Cordova Alternatives for Mobile App Development

With the availability of various Cordova alternatives, it’s tough for businesses and developers to choose the right framework for their projects. If you are one of those, this blog is for you. The guide aims to reveal top Cordova alternatives and help you make the right selection. 

What is Apache Cordova?

Being an open-source framework, Apache Cordova enables developers to develop cross-platform mobile apps by using various web technologies, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more. Earlier popular as PhoneGap, the frameworks facilitate developers to build apps for a variety of platforms such as iOS and Android. 

What Happened With Apache Cordova? 

Launched in 2009 by Nitobi, Apache Cordova witnessed its significant rise as a top-rated cross-platform app development framework. As per AppBrain stats, Cordova claims 6.34% of applications and 1.09% of installations of the overall market and also approximately 1.20% of the top 500 US applications and installations.

Top 12 Best Apache Cordova Alternative

Of course, Apache Cordova has been a popular framework for developing top-quality cross-platform applications for a long time. But, it also has certain weaknesses, which prompt developers to always look for the top Cordova alternatives that can match their project requirements.

1. React Native  2. Xamarin 3. Flutter  4. Ionic  5. PhoneGap  6. NativeScript  7. Sencha Touch  8. Vue Native  9. Onsen UI  10. Tabris.js  11. Framework7  12. Appcelerator Titanium

Should You Use Cordova in 2024?

Yes, Cordova is still relevant in 2024. Its earlier market share was 30% in 2019 and then went down in 2022 with only 10% market share, which was mainly due to the rise of Flutter and other cross-platform mobile development frameworks. 


So, you have a complete list of top Cordova alternatives now. After getting an overview of all these, you may have already found the right option for your project.  Your final selection of the best hybrid app development framework should be based on the type of project you are developing.  You can also discuss and Hire our Dedicated PhoneGap Developer, consider their expertise in using a native platform, and make the selection based on this.