Additionally, device integration allows a user to gain access to his/her profile, training programs, and other things not on his/her smartphone or tablet but on other devices too, such as a personal computer or laptop.

3. Activity summary

Many entrepreneurs forget to incorporate this feature, but you shouldn’t make the same mistake. If you hire dedicated developers from India, make sure to remind them to add this function. It offers the user an overview of his/her fitness activity by day, week, month, or year. It helps them evaluate their progress over a predetermined period of time and set long-term goals accordingly.

4. Setting goals

The ultimate purpose of any fitness app is to help the user bring himself/herself and his/her body to measurable results. Users will set goals by themselves, which means the overall process of describing an objective has to be simple and understandable.

5. Tracking metrics

Whether sports or diet, numbers play a significant role in both. Sets, repetitions, hours, calories, kilograms, kilometres, pounds, miles, and every other unit are measurable. This data is important as it allows a user to track his/her progress in measurable units and feel motivated by the information, especially if he/she makes progress. It will urge the user to continue using the app to achieve more. There are several metrics worth tracking, but you need to ensure your application highlights only the ones that matter for the user. Besides, if your app is about diet and nutrition, there’s no point in adding the feature that will measure the number of steps walked by the user.

Final considerations

Many other features require your attention, apart from the ones described here. These include push notifications, social sharing, community, gamification, and video tutorials. You have to add them all to ensure your app becomes successful, and you’ll need to hire dedicated developers from India if you expect the best development services at affordable prices.

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