Seamless Payment Gateway Integration for Smooth Transactions 

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Today’s blog covers payment gateway integration, its importance, types, workings, integration process, popular gateways, and choosing custom development services. 

Payment Gateway

Payment gateways mediate transactions, ensuring security with authentication mechanisms, shielding sensitive data against cyber threats.

Online Payment Gateway Integration is crucial for businesses to securely accept payments on websites or mobile apps. 

Why Businesses Need Payment Gateway Integration? 

- Secure Payment - Processing Global - Access eCommerce - Integration Fraud - Prevention Streamlined - Billing Customer Trust

Top 3 Types of Payment Gateway

1. Hosted Payment Gateway 2. Self-hosted Payment Gateway 3. API-based Payment Gateway

How Does Payment Gateway Work?

– Customer Checkout – Encryption & Security – Sending to Acquiring Bank – Authorization Request – Bank Approval – Payment Confirmation – Settlement

1. Select Gateway Provider  2. Set Up Account  3. Get API Keys  4. Integrate Gateway  5. Test  6. Go Live 

How to Integrate a Payment Gateway into Your Website?

6 Popular Payment Gateway Provider

1. PayPal

2. Stripe

3. Authorize.Net

4. Square

5. Braintree

6. 2Checkout (now Verifone)

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Why Choose Moon Technolabs for Payment Integration? 

Payment integration is vital for online businesses. Choose Moon Technolabs for custom solutions to protect against fraud and support multiple payment methods.