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.NET MAUI vs Flutter:  Which Framework Rules the Cross-Platform Realm?

Today choosing any one framework is easier said than done because there are plenty of factors that come into effect.  First of all is – market trends because framework’s popularity changes in a span of weeks or months, depending upon how fast they are evolving.

What is .NET MAUI?

.NET MAUI is a framework created by Microsoft to develop mobile applications or web applications. It is an open-source framework that has proven to be worthy for developing cross-platform apps.

Features of .NET MAUI

1. Native UI  2. Integration  3. functionality  4. Open source  5. Performance  6. Hot Reload

What is Flutter?

Flutter is another open source technology developed by Google in 2015. It helps you build native or any cross platform app with a single codebase. It uses Dart programming language and has a set of intuitive widgets, eventually boosting the development cycle.

Features of Flutter

1. Consistency  2. Widget Library  3. Developer’s community  4. Faster development  5. Use of Dart

.NET MAUI vs Flutter: A Quick Comparison

At first glance, .NET MAUI and Flutter may look similar cross-platform frameworks, but what really separates them are technical factors and business factors.

When to Use .NET MAUI?

1. Enterprise Applications:Ideal for .NET developers building efficient enterprise applications. 2. Cross-Platform Development:Best for creating mobile apps on Android, iOS, and Windows with a single codebase. 3. Native-Like Interface:Offers native-like interface, improved performance, and excellent user experience. 4. Xamarin.Forms Compatibility:Smooth transition for Xamarin.Forms projects due to backward compatibility.

When to Use Flutter?

1. Single Codebase:Suited for developing mobile or web applications using a single codebase. 2. Rich Widget Library:Preferred choice for pixel-perfect designs and enhanced interface with a rich widget library. 3. Third-Party Packages:Ideal when exploring third-party packages from the Flutter ecosystem. 4. Hot Reload for Speed:Accelerates development cycle with the Hot Reload feature, making it an ideal choice.


As the popularity of .NET MAUI and Flutter continues to grow, the ultimate decision lies in your hands. Either way you go, remember that both frameworks have likes and dislikes, but what really matters is your project requirements.