SwiftUI Vs UIKit

By Moon Technolabs

Making the right choice between SwiftUI and UIKit involves many complications, as you need to explore many details between these two frameworks. A thorough and detailed comparison between them helps you get an idea of which one to select.  

What is SwiftUI?


Developed by Apple, SwiftUI is a declarative framework for crafting user interfaces across a range of platforms, including iOS, watchOS, macOS, and TVOS. It makes the process of creating UI less complicated with intuitive syntax and by leveraging Swift’s potential advantages.

Advantages of SwiftUI

1. Declarative Syntax and Simplified UI Development  2. Reactive Programming for Real-Time Updates  3. Cross-platform compatibility and Code Reusability  4. Swift Integrations  5. Interactive Prototyping

1. Learning Curve for Developers 2. Limited Adoption in Comparison to UIKit 3. Some Missing Features and Complexities for Certain Use Cases 4. Advanced Customization Challenges 5. Limited Third-Party Support

Drawbacks of SwiftUI


UIKit serves as a foundational framework that helps developers create complex interfaces in iOS. It provides some necessary tools and components to create an interactive and visually appealing experience on iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices. UIKit is available with numerous pre-designed UI elements like labels, buttons, and text fields.

What is UIKit?

1. Maturity and Stability in the iOS Development Community  2. Extensive Libraries and Components for Varied Functionalities  3. Legacy Support for Maintaining Existing Projects  4. Proven Track Record  5. Robust Ecosystem

Advantages of UIKit 

1. Verbosity and Boilerplate Code 2. Less Intuitive Syntax Compared to SwiftUI 3. Steeper Learning Curve for Beginners 4. Limited Flexibility in Layouts 5. Dependency on Storyboards

Drawbacks of UIKit



After reading the above discussion, you may now have complete details about the major difference between SwiftUI and UIKit. The choice between these two generally depends on the complexity of your app and the extent of your ultimate development goals. You should determine your specific use case even before making the right decision.