App Development Cost In 2024 With Example, Guide, Breakdown

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Mobile applications are being widely used by businesses to sell their products and services. The exponential growth of smartphone users all over the world and the propensity of customers to use mobile apps for a host of purposes, such as online shopping, travel booking, dating, and much more, is driving more and more businesses of all types and sizes towards developing their mobile apps.

As a business owner, your foremost concern is the App Development Cost. The cost of developing a mobile app depends upon many factors. Here we will discuss the various factors affecting the price of mobile apps and look at the development costs of some popular apps.

Cost of App Development Based On Complexity | Mobile App Development

The cost of developing an application hugely depends upon the level of complexity of the app to be developed. This means the cost varies as per the app’s features, functions, and architecture.

App Development Cost In 2024

Easy-to-use application


App type

Average price range

Time taken

2.5-3 Months


3.5-6 Months

$45000 and more

Over 6-7 Months

Intuitive app

Difficult app

As the above table shows, the more the app’s complexity, the greater its development cost and the more time it takes to design, develop and launch the app. The cost to develop a simple to basic app can be between $40,000 to $150,000 on average, while a complex app can cost $300,000 and even more depending upon the features to be integrated.

Cost of App Development Based On The Type

The Application Development Cost in 2024 is also dependent upon the kind of platform for which it is being developed and the purpose it would serve for your business.

The programming language used to write the application has a significant role in determining the how much does it cost to build an app. The rate varies as per the nature of the programming language employed. Common programming languages for app development include Java, PHP, JavaScript, Swift, Golang, and Kotlin.

Calculating The Cost Of App Development

The developer gives the exact mobile app cost after ascertaining the client’s exact requirements. However, app cost calculators are available on the websites of many app development companies that provide a fairly accurate cost estimation of app development based on various inputs.

Examples of App Development Cost (With Different Business Apps)


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Today Weather

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Home Credit

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Points To Consider When Choosing An App Development Company

There are many companies offering app development services. Choosing the right app development company to deliver a superior product per your business requirements is essential.

Points To Consider When Choosing An App Development Company


Focus on the requirements






Look for full-service companies

Assess the portfolio of the company

Communicate with the developers

Development time

Privacy and data security policy





Wireframing service



In detail, we have covered the various factors determining the app development cost in 2024. As a business owner, your focus should be on developing an application that effectively reaches your target audience & the intense competition at the best possible price.  Let’s connect with us to know more about the cost of your application development with the best strategy.