Trends of iOS Apps in 2021

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing face masks, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and maintaining physical distance from people became the “new normal” way of living. Similarly, when smartphones powered by mobile applications arrived, this world became digitally-driven and technologically advanced. As a result, doing everything through mobile devices became possible, and the overt reliability towards digital devices and apps became the “new normal.” Considering these matters, it should be clear to one and all that knowing everything about mobile app development trends is worthwhile. You should find out as much as you can about them, whether you’re an app developer, a business owner, or just a regular individual.

One of the main reasons behind the massive development of mobile devices, particularly smartphones, is the ability to use various applications. Back in the day, they used to be simple and offered only a few basic functionalities. Indeed, apps did exist even during the day where phones had buttons and keypads on them. Today, such devices are obsolete. Smartphones took their place, and they not only come without keys, but they also have apps full-to-the-brim with astonishingly powerful features and utilities. If you have a smartphone in your hand, then you can easily claim that you hold the entire world in your palm.

Apps allow you to gather information, communicate with your loved ones, and even entertain yourself and others. Due to the innumerable features possessed by mobile applications, nobody could resist using them. With time, everyone came to rely on them. In fact, the work of every iOS application development company made the overall livelihood of humanity easier than ever.

Just like every other form of technology, the revolutionary iPhone from Apple Inc. passed through several phases of evolution. New devices are currently ready to bring more breathtaking features to the market. With the entrance of new development trends in iOS, 2021 will bring new apps powered with even more incredible features that will further make the lives of people comfortable. Regardless of what you think or believe, digital products developed by the best iOS application development company currently occupy the center stage.

Everyone is aware of the groundbreaking success of iPhones and iOS applications. The real question is – what are the factors responsible for the popularity of iOS apps? While the uniqueness of the features and performance standards are crucial, but one has to differentiate the aspects of iOS apps into two different categories. Only then it will be possible to delve deeper.

different categories in iOS app

The Trends for 2021

Without any more delay, the topic will delve straight into the trends that will be noticeable in all iOS app development services in 2021.

(1) Big data: Using big data for the development of iOS applications has been going on for some time, but it will bestow more accuracy upon the work of custom iOS mobile app development companies. Organizations that offer big data analysis services will be able to provide collaborative data by inspecting the habits of the consumers when they purchase products or avail services. Big data will prove indescribably effective in the creation of client-centric applications.

(2) Enhanced security: Security is usually the most critical trend that’s always visible in iOS mobile applications. Whenever the providers of iOS app development services receive a project, they prioritize the development of appropriate security systems over everything else. In fact, business owners use iOS devices because of their impenetrable layers of security and the policies they adhere to. An iOS application will take proper care of a customer’s confidential data while obliterating even the most insignificant vulnerabilities with every new update.

(3) The new Sirikit: Siri, like Cortana of Windows and Google assistant, is an incredibly popular AI assistant. The latest design of Sirikit is quite dense. It helps the user in finishing various tasks via verbal instructions and negates the necessity of typing anything when searching the web. The results are always quick to appear. The latest Sirikit further supports integration with other platforms via shortcuts and APIs on Sirikit music on Home Pod, Sirikit Media on Apple TV, & watchOS 7.

(4) Cloud integration: Cloud-based custom iOS mobile app development is going to be more popular than everything else in 2021. Such apps will be flexible enough to work on both Android and iOS devices. Understandably, you will be able to expose your business to a larger audience group. The cloud system supports file storage, creates mimicked versions of those documents, and even offers data backup services.

(5) IoT: Today, almost every gadget remains connected to the world of the web in one way or another. Naturally, it’s safe to say that everyone depends on IoT or the Internet of Things. In 2021, app developers will attempt to create apps that can easily connect with any internet-enabled machine. Apart from the convenience of users, IoT helps app developers embed better and more powerful functionalities by establishing IoT connections.

(6) Programming using Swift5: Apple Inc. launched Swift5 with Application Binary Interface or ABI along with binary compatibility. Swift5 also works with other versions, such as Swift 4.1 and 4.2 and even X Code 10.2. With the growth in the number of iOS uses, app development agencies are turning towards Swift5 to make good use of it.

(7) Machine Learning: Machine learning lies at the heart of automating business processes and algorithms that influence decision-making processes. By implementing it in iOS apps, business owners will be able to increase customer experience and loyalty. As you can imagine, it will lead to enhanced user engagements. Now, Machine Learning comes with several algorithms. With the help of an app development firm, you can utilize the one that suits your business.

Final considerations
Apart from the ones mentioned here, other trends will dictate iOS app development in 2021. However, only an expert can tell you about them. So, if you’re planning to create an app for your business in the following year, then you have to adhere to these trends, as well as the ones that aren’t present here. It also proves that you’re going to need the support of the best minds in the field.

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